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hi my name is Aaron and I would like to tell you how I firs started to want to see my wife get fuck by a big black cock, see we was this pass new years eve at Brenda's nieces house her and her husband like to party on the new years eve and this year was no different.

we arrived about 5:00 PM there was already a house full, me and Brenda walked in and john met us at the door with a beer in hand. in side we found Amy on the couch in between to black guys, now at the time I didn't thank to much about it at first that she had her hand on there legs but it was right on there dick area.

now we all party tell the ball drop and after that people started to leave I had way to much to drink for me to drive and Brenda can't drive so Amy and John told us to take the back bedroom so we could sleep it off.

it was around about 1:30 AM whin Amy got up and said she was going to get ready for bed, so me and Brenda followed behind her after showing us to our room Amy said ( You kids don't halve to much fun) and headed to her's and john's room.

about 2:00 in the morning I step out on to the wrap around 2nd floor deck to smoke and after being out there for about 5 or so min. I could hear what sound like a woman moaning so I walked along the deck and found a window that look in to Amy and John's bedroom and as I look in the window I. could see Amy on her back leg in the air and one of the black men fucking her but there was two more guy's and all three of them had there clothing off as the other two got on each side of her, she took a hold of there black shafts and started to stork them and take turns sucking on them. I do half to say Amy is one hot looking woman and to see her like this got my cock hard as a rock now as the black man fuck her, her husband was telling them that his little slut needed her pussy a good fucking and it needed to be done by three big black cock's. the one fucking her ask her if she wanted to be used like the slut she is, Amy cried out that she needed her body used like the cheap whore she is.

As they Fuck her John was taking photos telling her she was so hot, after a few min. the guy fucking her pulled out and for the first time I could see his cock it was huge it had to be 11 or 12 inch. long, he told Amy to get on her hands and knees so he can fuck her good and as she did as she was told he inserted his shaft back in to her and I couldn't believe. that she was taking every inch. of it. one of the other guys got in front of her and as the one that was fucking her pulled her hair back it lifted her head up and the one in front slid his dick in her mouth and started to fuck her mouth, this was so fucking hot that I pulled my little 6in. cock out and started to. stork it as I watched. now it didn't take long for Amy to pull the cock out of her mouth and cry out she was cumin and as she started to cum the black guy started fucking her harder, John walked up and reached under her and said to the black man that her pussy was ready to be filled with his seed and the guy started fucking so hard that her ass was jiggling and after a few more thrust he held in to her and shot his load in her. I watched as the other two guys toke there turns with her and filled her full of there seed before I watched John get between her legs and eat her out and then fuck her him self man it was the hot's thing I had ever seen other than on video's, after the show was over I headed back to our room got in bed and fuck Brenda like I haven't fuck her before. Now all I can thank about is watching my wife get fuck like Amy was that night.