what makes you want to?

Discussion in 'Cuckold Forum' started by bbcgobblers, Apr 5, 2013.

  1. bbcgobblers

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    Black men/bulls. What it's it that you enjoy so much about fucking white women in front of their men? Just curious as to what drives you.
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  2. MacNfries

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    That's an easy one, and I'm white .... its the chance to humiliate the white male. Some have a lot of suppressed feelings about the white race in general ... some very warranted, I guess! ;)
    I doubt few, if any, will respond to your question, however ... and if you wonder why, re-read my first sentence. :)
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  3. bbcdatsme

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    the humiliation factor is def there

    the sight of a BBC fucking their woman better than they can

    and the woman enjoying it more
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  4. cuckyboi4BBC

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    The humiliation part is a huge factor for most. And like bbcdatsme said, they fuck our wives so much better than we can and our wives do enjoy it sooooo much more! Watching a BBC make our wives cum so hard, get wetter than they ever got with us and them BEGGING for more and more! Teaching the worthless lil white boi his proper place...and what what I have read in your posts bbcgobblers, you are learning very quickly the power that BBC has over white women!
  5. willsrvu

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    I think a lot depends on how and where you go about finding the man you are inviting into your sex life.
    If you look for a "dominant bull for a cuckold couple" you will attract those who are more into the humiliation aspects inherent to that type of scenario.
    Whereas, if you look for an "attractive, well endowed man to join a married couple for an evening of pleasure", you will probably get a different type of man responding.

    Additionally, how you dress and the sort of vibe that you give will differ relatively as well, especially how the husband conducts himself. If he comes across as self assured, the "bull" will react accordingly, just as if the husband projects being submissive or even "wimpy".
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  6. Mariposa blanca

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    Anyone who is ever with me will need to understand that humiliation is just not a part of things with me. If anything derogatory about my husband or our relationship is even hinted at, I will be out of there so fast it will make their head spin. And that will be the end of it. I can be a very strong-willed woman when i need to be, and there will be no second chances to get back on my good side.

    If a guy can't respect the relationship I have with my hubby, or my hubby (after all, HE is the one who is big enough to share me), then he doesn't deserve to get in my panties.
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