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cuckolded wimp

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As a cucked hubby,and as a starter i do enjoy doing this, when its sticky and slimmy with the mixed cum juices of both my wife and the black bull who has just cum his potent load up her pussy. Next is the main course, which is, cleaning her pussy.


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any alpha black bull won't have it. They want to be alone with their white pussy to fuck without any interference
That is how it should be if the Wife and her lover so desire.
However, the cuckold could be waiting in another part of the house to be signaled when it is time for him to bring refreshments and to perform clean up duties.

Even in a hotel/motel situation, the cuckold could wait in the hotel lounge, bar or out in his car until called via cell phone by his Wife when it is time for him to render service to the lovers. Any food and drink could have been previously prepared and stored in the room upon arrival while the cuckold readied the room while his Wife and her lover enjoyed a drink at the bar.