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What do you think about this?


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I had told to my husband about my ex caucasian boyfriends when we met, and he preferred do not talk about my past. He looked so zealous.
But it was by his own desires and curiosity, that I told about my sexual relations with my ex black boyfriend. He wished to know all about him, where we used to have sex, how many times, if I could cum and more.
I told him about diferent experiences with my ex during our three years of relationship...we used make the love twice by day (during an ordinary day). We used to have sex on bed but sometimes we made it over the car, parking beside the route in a solitary place, into a swimming pool or having a bath.
When I told him about the day that my ex and me had sex under the shower, and he cummed first due his excitation, and I forced him to have sex again sucking his cock until it turned as hard as a rock, my husband became crazy!
One night, traveling by car, my hubby asked me about that day. "I can't understand how could he do to obtain a new erection just seconds after his first orgasm during his refractary period! He has an amazing potential! Was the fuck good for you?"
I answered him "-That was an incredible fuck. I had a terrific excitation that day."
And he said me "How I would like to have seen you fucking in front of me! I would have been as excited that I would have helped you to suck his cock!"

But I noticed he only had felt excited when I told about my ex black lover. It was not the same with another stories about my ex caucasian boyfriends.
What do you think? Have you ever felt anything like this?
I think black guys have an special attractive for your husband. Perhaps it's due all the things that he probably heard along years, about the fame of good lovers, potential and virility that they've carrying. When your husband heard by yourself about your excellent sexual encounter with your ex black boy, he confirmed all what he was thinking about black guys.