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What Black Bulls Want!


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What black bull wouldn't love to have a fantasy like this happen to him?


It was another boring Friday for Melvin. He very much wanted to go out but couldn’t think up a suitable reason or an actual destination in mind to head out to, and most especially all his hang-out pals were at the moment out of town. He’d made a few phone calls, trying to get himself lucky of finding a pussy to be with through the weekend, but none had returned his calls so far. And he hadn’t gotten much luck with any women wanting a black dick at the Tongue Patrol® office assigning themselves to him. Life sure can be a bitch sometimes, he thought to himself.

He was lying on the couch idly watching a football game when his doorbell rang. Melvin wasn’t expecting anyone today, but he sure was a little flabbergasted to discover the person standing outside his door.

It was a cop. A female, hot-looking cop too. Her sleek blonde hair fell from the side of her cap; her pair of blue eyes coolly appraised Melvin.

“Good day, officer. What can I do for you?”

“First, how about we step into your home, sir,” she said to him brusquely.

Melvin sensed nothing wrong with that and let her in. Her eyes glanced about his living room like she expected to find something illegal lying around.

“Have you been dealing into any dangerous drug-like substances, Mr. Melvin Priest?”

“No officer, I’ve never done drugs before in my life.”

“Well, that wasn’t the information I gathered from one of your neighbors. They’ve been complaints going on that this den of yours has been a source of illegal activity going about. I thought I’d come by today and check things out for myself.”

Melvin frowned, his mind making a quick calculation as to whichever of his neighbors must have been talking such nonsense behind his back. “Officer, I have no idea what bunch of lies either of my neighbors must have been feeding to you, but I assure you that nothing like that ever goes on in here.”

“Uh-huh. Well, you’re going to have to let me be the judge of that. Do you live alone?”

“Yeah, I do.”

“I would like to perform a search of your home, starting with your bedroom.” As if sensing his distress, she bluntly emphasized: “Look, we can either do it the easy way which is this way, or we can do it the hard way, in which case I’d need to go get a warrant and bring some boys over to turn this place of yours upside down. The choice is yours, Mr. Priest. Which would you rather prefer?”
Melvin weighted his options, decided that he preferred the former better than the latter. He spread his hands in resignation and said: “The house is all yours, officer.”

She pushed past him and went straight into his bedroom; Melvin forgot about the football game he’d been watching and trailed behind her. He sat in a chair by the doorway and watched as she went through the stuff that littered his table, finding nothing there, she opened his wardrobe and started riffling through his clothes. Melvin’s eyes caught something the moment she bent to upturn his pairs of shoes at the foot of his wardrobe. The officer was wearing a cop’s blouse and short skirt with her holster belt tied around her waistline, but Melvin felt his jaw pop when he realized she didn’t have on any piece of underwear. He pretended not to have noticed even though he suddenly began sensing his cock nod its head within his jeans shorts.

He clamped a hand down on his crotch as the officer came around to the bed and started pulling his cabinet drawers open and searching through their contents. When satisfied with that, she climbed over his bed to search through the drawers on the other side. By this time her back was facing Melvin and he had an unabashed view of her pussy and her pale white ass staring at him. Her pussy seemed almost to wave ‘hello’ at him while he sat there clamping down on his misery.

Finally he could take it no longer. He got up and approached the officer and pushed her to fall flat on his bed.

“You know what,” he said, “I’m tired of this harassment shit you came here with. Pull that skirt up let me take a look at that pink pussy you’ve got.”

The officer muttered a squawk of surprise. Seeing she was being overwhelmed, she tried to fight off him but Melvin gripped both of her legs and her struggles were futile.

“Mr. Priest, may I remind you that I’m a cop –”

“I don’t give a fuck.” He pushed up her skirt and sucked in his breath as he took in her plumb, unblemished skin that was her ass. He smacked a hand upon it and the officer couldn’t help muttering a groan. “I’ve always wanted to fuck a cop. My God, you sure have got a lovely looking ass there, officer.”

Before she could attempt fighting him again, Melvin bent down and planted his face between the identical moons of her ass. His tongue flicked up and down on the center lining that was her pussy, making it highly wet. The officer’s struggle soon died off as her lips couldn’t help but mutter a sigh from the presence of Melvin’s tongue lapping over her pussy. She pressed herself down on his bed but raised her back and spread her legs so as to give him more room. Melvin paused from his sucking and licked two of his fingers before inserting them back and forth into her wetness, making the officer cry out and buck her legs under him.
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