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What females do DP

My first black BF, who was not particularly large, but a fabulous lover, introduced me to toys as he taught me anal - he was bi, and really knew what he was doing, and how to make it hot and pleasurable ;) So first he ended up "DP"'ing me when he fucked my cunt while I had an anal plug in me getting stretched and ready for a second round back there. I liked the feeling of being really filled, so we tried me having a toy in my cunt while he was fucking my ass, which was especially hot as that pressed into my G-spot, which is sensitive and can cause me to have multiple orgasms when it's hit just right. So I was having screaming multiples from anal sex...and getting hooked on DP! :) We got some smaller black "realistic" toys while were will still together and starting using those in my ass when he was fucking me in the cunt, and I liked that even better because the feel of something thicker and textured spreading my ass, and longer pushing deeper into my ass, plus making everything feel tighter, was even hotter. After we broke up, I kept playing with the toys, and getting bigger and bigger black "realistics", which I liked better and better - I found my inner size queen! :oops: But I have not done DP with a guy and a toy since, much less two guys, though I am looking forward to getting back to the real thing!

Just last night, I did a sort of DP thing with a girl I picked up at a dance club, and some of my BBC toys - actually, it was the second time we'd been together, and she didn't take anything "bigger" than 7", though I went for a bit more than that - and that's now got me jonesing for real BBC, and back here......

:blackheart: Lanie


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Who does dp me personally I like to fuck her in the ass while the cuck shoves dildos up the pussy or the cuck in her pussy
my wife has never done a DP, her ass is too tight. I have only had my small dick in her ass a few times and she can barely take that.
Since my husband isn't long enough to do DP with me, I love doing it with other men so that he can watch them do me like that. I do love the feeling of a man in my ass and another in my pussy. My husband has tried, but to no avail. I do wish that he was long enough because I know he would love the feeling as well, but since he cant, he can do so vicariously through the other men who can and do.

This is another reason why having sex with other men is important in a relationship. Since my hubby isn't long enough to actually enjoy DPing me, he gets to enjoy seeing other men do it with me. This means a lot to both of us. When men tell my hubby how it felt and what it was like, he gets to live through them. It's like when I swallow other men's cum. Although my hubby doesn't cum much, he gets to enjoy seeing other men fill me, either my ass, pussy or my mouth with their cum.

I like it best when I can be on top of one man, and have another in my ass as I suck a 3rd. To me that is the best!