We really love it when...

I prefer it to cum deep in me, but will admit I also love getting titfucked and sucking that dick and having it come all over my tits and neck. Right on the outside of the pussy is awesome also and then the guy goes right back in through the cum and pushes some in and the rest just flows down.


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I love it when he deposits all his cum deep and hard in my wet and hot pussy. I love a man who doesn't want to get out. Even after he has cum and is resting with his head between my tits, and his cock still deep in me I will continue sucking his cock with my tight pussy. The longer we contintue this, the more I love it.


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We really love it when... she is getting fucked by a BBC and he is pounding her (in any position) working up a load. He pills out at the last possibly second and cums all over her, then immediately slides back in her and keeps going.
We love it when he pumps he huge load deep into her womb.

This is extra AROUSING when she doesn't use any protection at at.