week of bbc in uk


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As a lecturer I get to go places mainly in Australia , however I was asked to go to the UK ,over a period of months I chatted and became friends with Mary my contact in the UK to the point that she asked if I would like to stay with her rather a hotel .
I flew into Manchester and Mary was there to pick me up , she was around 50 blonde and a very nice round figure with a huge chest .
We went to the venue and sorted a few things out , then went for late lunch before she took me to her home , on arrival she told me she would introduce he hubby , in walked a very tall black man who took my hand and introduced himself as Charles , my heart stopped for a second and I must have stuttered before acknowledging him, Mary took my bag and led me upstairs to where I was to sleep , she kissed my cheek and said she knew I was bbc lover , looking puzzled she showed me a photo I had sent some time back showing my spade bracelet I wore around my wrist , she smiled and told me Charles was the one who asked if I would like to stay with them.
I cleaned up and went down stairs to where they were , wine was poured and we chatted they made we very welcome and at ease , then I got the tired state and I went to bed , waking up around midnight I went to the bathroom as I passed there bedroom door that was a little open I caught site of Mary stroking Charles huge cock and saying Kim would love your cock and with that he exploded all over her face.
The next day we went to work and I did my first part lecture , there are three parts so three days.
When we got home I showered and got ready for dinner , Charles was already dressed so it was only me and Mary to change as Mary showered and I was in my room drying and getting ready Charles came into my room , he took the towel and dryed my back and bottom and asked if I was happy staying here then he kissed my neck and his hand squeezed my nipples and whispered don't put and panties on I want you naked under your dress then left , I felt so good and very Horney.
At the pub we met some of there friend's and yes most were black , one guy Zac kept very close to me and as we ate he rubed my leg and straced my thigh with his fingers Zac was late forties but slim , after dinned we went to the pool room and had some laughs Zac was always behind me when I took a shot I could feel his eyes on my naked bottom Charles was also staring and that made me very hot.
As the evening went on people left and we were the only ones playing pool that ios when Zac held my hips and I could feel his cock against my ass cheeks I did not resist and he knew he was making me wet.
Charles made the suggestion we go home and relax Mary gathered my arm and we left , at home Mary and Charles went to bed and Zac and I sat around he was so randy I could feel the heat from him we kissed and we shared tongues his was huge and thick then he fingered me a remember moaning and feeling wet his fingers made me cum and he then went down on me I must have cum several times but all I wanted was to see his cock and boy I was not disappointed I took as much as I could down my throat to the point of gaging then he turned me over lifted my dress and started to enter me in no time I was full of cock and Zac just pounded me and then filled me full of black seed.
We sat around for a while and he got very hard again and I wanted it in me he did not refuse but fucked me in every position.
The third night Zac was in my bed when Charles came in and I had both of them .
The next few days I will tell later.