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we are the kind of couple most of you would like to be!

At the risk of being presumptuous, we have been
living the kind of lifestyle this site is all about. Although
I am not a "cuckold" in the traditional sense my greatest
joy is sucking one of our hung black friends until he is
Rock hard and then watch him fuck my wife so hard and
deep she begins repeated orgasms and completely
Loses herself. Btw she never came from fucking until
We were playing with a great stud that had 11.5 inches and
was very very thick. After whimpering for the first
Few minutes she began to have countless orgasms
For almost 2 hours. We were BOTH hooked after that.
We have had too many BBC studs to actually remember
Them all but it has been an amazing journey! BTW we have
Virtually 1000s of pictures and quite a bit of video but
out of respect for the privacy of our friends and
our own we never post. Sorry