What about Black Women ?

image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg Been on this forum for a while, almost all the posts are about black men/white woman interracial. What about BWWM ? Love seeing beautiful black women with white men, nothing hotter. I've had the pleasure of being with a few black women and was truly an amazing experience, I guess you can call me a 'Jack of spades' lol.
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I served a 21 y/o blk. woman and I'm 50.....her big negro tits were 48f.....she liked to be called mammy....
Same here, i'm in my late 30s and she was early 20s, I still see her and service her from time to time, last time we talked she mentioned she wanted to peg me. I'm kinda turned on by the idea. Never would dream of doing that with my white gf, nor would she bring it up.