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What If He's too Big?

We finally met the right bull that is into anal bigtime, and has a fat dick! He is alot of fun to hang with. Dances, laughs, makes for a fun night. Once we get to the bedroom, he is my master. My hubby is a fly on the wall. I am forcefed his dick, then he makes my pussy the sloppiest it has ever been. He gives my butt a pounding, I mean, I am sore for days! All I can do is hold on to the pillow and take what he gives me. A woman really is awake when there is a very thick cock giving her ass a beating. Wide eyed and in disbelief. Finally shooting his big load deep in my butt! As I look over, I see my husband filming.;) He's such a perfert. If he wants to see me get royally fuck by a big black friend, I have no problems with that.


Why does size often matter too much to women?
I didn't know how much of a size queen my wife was until after she had confessed to me she was open to trying IR sex. We got a much bigger dildo a BAM and it was a bit too big hard to manuever for her and doesn't go as deep. I bought her another slightly smaller toy but almost as thick as the BAM she can take all of that one. She sometimes ues the BAM if shes really in the mood for it. I asked her bluntly because I'm not really afraid and want to know what she likes so much about it.

She said its mostly the thickness that she likes the length if its there is just a bonus. It makes her super sensitive and orgasm easier after having sex with a larger toy or cock. I never wanted to turn this into a competition mentally on size because the vast majority of women have toys and if they have one larger than their partner well I dont think the divorce rate is sheerly down to size lol.

I never asked or expected my wife to lie or wanted to put her under that pressure. She hasnt directly told me the sex is better and i haven't asked its just different and she gets different things from both situations. She has told me she would not give up our relationship or he safety of it even if I put my foot down.

If you can find compromise and put your partners pleasure on the same level as your own and not make it a competition IR sex can heighten things between you and your partner. Takes an open mind though I would hate to be in this situation if it was one sided or I had any real hangups about it.
I got an early start with black dick. At 17 I was well aware of the size of black cock. I love itand completely stopped dating white guys. By the end of my senior year I was well known at school for being one of those black man loving whores. It didn't bother me at all. It was only the white boys that said it and maybe a few prim and proper church goin girls. Most of the females either had been fucked by a black boy or wanted to be. After high school i went to sac state and worked in a clothing store. I did that for a year and a half. My boss said her freind manged a warehouse that sold carpeting wholesale and needed a office. Clerk. It paid more andi needed that. As it turned out the friend was an older black man that she had been fucking of and on for years. I didn't know that when he hired me. It was just us two and two warehouse guys except they left a couple hours before we did and on fridays they only worked half a day. Kevinn was early 40's nice build married kids the whole thing. I could tell he wanted right away. He would buy lunch for me,let me leave. Early whenever i wanted. Then the complaining about not getting any from his wife started. I had been with some older black men that were married before and really liked it. So in my mind i was thinking already about giving him some. After listening to him complain for weeks. I was out back having a cigarrete and he came out to talk. This time when he started to say his wife would give him any. Pussy. I said for a 2 dollar an hour raise I will suck your dick 3 times a week. He wasn't even suprised. He just said ok.when the guys left I called his office and said im coming in to suck your cock is that ok. I went in his office he had his cock out already. When i saw it i fucking freaked. To this day he has the biggest dick i have ever had. If i knew thatbefore i would have fucked him for free. He kept his word and so did i for a year he fucked me atleast 3 times a week. Thatwas a hard. Dick to get in my pussy at first but ihe stretched me good and it felt great. everytime. He loved calling his wife while i was sucking him. It turned me on to.
Too big hurts and is no fun. I can take up to 8 or 9" but more than that is too much for my little pussy, especially if he's thick. They are fun to play with though.
I have had it hurt also. Usually if my lover is really big and just hammers away on me. The younger guys seem to do that more than the older men. Does it hurt if your riding him and have a little more control of how far his cock goes inside of you?
I'll bet you love sucking the really big ones don't you?