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Wedding Night Fantasy


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Janet stepped out of the elevator with her sister behind who helped in lifting part of her wedding dress, as they made their way towards her apartment door.

They got to her door. Janet reached into her hand purse for her apartment key (she’d already given a duplicate to Kent two days prior to her wedding, having fixed the proper arrangement with him), which she then unlocked the door with, and together she and Eve walked inside.

The boys were in the sitting room waiting for them. There was Kent, along with another of his TP colleague, Jones. They were both smartly dressed, their shirts open to reveal their dark chest. They’d also taken the time to make themselves at home while they waited; each of them held a glass of brandy in their hand. They rose up from the couch where they’d sat waiting and came forward to welcome the ladies. Eve could feel her jaw come agape upon seeing the two tall handsome black men and she paused for a moment, but regained herself when Janet pulled her arm along.

“Hi there Kent,” Janet said, introducing both him and Jones to her sister. Eve was still reeling from the shocked surprise; her hand even felt limp as both men took turns to shake it.

“Your sis sure is a gorgeous looking honey,” Jones complimented. His eyes took every moment to drink in every bit of Eve’s lovely body hiding inside her dress.

Eve felt his hungry stare upon herself, eliciting her to blush. So this was what her naughty sister had in mind all this time. She wondered what her parents, including Jeremy, might think if ever they got to find out about just how naughty she was.

Janet laughed. “Like I told Kent before – beauty grows in our family.”

“So it seems,” Kent agreed.

“Anyway, I told her that today was going to be a surprise for her, and I’d like you boys to take real special care of her as you’ve done to me.”

“The pleasure is ours,” Jones affirmed. He raised Eve’s skirt halfway and sampled a handful of her round bum in his hand. A sudden gasp escaped her lips upon feeling his hand on her body; incredibly, she was starting to feel a soaking wetness coming from inside her panties. The feeling was slowly starting to overwhelm her.

“Have you boys been waiting here for us long?” Joyce asked.

“Not quite,” Kent answered. “We had enough time to get ourselves ready.”

Both men maneuvered themselves between the sisters; Kent came forward and held Eve, while Janet wrapped her arms around Jones’ neck and gave him a long kiss. Jones reached his hands behind her, searching for the zipper to her gown, which his fingers soon found. Kent sat Eve on a couch, both of them watching.

Janet finally extricated herself from the remainder of her lengthy wedding dress. She now stood in her knickers, undies and bra, looking like a contemporary Amazon goddess. She wasted no time unbuckling Jones’ pants, and then reaching in to whip out his manhood. Eve’s eyes and mouth fell open at the sight of his dick – it resembled a huge black snake! She watched the way her sister stroked its length, cradling it as if with love, before opening her mouth to take it in. Eve licked her lips, her eyes feasted upon the way her sister was starting to enjoy herself. At the same time, her hand slide across Kent’s thigh, while his made its way via the parting between her legs. Kent’s fingers reached in, parted aside her panties and began fingering the outward flesh of her pussy, feeling her wetness. Eve practically jumped from her body’s contact with his fingers. She encircled her arm over his body, urging him to continue. Kent took off his jacket, then came to his knees before Eve, raised her skirt up and pulled her panties from her legs. He placed her legs upon his shoulders and proceeded to gobble up her pussy.

The feeling was electric. Eve was soon busy moaning out. Her hands pressing down on Kent’s head, while she watched her sister play her mouth around Jones’ dick across the room. After a while, Kent rose up and began unbuckling his belt. In no time, he too had freed his throbbing manhood from its hiding place. Eve’s eyes momentarily popped out from their sockets upon seeing it.

“Oh my God,” she gasped out loud.

Kent took pleasure in watching her recoil, the way she carefully warped her hands around his huge member, gently stroking it. He pushed her head closer to swallow it.

By now, Jones had Janet seated astride him, riding him. Up and down, up and down she went, bouncing down hard on his dick. She yelped with excitement as Jones periodically smacked her ass, egging her to ride him faster while she moaned out her pleasure.

Kent helped Eve out of her dress and made her lie on the couch, spreading her legs wide enough to give him a good view of her pretty pinkness. He positioned himself before her and gently inserted his member between her cunt lips; Eve was just as nervous as she was more than anxious to receive him. She cried out upon receiving his initial thrust. She tired pushing him back but Kent merely slapped her hands away and gave her another vicious thrust, making her squirm and cry out more. He could feel the walls of her pussy clasp his dick tighter. He savored the hot, tight sensation and pushed his manhood an inch further inside her.

“Ohhhhhh God, Ohhhhhh God … you’re killing me,” she pleaded. “Oh God, you’re killing me … killing me …”
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