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"What do "cuddle hormones" do?

"What do "cuddle hormones" do?
  • Your Answer: Help people bond
At orgasm, the hormones vasopressin in men and oxytocin in women rise. These "cuddle hormones" can flood you with loving feelings for your partner. Scientists believe these chemicals help cement emotional bonds between lovers. The chemicals of romance may wane at the same time, so ecstasy gets replaced with devotion."

Could this mean that emotional bonding occurs when orgasm is involved?
And could it also mean that when the chemicals of romance wane that we replace ecstasy with devotion with our primary partners, whereas we seek orgasm with others?


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And this is exactly WHY couples should always swing together rather than agreeing to allow or encourage the spouse to go on dates with others.
Specific to black2white, when a wife has incredible orgasms with a black male, with her husband present, she's much more likely to transfer some of her ecstasy to her husband ... the so-called cuddle hormones are shared, not given to one individual. Emotional attachments less likely to occur that could threaten the marriage.
Often, when my wife and I would have MMFs, our sexual activities become elevated for days, even weeks, after the MMF experience. It was like having sex for the first time. I've always recommended couples swing together, not separately.