What is really wrong with white guys?

Patience is a virtue...
In meaningful aspects of my life...
I practice it quite well.
On here I have almost zero impulse control though 🤣🤣🤣.
Ha, yeah. I can understand that.
Losen up, I used to be uptight about Grammer bc it plays a huge part in my line of work, and it drove me crazy. so now I basically send hydrographics to friends and family. If they get great, if they don't 🤷🏼‍♀️
it might be right, that white American men might be conditioned as you mentioned.
As you wrote:
A lot of things are wrong with white men. If the original poster is talking about what I think s/he is, I would say that racism has caused a psychological rift with white people in general and white men in particular. To clarify, racism is a problem that white people have that Black people suffer the effects from.

When I read your text and incorporate things from this board, I come to the conclusion that there is also something wrong with black men. How else can they treat white wives as their property, have sex with them as if they are free whores? Multiple gangbangs like in a porn movie? That's not normal either"
It's a reaction to racism, and it's in direct response to the orchestrations of white men.
Interesting, when it comes to white men it's a form of racism. If I read here that black men can fuck any white woman no matter how she feels, then it's not racism? You live in your own fantasy world, but not in reality.
For me, sex is not a question of skin color!
This is not a conversation I'm interested in having with you. I recommend you get off this site, and start reading some books.
My friend, in Europe, many Thais, blacks, Ukrainians, Russians, Colombians etc. also work in *******. So you're saying the same thing about Africans, Ukrainians, Thais, Colombians, etc.? What is your point?
Is the dominance at the Balkan the reason why they for-ce so much young women from there to work as prostitutes In European sex business?
It is true that we have lots of street whores and prostitutes, or sex workers, in Germany who came from Bulgaria, Romania, and other countries of the Balkan. They mostly do not do this work in their own will. They were said in their home country they might get a job in Germany at a bar or restaurant. The guys in their home country take the passports of the girls and they have to work hard, if they want to have them back.
So they're sent to be prostitutes in hopes of a job in a bar or restaurant? None of that sounds promising.