What Black versus White Men Are Good For

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    ...according to what the gorgeous women of B2w say.

    Those who have read some of my posts probably already know that i like statistics. And to analyze them. And to present them to you, the B2w people. ;)

    It`s not that i want to bring old and forgotten threads back to life... but these two may be interesting when looked at in combination!

    The ladies were asked two questions, each with an associated poll:

    "Ladies, what is your favorite (sexual) thing to do with(...)"
    1. "(...) a black man?"
    2. "(...) a white man?"

    The options provided in both polls were exactly the same, as follows...

    * Oral - Giving
    * Oral - Receiving
    * Vaginal Penetration
    , and
    * Anal Penetration.

    These are the results as of now after filtering out the male voters and those of unknown sex (i also weighted the answers as follows: females 1 vote, couples half a vote.):

    Women`s favorites with a black man, a.k.a.
    What Black Men Are Good For...

    votes: 50 total

    vaginal ... 59.0% (29.5 votes)
    fellatio ... 20.0% (10 votes)
    anal ... 17.0% (8.5 votes), and
    cunnilingus ... 4.0% (2 votes)

    Women`s favorites with a white man, a.k.a.
    What White Men Are Good For...

    votes: 10 total

    cunnilingus ... 55.0% (5.5 votes)
    fellatio ... 25.0% (2.5 votes)
    anal ... 10.0% (1 vote), and
    vaginal ... 10.0% (1 vote)

    The reasons for giving a couple only half a vote are:
    1. from experience a "couple profile" more likely hides a male "wannabe" who wishes for his wife/gf to also be present on B2w when she actually isn`t, and
    2. even if the couple is "real" there is no guarantee that it is really the female part of them who answers the poll.

    Results Interpretations

    First thing that can be seen is that in both polls referred to in this article (perhaps in most polls on B2w?) the ratio of assumed real voters to obvious fake voters is pretty much 1:1!

    The results for the first poll What Black Men Are Good For can be analyzed like this:

    1. The absolute majority (59%) of women prefers vaginal penetration with black men.
    2. 1 in 5 women prefer fellatio, about 1 in 6 prefer anal penetration with black men.
    3. The penis plays an important role in being intimate with black men for almost all women, as 96% prefer penile penetration of some sort (vaginal, anal, fellatio) and only 4% prefer cunnilingus with black men.

    The results for the What White Men Are Good For poll can be interpreted as follows:

    1. The vast majority of women favors oral sex with a white man, both receiving and giving, where an absolute of 55% prefer for him to perform cunnilingus on them while another 25% prefer giving head.
    2. Only a fifth of women prefers for a white man to penetrate her hip area, where vaginal and anal sex are equally favored (each by 1 in 10).

    Black Men vs. White Men
    Black and white men seem to be quite opposed to each other in terms of women`s sexual needs:

    1. Receiving oral, for women most favored with a white man, is the least favorite thing to do with black men.
    2. Vaginal penetration, most favored with black men is among the least favorate things to do with a white man.

    Now what does all this say about the Ladies?

    1. The majority of women loves their vaginas pleasured, as their favorites with both black and white men, vaginal penetration and cunnilingus, are centered on their pussies.
    2. Women like giving head, as fellatio is the second popular thing to do with both white and black men.

    (!), please, help improve the quality of such an analysis by taking part in the poll(s) and/or contributing to the associated thread Ladies, what is your favorite thing to do with a white man? Thanks in advance.

    i will provide you with updated results as soon as 50+ (female!) members have voted for that poll, if interested. ;)
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    Anybody interested? :balanced: Noone? :|