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What is cuckold

Well I have read the posts here and all the men wanting to be cuckolded, asking for some one to make him a cuck. Well after all this time I cannot hold my tongue any longer.

First if you ask on here for a lady to cuckold you your asking for her hand in marriage. We can play the definition lose and say at least your committing you
love to her and want her to move in. A girl friend that you proposed to well depends on if you have a deep regard for her.

It is not "fluffing", cum sucking, cock licking, DP.

These are all nice things and nice to enjoy (I do love a cum filled pussy)

It is not small cocks wanting to watch a woman get fucked by a large one. I am a true cuckold and my cock is as large or larger then over half the men my wife has loved. And she does use it for her enjoyment. It is not Bulls and desire to have a dom male, but Bulls and big cocks make for some great fun. It is not black cocks and white women, her best fucks were white males, but just barely. Also the largest was not the best but in the top 10. She has how ever only had one man that she had to finally say she had enough.

What it is though is a man married to a woman, who for one reason or another the wife commits adultery. She sleeps and loves other men and her husband knows and does not rejects but accepts her sexual activity. As this life style progresses the husband comes to enjoy her use and even can help insure it continues.
I for one have slept at the foot of the bed so she can spend a night in bed with another man. She has spent a night in a hotel fucking. But we are married and will remain so as I love her and she me, but she does enjoy loving men.

So guys if you looking for a bi couple then ask as not all cuckolds get to watch or touch the woman, and it is not common to fluff and suck cum after. Many times I just sit and watch and jack off or even get asked to leave, and so many times she gets a mouth full of cum not me.

BUt if your married then enjoy as it is not all the sex it is the mental and physical combined. If your not married then your missing the key part of this all and can not begin to feel what it is like to see your wife fucked.
Hi, my name is Peter, and , I am an experienced cuckold husband, and, many times unwilling. However, I may have initially told my wife that watching her getting seduced would get me hot. If she is interested, and you make the fantasy become a reality, you will lose control of the situation, but you, wether or not you are in favor of it, will get turned on. In fact, there is an indirect correlation. The more you resist, the hotter it gets. The more jealous you get, and the more out of control it is, the more turned on you are. There was an incident that happened to us that turned out to be incredibly lusty. We had made arrangements to meet this guy and his wife. His wife canceled. He still wanted to get together. And to add insult to injury, he wanted me to pay him to fuck my wife. Before I could say a word, she had already accepted the offer. We all three sat on the couch, wife in between. Slhe started to kiss me, but as shaded, he immediately started to finger fuck her. She then tuned toward him, and began to swallow his tongue. He had her strip as she was pushed to her knees, and with her bra pulled below her tits, and her hands benind her back, she was forced to accommodate the full length os his 10 inch cock. He held her head , shoved his cock down her throat, until her lips were kissing his balls. Gagging dripping saliva, she begged to be used.


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Not only that but I believe the cuckold life to be an offshoot of a marriage that has grown beyond socially accepted norms. I have been married 15 years and it was only after ten did we evolve into a SHARED experience. It takes a whole lot of trust and admiration to be successfully woven into a marriage. I have no doubt that some may find it from the start, just that the vast majority have grown into it.


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I can't understand why some individuals wish to redefine a word that is so clearly defined in every dictionary I read. Simply put, cuckolding is "the husband of an unfaithful wife" ... some key words here ... husband, unfaithful, and wife. So if a husband is encouraging his wife to fuck other men, how is she being unfaithful to him? She's doing what he requested. Some men might wish to extend the definition to "unfaithful to the marriage vows" ... then possibly they could define themselves as cuckolds.
What we see a lot of is "cuckold play"; a roll playing event where married couples voluntarily include a 2nd male to fuck the wife to stimulate the marriage. They may include creampies, humiliation, cocklocks, tattooing, slave/owner roles, biracial, sterilization, etc ... but none of this roll playing is a pre-requisite to simple cuckolding ... or a married woman seeking out other men to fuck her.
If a man encourages his wife to fuck other men, he could be defined as a wittol ... look it up; see if it fits. His wife would be considered a hotwife ... look that one up as well.
In true cuckolding, the married male has NO control in his wife's outside sexual activities. She does what she wishes, and if she wishes to allow him to watch, so be it ... the husband can either accept her infidelities or leave the bitch, but that's about all the options he has. True cuckolding is a very stressful event to a married man who loves a cheating wife. The only reason a true cuck might wish to stay with his wife is because of the sexual rush of emotions ... some good, some bad.
One last thought about this ... in True cuckolding, the husband has no control. In Cuckold Play ... he does. Pretty simple to understand the difference in the two once they are applied. Mac