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Munchkin Manhood

Real Person
My (somewhat) shy wife has finally agreed to break out of her shell and make my cuckold fantasy a reality. In return for giving me my dream, she has set the condition that I have to put an end to surfing internet porn and stop masturbating when alone. We purchased a Birdlocked Cock Cage (maybe the mini?) but my inferior little dick sometimes slips out of the shaft portion. She has plans in a couple of days to meet her Bull at a hotel after work, but she has doubts the effectiveness of the cage. She has even bigger doubts that I will be able to keep my hands off of myself, with or without the cage for an entire day of anticipating her return home. We are interested in hearing about obstacles other couples have faced. Please share the things you tried to do differently that did not work out as you hoped. Most of all, tell us how you got around the problem to everyone's mutual satisfaction.