what is it that makes you want to fuck another mans woman

Is it the fact of you fucking his wife infront of him?
Or could it be that we are all horny fucks that are willing to get our nut off in any wet second pair of lips?

For me it has to be the knowing im fucking her infront of him that makes me want it i went so long fucking guys wives and gf on the low that im sorta glad to be involved in this cuckold life style.. no more hiding underbeds, fucking in hotel rooms, no more wondering "shit if i call this slut will her man pic up " shit no more late night creeps cuz he is on westpac or some shit...
Lol @ 3 or 4 blacks... (to us back to the 1800's) moving on... i guess how seeing that could make you happy cuz now she is satisfied plus itinda like watching live porn...
Watching my wife getting a pounding i can't give her would give her pleasure she hasn't ever received from me. A few weeks ago 3-4 blacks were within 2 feet of her lying tummy side down is a shallow end of a public pool just starring at those hams and nice ass. I could imagine her getting satisfied!
Lol she wouldnt ned beers with me its all in how you talk to a woman to seduce her... im sure i could do it without.. my mouth is good for a few things which is why i have had over 10 chicks in the last year agree to things the wouldnt usually do video, anal, gangbangs and most of what i have done is on xtube lol shhhh...
Sex is always better when it is forbidden. Then there is the voyeur aspect, and then there is the dom/sub thing. All good reasons. To me, the number one reason is the sex without commitment. When you hook up with a single girl, they always become emotionally attached. Even if they would "never date a black guy", they can't handle the fact that they are just one slut out of many.

Married women have that emotional attachment, which means that they can focus only on the physical aspect which, in turn, makes the sex more enjoyable. The husband fills a very important role. He gives the emotional attachment that every woman craves so that she can be a slut in the bedroom with me.