We ran into a BBC that knew her mother...


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We were contacted by this guy off Adult Friend Finder, 38 year old BBC local to us. We were pretty interested in meeting him... then we realized that he worked with and knew her mother.

She got really worried that he was goin to realize who she was... and she doesn't want mom to know.obviously.

But at the same time it was also a turn on to know she would be fucking a BBC that was one of her moms friends.

Has anything like this ever happened to anyone else? Any similarsituation? What did you do and what do you think we should do?


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Yea, the guy I was seeing last Summer who I met randomly in a pub, actually knew a couple of my hubbys friends. I live in Birmingham UK, a massive city, yet even the largest cities you can bump into people who know people you know.
My hubby was happy for me to go with the guy but we were both a bit worried in case he told hubbys friends while out drinking or whatever. As it happened my guy didnt want to spread the word either as he had a girl friend so I think its not come out. While out with him I was also spotted by a girl friend but I told her I was out with some people from work.
To be honest, this is why I think the longer you are in this lifestyle it has to come out in the end.
In your case if nothing has happened sexually, you might want to say you put it on adult FF for a sexy joke? Try and laugh it off?