Were going to do it

Discussion in 'Cuckold Forum' started by Discreetlove, Jun 25, 2013.

  1. Discreetlove

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    We have been watching for awhile and I can not stand it anymore. My goal is to get my wife blacked by the biggest black cock I can find for her. maybe more than one. its going to be a long road but at the end there will be a black cock waiting for my wife.
  2. MacNfries

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    Call ahead to the hospital ... they'll be waiting on her! ;)

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  3. Threedecadecuck

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    Damn, Mac! Way to strike fear. A woman's first really big cock, either black or white, can be a wonderful experience. And a woman's fears are already there when it comes to a man's excessive size. I know my hubby likes me to be with the biggest cocks as well. And some men are really big, and some can hurt. If they take their time, it can be a very, very pleasurable experience.

    I know your humor. And that's cool. I just know since I have had sex with so many men for the last 6 years I am a lot looser than I used to be. I wouldn't say my pussy is ruined. It is just a bit more comfortable to fuck.
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  4. willsrvu

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    I LOVE IT!

    "a bit more comfortable to fuck." That is delicious! :dance:

    That would make a great BBC or generic Big Dick T-shirt:
    "Big Dick- it doesn't ruin pussy, it just makes them a bit more comfortable to fuck!" :D