Well being

Yes, some.reason sex with lover is more fuffilling. Also fills me more. His cum is so difrent. Thicker. More. I know thats has not to do with race but i love thick white cum.
Somehow I thi k that a black man's I'm has more testosterone in and I'm not sure but I think that other hormones may be at play that makeshift women feel so good as compared to when they fuck a white guy
I get a feeling that floods through my chest and I can actually feel it in my nipples and it flows up into my neck and head and also in my groin and inner thighs. I've never thought of it as a feeling of well-being, but I can see how it could be yes! I've always felt it as a heightened sense of happiness and it actually comes close to the feeling of all out laughter except in an orgasmic way if that makes sense... but over all it's a feeling of intense wonderfulness!!! :angel:

Any of you girls out there get an overwhelming feeling of well being and calmness after your bull cums inside you? I know I do :)