Weekend of pure pleasure

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    Kim invited her friend John a bull she met sometime ago to dinner , he arrived on the Friday evening and we had a great night , during dinner she asked if he could stay the night , not objecting knowing I would be enjoying watching her being fucked .
    They went to bed around 11 and I cleaned up , when finished I went to see if they were OK and got invited into the bed as well , we had the best night and she enjoyed both of us .
    Next morning leaving them asleep I went and made tea , Kim came out followed by John both naked and Johns cock swinging it was huge and thick thinking about her taking it got me an erection , John grabbed Kim pointed to me and said he is excited to see us , John sat her on the kitchen table and fed his cock into her asking if she wanted it , Kim just kept saying please fuck me which John did .
    That was the start of a great day , staying naked all day and fucking whenever both John and I did whenever we wanted Kim had to comply at one stage Kim was sitting on John cock her ass pointing at me so I went down a licked it John handed me a tube of lube and told me to use it on her ass , she responded so well to me fingering her bud so I decided to try and fuck her ass hole , John held her tight and I fed my cock in her it slipped in with ease and I could feel johns cock in her as well , John sucked her nipples hard as I slowly fucked her it was not long before I shot a load in her , she loved it , then John sloped out and fed his huge thick cock up her ass with the combination of cum and lube his cock went in with ease but a bit deeper and wider than mine , Kim went wild and slammed down on his cock.
    John shot his load and Kim went down and sucked his cock clean , this practice went on all day and night , John and I used Kim body to the max , now she wants his friend to join us so hopefully when that happens I will repot the session.
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    That one good way to please your wife xxc
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