what is wildest place you had sex?



beach parking lot in a convertible with the top down on a july summer day she just pulled the bottoms to the side and rode my cock the only drawback was i got chaffed on y cock from rubbing against the bikini bottom
we fucked in the mens room at RFK stadium in Dc during a concert - God I wanted a Black guy to come into the stall and finish the job right!...and
she sucked my dick coming back from FedEx field with the top down - again. lots of Black Men hooping and checking out her tits and work habits...I think it wont be long
I remember one other wild situation where we had sex we lived over a bar I bedroom window faced a parking lot the bar close about 1 AM my wife decided she wanted to give the men a thrill by us fucking by the window. It sure was held got a lot of attention because it was some knocking on our door, I opened it hoping it wasn't the law we were lucky a few men wanted some pussy which I gladly let them have.
My wife was horny as hell anyways she would fuck every man in the bar if she had the chance.
As far as wild, it would have been in a hotel in front of a bunch of other people. Put on a bit of a fuck show for everyone. It was interesting to say the least. She came extremely hard and really enjoyed having people cheer her and myself on. I enjoyed it too.

My most memorable would have to be when I met a married woman in her Mercedes E-class in front of a supermarket. She climbed over and rode me till I came inside her and almost immediately after, with my cock still inside her, her husband calls. She's a bit out of breath and flushed but made a good cover story. The name of the supermarket was "Lucky's".


Hmmmmmm....... some of those are hard to beat but I guess for me in my husbands construction site trailer. I decided to bring him lunch and you can guess the rest. Needless to say we ruined a few of the blueprints lol


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That would have to be either: in a high traffic public park in Chicago just before Midnight, the front passenger seat of my 1980-something Maxima (for HER birthday), or in the hospital bathroom (I was the patient, she was a co-worker, I was one of HER "drugs", and she need a "dose"), my roommate said nothing afterwards so I guess he didn't hear us. Take your pick...
1) I met a guy at a restaurant where I was having lunch. We decided to go fuck, we both lived to far away so we found a halfway constructed house that was deserted. We went inside and he fucked me on the sawdust strewn floor.

2) I had a job at the bank before I was married and I hooked up with a guy that was working their. We would fuck in the vault on an almost daily basis.
I'm in construction and once surprised an interracial couple doing it in one of our unfinished buildings. That was years ago and long before I ever thought I'd participate but the images stuck with me. They'd heard us walking their way and had begun hastily getting their clothing on. He managed to pull up his pants before we turned the corner but she wasn't so quick. Her clothes had been spread all over the room. She had an athletic body and a face you could lose yourself in. Long legs, perky tits and in her mid 20's. A college student type. I remember realizing as they scurried out of the building that he was in his mid forties at least and possessed only average looks. For the longest time I wondered how a guy like him could get a girl like that.

It's less of a mystery to me now ...