We would love to have a real cuckold situation

Discussion in 'Couples and Women Seeking' started by srohman, Dec 23, 2009.

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  1. srohman

    srohman New Member

    We would love to have a real cuckold situation with a black bull.
    But its very difficult to find here in Europe a real one. She s a real slut wife. Where we can find a Lover?
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  2. marc1612

    marc1612 New Member

    unfortunately, i am not in a position to provide you with a direct or indirect contact. my only reason to intrude is to wish you much success in your search. there are two parts of your posting that provide me with pleasure. some years ago there was a German couple that we knew that were very nice. he has a submissive and She was a dominant and there were many good times with them. my former wife did very much enjoy her experience with Black lovers. i do very much appreciate your posting of the images and look forward to each and every one.
    best wishes,
  3. Rylai

    Rylai New Member

    Oh baby I would fuck her in a heartbeat if I was in Europe
  4. Captain Black Cawk

    Captain Black Cawk New Member

    Is that offer still available?
  5. Dud

    Dud Active Member

    I can be your black lover, I live in London England,whenever you are in the city email me on dwealth@inbox.com
  6. Robert Rodgers

    Robert Rodgers New Member

    I would be happy to pay for your plane ticket to visit me in the USA.
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