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What a Surprise!!!!

This is the rest of “My Story” that I told you about before! I had fixed the two brothers some lunch & fed them while I walked around in my Lingerie like a maid! Both of them had gotten half way dressed again. About half way through lunch someone knocked on the door. I said “OH SHIT, who could that be”? The oldest brother said “it's our little surprise” & got up & walked to the door & opened it. Much to my surprise it was there two sons!
Both of them are college students . Both play football at a local junior college here not far from us. They are built like a brick shit house & in great shape! I looked at the two brothers & said “so what do you'll have up your sleeve”? The oldest one looked at me & said “these two need training on taking over & running the family business so we called them while you were getting lunch together to come up & do some customer service for you”. I walked over to both of them & lightly kissed them on there cheeks & put my arms around them. The youngest brother told them, “you all listen & take care of her & give us a full report when you get back to the office”. I said “what you'll ain't staying”? They said “no we have some other business to take care of ”.
The thing about fucking a younger guy compared to an older one is they can CUM & CUM & last forever so I knew I had my hands full! They got dressed & left & I called the school & sent the kids to the babysitters because I knew with these two I was in for a marathon!
As with any young guy though they were ripping there clothes off & were ready to get started! They were both hung decent for there age but nothing like there dads. I got on my knees & started sucking the dick of the smaller one while the taller one massaged my tits from behind. Neither one had ever been with a woman in her mid 40's like me by themselves so this time I was going to take charge & teach them! Both of them had some of the nicest young bodies you could ask for. They were very well sculpted with lovely six pack abs! I love for a man to touch me, so there groping didn't bother me even though I love to be MASSAGED! They were both good & hard already so I didn't need to worry about that, I just wanted to give them the sucking of there life! I sucked there dicks nice & slow taking turns on them while jacking off the other one! I finally decided to get up & lead them into my office, my bedroom, & told them both to lie on the bed. They both layed back & I told them to just sit back & relax. I got on my knees in between both of them & took turns sucking them . They told me none of the girls there age would dress up like this & it was like seeing something out of a porn movie! I told them both “we're going to make a porn movie together this evening” while jacking them both off! I started getting faster & faster while swapping dicks & jacking them off HARDER & HARDER! They both started screaming in pleasure! I wanted them to cum & I was going to suck them like they had never had it, till they did! Finally the bigger one screamed “I'M GOING TO CUM” & I took his dick in my mouth sucking him till he came all down the back of my throat! Then the other one screamed “I CAN'T HOLD IT NO LONGER” & I took his dick in my mouth & jacked him off till he came all over my face & mouth! I started kissing them both while continuing stroking there dicks! We kissed for a little bit & they both looked at me & bragged that they had never had a girl suck them like that!
The smaller one got up pushed me down on my back & dove in between my legs & started eating my pussy while the taller one starting sucking my tits! I lied back on the bed & enjoyed being taken over by these two young studs. I've got to admit for me 75% of good sex is GOOD foreplay & there's one thing an older man can out do compared to a younger one is foreplay. Now as far as lasting on the other hands is a different story!
The bigger one got down in between my legs with his cousin & they started swapping licking my pussy! I was moaning in pleasure while they were finger fucking me & lapping that slit! Both of there dicks were hard as a rock again so I grabbed the one & pulled him to me & started sucking him off again while his cousin ate me. I was grinding my big hips right into there tongues & sucking them fucking hard as hell! They would take turns swapping & I could tell they were smart enough to see what I wanted. Finally the smaller one grabbed me by the hips & pulled me to the side of the bed & pulled my legs up & stuck that ROCK hard dick in that pussy! He started pounding me as soon as he stuck it in & I screamed “TAKE IT EASY BIG BOY GETTING STARTED”. He said “sorry mam” and slowed down. His cousin kneeled over me & I sucked his dick while taking my long finger nails & slowly scratching his balls. He screamed “GOD I LOVE THAT”! After a while I finally looked down at his cousin & said “YOU CAN START POUNDING IT NOW” & boy did he ever! I started screaming in pleasure while I sucked his cousin! While I was sucking his dick his cousin took my tits & started groping them & pulling my nipples which turned me on. His cousin was tearing my pussy up with my legs rapped around his arms! I finally screamed “I'M GOING TO CUM ON THAT BLACK DICK” & man did I ever! He pulled his dick out & started eating my pussy again which threw me into a rage! I grabbed his cousins dick & threw him on the bed & straddled him & & grabbed hold of the head board & rode him into the bed! I screamed at him while gritting my teeth “SUCK MY FUCKING TITS” & he grabbed them & started sucking & biting them while squeezing them like a melon! When he started biting my nipples I loved that, I rapped my arms around the back of his head & squeezed him real hard & threw my big hips into him even harder! I was screaming in pleasure & his cousin stood up on the bed jacking off beside me. I grabbed his dick & started sucking it nice & hard while his cousin sucked those big 40DD's in front of him! Finally I started slowing down & slowly enjoyed his dick in my pussy with a nice grinding slow rhythm! After a little bit I got up & took off my hair bow & pulled him to the side of the bed. I told his cousin to get in behind me & fuck me doggy style! I took his cousins dick back in my mouth & started sucking him with a nice hard rhythm while his cousin started feeding his dick back in my pussy. Finally his cousin screamed out “ OH MY GOD WHAT A FUCKING ASS, NOW I FINALLY KNOW WHAT THERE TALKING ABOUT WHEN THEY SAY IT'S SO GOOD TO FUCK A BIG ASS”! I looked up at his cousin with his dick hanging out of my mouth & smiled & laughed at him! His cousin started pounding my pussy & screaming in pleasure the whole time! I turned my head around & said “POUND IT HARDER & WATCH MY ASS CHEEKS BOUNCE”! He screamed “OH MY GOOD THIS PUSSY IS THE SHIT” & I kept smiling at his cousin & sucking that nice dick of his! Finally his cousin had enough! He grabbed my hair & pulled me up & said “LET ME TRY THIS SHIT MAN”! His cousin though didn't want to stop! I stuck my tongue in his mouth & started kissing him! He finally pulled out & demanded his cousin give him a turn! I said “now now boys there's plenty to go around” & laughed. Finally he pulled out & his cousin got around behind me & said “DAM what a big ass”! He slowly worked his dick in & said “DAMN, I SEE WHAT YOU MEAN CUS” & I just turned around & laughed at him! His cousin came around in front of me & I started sucking his dick again! I could tell he wasn't to far from cumming so I really put it to him! He could barely talk because I was going to town on him because his cousin was pounding my pussy so hard! I was screaming on his dick from the pleasure his cousin was giving me! My hair was all over the place so I had to take it & pull it to one side. I tried to look up at him & tell him to hold it to one side but his cousin was pounding me so hard I was having a hard time talking! Finally he yelled”I I I I I I'M GGGGGGOING TO CUM” & he came all in my mouth & I gulped it all down my throat for him! He finally took his dick out of my mouth & hand & finished jacking himself off on my face! His cousin in the mean time grabbed my shoulders & cominced to pounding my pussy! I don't know which one of us was screaming louder but we were in perfect rhythm! Finally he screamed “I'M CUMMING” he pulled his dick out of my pussy & I immediately turned & dropped to my knees & threw it in my mouth & gulped him dry while his cousin watched me!
We all fell to the bed. I was between the two of them. I took my arms around them & told them “suck these big tits, we're just getting started fellas”! One grabbed one tit & the other started biting the other which really drove me crazy. Finally one started fingering my slit while he was biting my nipple! The one looked up at me & said “I ain't never had any piece of pussy like that, I see why they talk about fucking a big ass, that is fucking good”.
I looked down at both of them & said “well this is where it gets interesting, have you'll ever fucked a woman in the ass before”? They both looked at me & said “NO”. I said “well then your getting ready to get a crash course in it”! The bigger one said “OH HELL YEA”! I got up off the bed & went in the bathroom & grabbed some lube & came back out! I knew with there size I wouldn't have any issues because I HAD HAD MUCH BIGGER THAN THIS IN THIS ASS! Even if they got too rough I was going to be all right! The one asked me “how are we going to do this”? I said “I'm going to bend over in front of my dresser in front of the mirror & talk you through it”. I told the smaller one “your first”! With my platform knee high boots on, my ass was a stretch for him, so for the thrill of it for him, instead of taking my boots off I walked down stairs & got him a step stool. I then came back & dropped to my knees & started sucking there dicks again which had gotten rock hard again thinking about fucking my ass! I slowly sucked them this time watching them with my FUCK ME eyes & playing ith my tits & talking shit to them telling how much I loved getting fucked in my ass & how much I loved the fucking they had been giving me! They were loving this! I told them “I can't wait to feel your dicks in my ass” & they both just moaned in pleasure while I tried to brush my teeth with there manhood! They would grab my hair while I would look up at them with there dick in my mouth! I would pull it & grit my teeth & ask them “do you want to fuck my big ass” & they would scream “YES” which turned me on! Finally, I grabbed the lube & lubed up the smallest one's dick nice & slow just stairing at him & talking shit to him & licking my lips! I told him to follow me with his dick in my hand! I bent over in front of the mirror & leaned over on the dresser! I turned around & slapped my ass for a show for him! I turned my head back around & told him to get up on the stool & slowly start feeding his dick in my ass. He did as I told him & slowly started feeding it in! I looked at him in the mirror & screamed “OH YOUR DICK FEELS SO GOOD” & started moaning really loud! I said “now slowly take it easy & start stroking me back & forth so that you can work your way in more” & he did as I said. I kept looking at him in the mirror & saying “OH YES HONEY, YOU FEEL SO GOOD IN MY ASS” & he would just smile back at me. I said “now take it slow & enjoy this”. Once his hips bottomed out on my ass cheeks he screamed “OH MY GOD THIS FEELS SO GOOD”, I just smiled back at him in the mirror & told him “now just start fucking me nice & slow & watch me in the mirror, I'll tell you what to do”! He slowly started fucking me & I would watch him in the mirror & talk shit to him about how good he felt & how good he was doing! I finally looked at him & said “Do you like my ass” & of course he said “OH YES” with a big grin on his face. I looked over at his cousin & told him “come here” & he came over & stood beside me & I slowly sucked his dick while telling him “your going to enjoy this ass next, so be prepared”! I finally looked up in the mirror & told his cousin “now you can start to slowly pound it like you would my pussy”! He slowly started getting faster & I would suck his cousins dick & look up at him & say “THATS HOW YOU TREAT THAT ASS” & he would just smile right back. He just kept screaming “OH MY GOD THIS FEELS SOO TIGHT & GOOD”. Finally I looked at him & said “I WANT YOU TO GRAB ME BY THE HIPS & POUND THIS FAT ASS TILL YOU COME YOUR LOAD IN IT”! I grabbed the edge of the dresser & pushed my self up & watched him pound me like a man in the mirror! I kept screaming “THAT'S IT POUND THAT ASS”! He pounded my fat ass hard with that athletic body of his while I would watch his cousin jacking off beside us in the mirror. Finally he said “I'M CUMMING” & he bent over me & came strong & hard up in my ass! I turned around & grabbed him by the head & kissed him & then he pulled out & I turned around & sat on the dresser with his cum running out of my ass & pulled him between my legs & rapped them around him & stuck my tongue in his mouth & kissed him!
Now it was his cousins turn. I got down on the floor & sucked his dick for him telling him I couldn't wait for him to fuck me in my ass! I grabbed my tits while I deep throated his dick to my tonsils & moaned real loud for him! Finally after his dick was sopping wet from me gagging & spitting all over it I grabbed the lube & lubed him all up jacking him off like MAD & looking up at him & biting my lip with my FUCK ME EYES! He was ready to rape me I could tell. I got up & pushed the step stool out of the way & bent over & stuck my big ass in the air for him & looked at him licking his lips in the mirror while looking at my nice 39” ass! He listened well while I instructed his cousin because He took to it like a fish to water! He was a little bit more assertive at taking over than his cousin & I could tell his was going to fuck me HARD! He grabbed his dick & slowly started feeding it in my ass which was pretty lubed up from his cousin before him. He basically fell in my ass it was so slick & I looked up at him in the mirror & said “that's it honeys”! His eyes rolled back in his head from the pleasure of feeling my tight fat ass! He grabbed me by the hips & started stroking me faster & faster immediately! He didn't even hardly look at me, he was watching his black dick in my big white ass! He would pound my ass for a little bit & then slow down & reach over & slowly fuck me while massaging my big 40DD tits that he loved! I wouldn't say much to him other than lick my lips at him in the mirror! He started pounding my ass again & I started screaming in pleasure! I bent over a little more so that I could watch my ass cheeks bounce in the mirror while I enjoyed him pounding them! He fucked me a lot longer than his cousin & I really enjoyed him because I almost wandered if his had fucked a woman in the ass before with as good as he was at it! I screamed “FUCK MIGHT TIGHT ASS DAMIT, FUCK IT HARD”! He grabbed me by the shoulders & was hittin that ass hard! I kept screaming “THATS IT FUCK THAT ASS HARDER HONEY”! I screamed at him “LOOK AT ME IN THE MIRROR “ & he looked up at my & smiled while I was licking my lips back at him! Finally he screamed “I THINK I'M GOING TO CUM” I screamed back at him “TAKE YOUR TIME & CUM IN THAT ASS”. He reached over & grabbed both my tits & started giving me these long slow strokes while he came in my ass!He was SCREAMING in pleasure!
With his dick still in my ass & still holding my tits I turned around & stuck my tongue back in his mouth & started kissing him again & telling him how much I loved that!
We all layed down on the bed & for the first time I wandered if they were getting exhausted? I wanted to try one last thing with them but I figured I would let them rest first! I started talking to them about the girls they had sex with & what it was like. They were bragging to me about how they fucked them ALL NIGHT but that the girls didn't dress up & do things like I did, which made me feel good! The one asked me if I had ever made a porn movie & I laughed & said “no why”? He said because you sure know how to fuck! I said “Thank you, it comes from years of experience & loving what your doing”. I looked at both of them after a while & said “I'm going to show you one last thing” & they said “whats that”? I said “your both going to fuck me at once”. They both looked at me & said “how are we going to do that”? I said “ain't you ever watched a porn movie” & they both started blushing & laughed.
I got on my knees if front on them & told them to stand in front of me on the bed. I started sucking those beautiful young hard cocks again every once in a while titty fucking them while I was at it. I knew I was blowing there minds & I was having fun at it! I told them to just relax this time & let me do all the work because I was enjoying something I hadn't had since my YOUNG days & that was somebody who was like the energizer bunny & I had TWO of them! Even when my husband & myself were younger I was always the type that could have fucked for a couple of more hours than him & MAN was he a sex goddess! I asked them if they were going to brag about this to there buddy’s & they said “OH HELL YEA” while laughing at me! Finally I told the smaller one to lie down on his back & I straddled him & slowly started grinding my hips into him! I looked at the bigger one & told him to give me the lube & stand in front of me. I sucked his cock a little longer & then took the lube & smeared it all over his dick! I said “now I want you to get in behind me & we're going to stop & I want you to slide that nice dick of yours in my ass” with a BIG grin! He got behind me & I pushed his cousin backward & started kissing him while his cousin worked his way in my back door! I gladly let him & it didn't take him long to bottom his hips out against my big ass cheeks! I then stopped both of them & instructed them on how to fuck me in harmony! I took my hips & held myself stationary while one stroked & then the other. As I said before, they were both very smart & it didn't take them long to figure it out & then they started getting faster & faster! I just closed my eyes & enjoyed this while these to young inexperienced studs gave me one nice fucking! The one underneath was sucking my tits while trying to stay in harmony with his cousin. Finally he stopped & grabbed me by the hips & really started fucking me harder. His cousin had hold of my waist & was pouring it to my ass! My tits were bouncing all over the place & couldn't even see because my hair was all over the place as well. I finally flung my head back & bowed my back & grabbed my hair pulled it to one side! We were all screaming together in pleasure! These two picked this up like stealing candy from a baby! Finally I asked them if they were about ready to cum & they both said “NO”. I told them then I want to change positions so we all stopped & they both pulled out! I turned around & sucked the biggest one's dick again & slowly worked my way over top his cousin. I then turned around & told him to hold onto his dick & I slowly started sticking his dick in my ass while I was setting on it! Once I got his dick in I started riding it & sucking his cousins dick. After a little bit I stopped & layed back on his cousin & told the other one to stick his dick in my pussy! I once again told them how to fuck me in harmony. I was screaming at the top of my lounges in pleasure because they did it perfect & this position is hard to pull off! I was trying to hold my legs back but I was shaking so bad I couldn't finally the one on top put his arms up underneath my knees & held them back for me. I was sucking my tits because I was in total pleasure! They fucked me this way through a number of orgasms! Neither one could cum because they had cum so many times! I have to admit I was starting to wear down & my age was telling me I couldn't keep up with these two young studs but I wasn't going to admit it! Finally they asked me if they could take turns fucking me again in the ass from behind on my knees & I said “Yes”.
I got up on my knees & stuck all the pillows under me & buried my face in the covers. The biggest one got behind me & stuck both his legs around me & stood over me & started fucking my ass. I had my ass stuck straight in the air & was screaming in pleasure while pulling the covers plum off the bed! He buried his dick in my ass & pounded it hard. Finally after a while he pulled out & jumped in front of me & pulled my head up by my hair & started jacking off all over my face. He came all over my face & hair & while he was doing that his cousin took me by surprise & stuck his dick in my ass & started pounding it! His cousin grabbed the part of my hair he didn't have & fucked my ass like a horse! I was screaming like crazy, one from pleasure but the other from the pulling of my hair two ways! The one in front finally let go of my hair & the other one picked it up & pulled it with both hands while fucking my ass! He screamed “YE HA RIDE EM COWBOY”. I closed my eyes & was screaming now in pleasure. I had multiple orgasms from these two doing this! Finally the other one said he was cumming & he pulled out & came all over my ass!
I fell on the bed & said “I give up I can't handle you two any more” & they laughed & layed down beside me!
I layed there for a while & then got up & stripped & took a shower. When I got out they took a shower & finally got ready to leave. I walked them to the door & thanked them & asked them if they were going to come back & visit me sometime & they gave me there cards & told me to setup another appointment with them! I asked them if they were going to brag about this to there buddies when they got back to college & they laughed & said “Oh Yea”. Needless to say I was pretty sore & TIRED from the fucking there dad's & them gave me that day!