What is this site?

Does it seem that this is becoming more of a site to promote racism and racial superiority ? I thought it was a site for people who like interracial pleasure without racism. Some of the postings seem pretty far out in left field as far as these things.


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satyr303 ... ya know what they say. You come to their sandlot, you play by their rules! It just proves that racism doesn't have a color, that's all. I'm still amazed at how open and blatant racism is in politics ... those old, grumpy, rich, white men in Washington DC are having a hard time of it right now. I'm rather enjoying it, actually. Old people just won't let loose of the past! Old Fuckers!
the question is satyr303: y r U on this site? in the post that i have read where U have made comments, U seem 2 denounce all forms of interracial sex, and U support WHITE women who dont like BLACKMEN (remember SUSANA2012 and her postings!!) so Y??? simba (a BLACKMAN)