What kind of sensation did you feel?

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    This question is for all those husbands or boyfriends, who have watched their wives/girlfriends fucking with a black guy.
    What kind of sensation did you feel, penetrating your wife/girlfriend pussy after a black guy fucked her?
    In the case that he would have cummed inside her pussy, did you feel a different sensation?

    Like so many people know, my first experience was with my wife. She had been fucked by her ex black boyfriend some days before they broke up.
    However, I felt an immense pleasure putting my penis in the same hole where a first class black male had put his own dick! And no way my excitation was even bigger, thinking about how many times he cummed inside her pussy!

  2. nothinguc

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    Nothing feels like sloppy seconds and there is really no way to describe it until you have done it. It is amazing. Always a treat.
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  3. Chungcheng21

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    Look at that used pussy.
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  4. Muffdive75

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    I was the one who introduced her to her first BBC and loved it

    I helped guide his dick in her pussy and encouraged her and suggested positions

    It was superb to fuck a freshly BBC fucked pussy and loved how she smelled

    This was my initiation into bi as I got into it and started cleaning her afterwards and as she got comfortable she would boss me around and ask me to clean him after and eventually fluff him to get them both ready and eventually she asked him to fuck me

    So yea sloppy seconds were great and here I am now a bi cuck who loves BBC as much as any woman
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