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wedding ring


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IMO, I think it important that the wife leave her wedding rings on ... it helps remind the bull that he's no more than a simple "fuck toy" for HER enjoyment, who's quickly replacable when she gets bored with him or when she finds someone more interesting to fuck her. Think of the situation as an expensive car that one can rent, borrow, or lease, but never really be able to own. :)
we had a brief period where before we enlarged it, my wife's wedding ring became to snug and she ended up wearing it on a chain around her neck for about three weeks...essentially she appeared single to all comers. Said in the end, it didn't matter whether she had a ring or not, men still hit on her.


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I always wear my wedding ring when I make love to black guys outside of my marriage : ) I like to look at it when they cum inside of me.It makes me feel like the little cheating whore that I am! Black mens whore and it makes me so excited to feel them cum in my married pussy as I break my marrital bond and become one with my black lovers seed in my tiny innocent looking married white pussy : )


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OK, so I'm a pervert. Sue me. I find it erotic if the bull, especially if black, cums on the wife's wedding ring. It is such "in-your-face-cuckolding". Janet Mason has a couple videos where she makes a big production of this. I even saw pics once where they put the wife's ring in a used condom for the hubby to drink it and clean the ring. I'm surprised, given the desire for cuckolding and humiliation that so many men exhibit, that you don't see more ring-slime action.