Wedding Night Fantasy Pt. 2


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Such is what a real wedding gangbang/orgy party is supposed to look like: one that involves a Black Mistress taking over the after-party of a wedded couple. Things get even better when the party includes the couple's in-Laws. You can only imagine how hot such a session is going to be.

* * * * * * * *​
The band was playing and the bride was dancing with the groom. Heather told her new husband Gary that his decision to hold the reception at this lodge on the outskirts of town was a stroke of genius. The room was spacious and the black band was fabulous. The alluring redhead with big green eyes that sparkled told her brown-haired husband that she loved him.

After the dance, they walked hand and hand back to the bar. The bride's breasts looked larger than her 32C cup. Her bridal dress was low cut and lifted her bosom up. The 5'3" bride seemed tiny next to her 6'2" brown-eyed husband. The reception had thinned down to about thirty guests; mostly family and close friends. Her mother raised her glass to toast her daughter, "Here's to your last hours as a virgin!" Close by, a friend of the groom choked on his drink and recalled his wild night of sex with the bride when she had an argument with Gary. Heather and Gary did not have sex together; she was no slut but she was not a virgin either.

The band stopped playing and announced, "Ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to introduce the fabulous Mistress Lee!”

Mouths dropped and eyes-widened when a voluptuous 6' black dancer strutted on the stage in a vest with tails and black mesh stockings. Her ample breasts were exposed, her long legs were eye-catching and her deep black eyes were spellbinding. Six black male dancers accompanied her as she sensually glided across the stage.

The mood in the room had definitely changed; the air was alive with sexual arousal. The remaining guest had no way of knowing that it wasn't just the sexy dancer that turned them on; their drinks were spiked with a potent aphrodisiac. Pussies dampened and dicks stiffened, the alluring dancer was bumping and grinding and the whole room was consumed with carnal cravings.

The dancer stopped and instructed two of the male dancers to usher the bride to the stage. Applause met her when the bride walked across the stage. Heather shyly smiled and nervously gazed into Mistress Lee's enthralling dark eyes. Sighs filled the room when the lights were dimmed and a spotlight hit the stage, the bride and ebony Amazon could be seen clearly. Lee announced, "Tonight you will be my bride; your husband has granted me the right to use you as I see fit!”

Heather meekly muttered, "I…I don't know what you mean?"

"Then let this video explain it to you, my little pet." The spotlight went to the back of the stage and a video of Gary's bachelor party was shown on a big screen. Mistress Lee was giving him a lap dance and two other black girls were dancing. Gary hungrily sucked her ebony breasts and she removed his 8" stiff dick. Lee moved her hairy bush to his face and demanded that he 'eat it'. She told him that if he wanted to fuck her juicy black cunt that he would have to give her his bride on their wedding night. He readily agreed and even signed a statement.

Mistress Lee had seen Heather at a fitting for her wedding gown and decided right then and there that she wanted the 18 year old bride. She deviously planned for this moment and eagerly anticipated ravishing the freckled redhead. The video stopped and the band played. The alluring ebony goddess put her arms around Heather and said, "Now we will have our wedding dance, my little pet. I have waited long for this moment." Lee held the trembling girl close to her 26 year old frame and whispered in her ear, I want to fuck you, my bride."

"But…but, we are both women, how can that be? I don't understand." The young bride had never considered having sex with another woman and couldn't understand the wetness in her little pussy.
"My dear, you will understand before this night is over, you will thank me and beg to see me again. If you are a good little girl; I just might permit you to enjoy my chocolate delicacies again. Lee stood back and waived her hand; two of the dancers disrobed her down to her stockings and heels. At the same time the same was done to the frightened bride. Mistress Lee pulled the startled girl to her and they shared a long, passionate kiss. Their tongues intertwined and their pussies flooded.

After the kiss was broken, Lee grabbed the back of the bride's head and pulled it to her big tits.

Goosebumps appeared all over the redhead's body and tingles ran all over her excited frame. Heather felt light-headed and gazed at the brown boobs with wonder. The aureoles were large and the erect nipples were black instead of pink, she was fascinated with them. Desire to put her lips on the ample bust was overwhelming and she was succumbing to the strong urge to suck them. Her lips met the large breasts; she licked, kissed and then sucked with fervor. Blood rushed through her veins, she felt light-headed and her pussy was flooding.

"Good little girl, enjoy my big boobs, suck them baby, don't be afraid, bite the fucking nipples and try to get as much tit in your mouth as you can." Heather nursed on the ebony mounds with passion and thought how big and beautiful they were. The white bride could not understand her irresistible attraction to the ebony goddess or her craving to please and serve Mistress Lee.

Black fingers with long blue nails pushed the bride to her knees and her face was only inches from the alluring sex of the object of her lusty desires. The musky fragrance from the aroused pussy was overwhelming and Heather knew that she was beyond resisting the voluptuous creature. As the bride stared with amazement at the hood, lush black pubic hair and fleshy pussy lips, she was in awe. When she caught sight of the pink beyond the black pussy lips, her heart pounded and she was consumed with desire to devour the tantalizing treat.