We're almost ready!

We are a high school sweetheart married couple, just getting our feet wet after playing with this fantasy for a couple of years.

About me. White professional male, 43, medium build, brown hair, brown eyes, 5 foot 9, 180 lbs.

About her. Gorgeous! Sexy! She is 37, very fit, red hair, brown eyes. She's 5 foot 7, 128 lbs,with the perfect ass and legs leading to heaven. Her walk alone will tell you she's built for fucking.

We're in the Pocono PA area.

Last week, while fucking and after giving her a deep fuck with our Mr. Marcus dildo, I asked her if we would ever actually try it for real. "We can explore it, look into it a bit and see what happens." I was completely blown away.

Now some more about us and our situation. Married 15 years and together since we're teens.
I am not a cuck, or sissy. I am 100 percent straight male who loves to fuck and please my wife. Given our time together, I can play her body like a skilled violinist. I am not endowed as big as many men here but I'm no slouch either. Our sex life is amazing. We have role played fantasies for many years and her being taken by a black man is just one of many we have. For us its the taboo, the color contrast and of course the big cock. We enjoy some spice, and the realization of this fantasy is just one aspect of our kink. We have already had many discussions regarding our rules, limits, what we each expect out of any encounter. Neither of us (at least for now) has any interest in taking on a boyfriend or steady situation. Of course, if you are lucky enough to be selected, you have a golden opportunity to change our minds.

Some rules. She will not bareback period. We only play safe period! If this is a deal breaker and we never get to try this fantasy, so be it. We are both 100 percent committed to safe play. No anal play of any kind. The attempt alone will end our evening. She does not like it, does not want it and made it clear that i disclose before hand. its not going to happen. No male on male touch except incidental contact that may happen as we both fuck the shit out of her. No kissing, at least initially until there is comfort and she initiates. So basically we are looking for a respectful and hot mfm encounter. I love to watch but I am not a by stander.

We are clean, D&D free and intend to stay that way. We expect same. All parties also need to be discreet.
You are a fit, respectful, educated man who can respect us and our boundaries. As stated above, we are not sure about a longer term arrangement because this will be our first time, but who knows, the right man, the right encounter could have us reconsider something steady.

What you get: A fun relaxed evening, food and drink with a fun loving couple ready to test the waters. A hot encounter with a gorgeous white woman with a clean killer body, who will suck and fuck the shit out of you. More details and hot photos to follow, but we wanted to see if there is any interest for this type of situation.