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Do you find the idea of all adult members of a white family being black owned hot?

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  1. MasterFW4

    MasterFW4 Active Member Real Person

    I saw on another site a group about black men looking for families to dominate and after thinking about it, I found that fantasy pretty hot. Imagine a black Dom/Master/Bull having the entirety of adult legal age members of a family subservient to his every whim. so if he wanted a Black Dom/Master/Bull could call up one of the sissy sub men of the family and tell him he is in the mood to fuck his wife and/or whichever other female family member/s are available at the moment, then he can have the sissy either: bring the women to the Dom's/Master's/Bull's place, chauffeur the Dom/Master/Bull to his place or pick up the Dom/Master/Bull along with the women and take them all to whatever location they wish to do it at...even just in the car.

    Anyone else find that idea hot or is it just me?
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  2. MasterFW4

    MasterFW4 Active Member Real Person

    Just added a poll, let me know what you think of the idea
  3. MacNfries

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    Do YOU FIND the idea of all adult members of a black family being White OWNED?
    I bet not!
    If a individual/family wishes to dedicate his/her servitude to another individual/family, that's one thing, but to be "owned" like cattle or a pet? I would think that black folks, of all people, would be sensitive to such rhetoric. I guess not ... I guess some think its "pay back", maybe?
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  4. MasterFW4

    MasterFW4 Active Member Real Person

    I apologize.. I did not mean to offend in anyway, I had confused phrases I had seen on other sites involving interracial domination and submission. I realize my error and am closing the poll as soon as possible.
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  5. a96

    a96 Member

    For the life of me i can't figure out what exactly it is about people of different races engaging in sexual intercourse and just plain weirdness...:unsure: