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Something a lot of hubbies have come to realize is that it's when their wives are actually left to their own fiendish devices that they're able to allow themselves become easily seduced by a black bull. Most of the time, such wives may not even have thought it through before finding themselves suddenly responding to wealth of emotions that's brewing deep inside them. For most wives, they tend to confess some type of shyness to their hubbies when thinking about such, but should the hubby decide to step away from the picture and allow things to flow as they ought to...WATCH OUT!
Her name is Kimberly Elson, 34years old, blonde, and a mother of two. She’s married to one Bob Elson, a 37year old accounting consultant. They had met while in college, he a typical high school football jock, while she was majoring on Psychology. They’d met at the school prom, and had stayed hooked to each other from then on, till five years later when he’d made it official by proposing marriage, and she had gladly accepted.
The years have been good for both of them: a distinguishing home with a sustainable mortgage, both kids already attending junior high, both of them having secured good jobs – life definitely has been good to them.
Tonight, they were celebrating – Bob had just been awarded a promotion in his accounting firm; that meant a bigger pay package and holiday trips on the company’s expenses. Bob and Kim, along with one of Bob’s close friends Mike, and his own wife Trisha, had decided to hit the city night life for some well-deserved fun. They’d first gone to a well established Mexican restaurant, having replenished themselves with specially cooked meals, had gone off to a thriving night club to cap the rest of the night.
The club was packed to the nines, and the DJ was jamming excellent music. Kim had never been in such a wild, carefree mood as she was presently inside the club. She and Bob had danced for a while before he’d finally called it quits. Seeing that Mike too wasn’t as well in much mood for a dance, choosing like Bob to seat at their boot guzzling his bourbon, she and Trish had no other choice to but to remain on the dance floor in search of anyone willing to boogie along with them.
Kimberly hadn’t been disappointed when a handsome young black stud appeared from the midst of the crowd to dance with her. He wore a sleeveless jacket and black leather pants; a large gold chain dangled from around his neck. Kimberly couldn’t help it as each time they came close enough to touch, she reached out to grab a feel of his bulging biceps. This was the perfect picture of how she’d long wished Bob’s body would be like: full of muscle and vibrant with energy, not the paunchy gut he’d begun to groom since he turned thirty. Kim turned her back towards him and began shaking her bum in front of him; the black man came forward and held both sides of her waist, rocking his hips against hers, making sure they were in tandem, his body pressed hard against her enough for her to catch a whiff of his minty breath.
It was at that moment that she paused when she thought she felt something slap against her ass. At first she figured she was mistaken, but as he continued rubbing and wiggling his crotch against her rump, it was evidently clear what the huge thing was she was feeling. She turned around and out of queer curiosity, reached down between his legs to get a proper feel of what it was. She gasped when her hand got a good grasp of it; the look on her face elicited a grin on the black man’s face.
He leaned towards her ear and shouted well enough for her to hear him out of the loud music that was playing: “Would you like to get a piece of that meat?”
She pulled away from him – she was both shocked, at the same time thrilled by his words, and she felt a burning sensation suddenly rise up in her. She left the dance floor and went in search of Trish, whom she soon found dancing in the midst of a crowd of youngsters. She pulled her to a corner of the room where they could hear themselves, away from where their husbands sat.
“You won’t believe the most amazing thing that just happened to me,” Kim said to her friend with excitement.
“What?” Trish enquired. “Go on, tell me.”
And she did. By the time she was through, Trish’s mouth too was hanging open.
“You can’t be serious,” she finally said. “Where did you leave him?”
“Out there on the dance floor. Do you think I should go back and get him?”
“I’d be doing that right now if I were you. You know how you’ve always talked about wanting to get fucked by a black guy. Well, here’s your chance.”
The sensation between her legs was burning to an inferno, and she couldn’t help it. “Okay, I’ll go back there and find him, and take him out to the parking lot where our cars are at. Would you mind distracting Bob for me?”
“Sure, anything. You go get him, girl; tell me all about it afterwards.”
“I most certainly will,” Kim said.
They went their separate directions: Trish went to sit with her husband and Bob, while Kimberly returned to the spot where she’d formerly been dancing with the black guy. It was so hard looking for anyone in particular, especially with the dim, kaleidoscopic lights in the room. She was about giving up when she felt someone tap her arm. She turned around and there was the black stud smiling at her. He leaned towards her ear and yelled: “Miss me?”
She answered with a nod, and said: “Come with me.”
Holding his hand, not wanting to lose him in the midst of the turbulent crowd that was in the club, they made their way out of the building, and then she led him towards the dark parking structure across the street from the club, where they’d left their car.
When they got to it – a BMW – he instantly took charge, leaned her face forward on the bonnet, and raised her skirt up. His hands rubbed against the fabric of her panties; Kimberly groaned upon the touch of his hands feeling over her sex as it aroused her more. Coming to his knees, he cocked her panties aside and began sucking on her pussy. Kimberly cried out as his tongue and lips nibbled and pulled gently on her labia; it wasn’t long before she felt her body jitter as she reached instant orgasm.
Her lay there half slumped over the bonnet, gasping harshly for breath as her body still responded to the current of ecstasy that held her in rapture. A while later, the young man rose to his feet and made her turn around. In no time, he’d unzipped his pants and freed his cock; Kim fell to her knees and cradled it in her hand. It was half erect, and yet it seemed so huge to her, and she wasted no time engulfing it with her mouth.
She sucked his cock at the same stroked his shaft; she tried as hard as she could to take in all of him as he held her head with his hands, instructed her to open her mouth, and began driving his cock in and out of her mouth. She juggled his balls and sucked on them as well, loving the taste, enjoying the sensation she was unleashing on him as he went on moaning.
“All right,” he gritted his teeth, “that’s enough sucking – time for some action.”

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