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    Several years ago I witnessed an event I will never forget, watching my mother fucking our black neighbor..At one time me and my mom lived alone and (shes divorced) we shared an was tight so we decided to stay together long enough for one of us to leave..I had boyfriends over here and there nothing serious.. (all white men my mom never knew my black obsession) but my mom rarely dated and when she did, the guys were all white..One day I came home and found a note she left me saying she was at the pool..I went there and she introduced me to our new black neighbor "Hank".. Hank was a big tall and built handsome black man ..they were lounging by the jacuzzi having some drinks ( my mom never drank) just relaxing.. they ask me to join them but I told them I was going to be leaving soon to meet up with my girlfriends and would be back later..they said ok and I went on my way ...later that night I returned about 1130 pm... I walked into our dark apartment and heard a voices coming from my moms room.. I heard my mom giggling and then heard a man voice.. right then I knew my mom was with some one... I walked to the door to get a better listen, then walked away... I went to my room slipped into a night shirt turned off my light and started to get ready for bed.. I heard my moms door open and footsteps to my was my mom.. she stood in my door way and asked my how my night was ..I told her about the evening and she said ok just checking on you.. I said to her I see you have a guest..she said yep "Hank" and smiled ..I said I cant believe your with a black guy, she said who cares were just talking and watching tv, I said yeah right...and your just wearing a tank top with no bra and panties to do this? she said yes whats wrong with that and laughed..I shook my head and said ok goodnight ..then she this point my mind was spinning at the thought of what was about to started to turn me on ..I wished it was me with him, I wanted to getting laid..I turned off my light the apartment was dark, I left my door cracked to see what I could hear..I wasn't long before I started hearing those familiar sounds..When I was sure the were in the moment, I crept outside to our little patio to see if I could see any thing.. I carefully looked thru a small crack in my moms blinds and was both shocked and excited at the same time.. I saw "Hank" laying flat in his back on my moms bed fully nude.. my mom was topless just wearing a pair of black panties kneeling with her ass up in the air between " Hanks" legs with both her hands just stroking and tugging on the neighbors giant black cock!! I could hear him moaning as she slapped her big boobs with it...I could feel myself getting wet from watching this..after a doing this for a while I saw my mom opened her mouth big and wide and take his giant black cock in her mouth..he was so dam big and thick she could only take a few inches but she sucked on that cock with determination...playing with his big balls...The scene was crazy..My eyes were glued to the action ...again I couldn't believe our new neighbor was stuffing my moms mouth full of his huge black cock..the slurping and moaning sounded like a porn movie and I was front row!!! after his cock was wet from my mom drooling all over it she took it out of her mouth and went to sit on it..his cock was pointed straight to the roof as my mom pulled he panties to the side and lowered he ass down his monster..right away see started to moan and squirm as it went deeper inside her.. she put her hands over her mouth trying to be quite as he stretched her out...again he was so big my mom couldn't fit all of it inside her... I was so turned on by now I had my fingers in my panties rubbing my self..I watched this for some time until I started to hear "Hank"moaning more and more.. mom kept saying oh my god oh my god..she kept telling him how much she loved his big black cock..they kept fucking and fucking moms ass sliding up and down his cock riding him and his hands holding and squeezing my mothers big boobs together...the next thing I heard "Hank" say he was ready to cum..then he told my mom to get on her back.. my mom dismounted him rolled on to her back and "Hank" gripped the base of his big black wet cock and jerked a horse load of cum all over my moms face lips and tits...I counted at least seven or eight big streams of thick white cum shooting from his cock.. splashing and spraying all over my moms face as she laid there with her mouth open... holding her boobs moaning telling him to cum all over her...again I was shocked just seeing him soaking the hell out of her ....after the last spurt he placed his big drained cock in her mouth and my mom proceed to lick him clean...I quickly snuck back to my room closed the door..and just laid there trying to slow my breathing ..taking in what I just saw... shortly there after I fingered myself to a big orgasam thinking about what just transpired......I had always wanted to see live action, I would have never imaged it would involve my mom..So crazy but such a turn on...of course being the slut I am a few days later I ended up enjoying that same delicious black stud :) I never told him what I saw him doing with my mom and never told mom either little vision in time :)

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    Thats fucking hot. I just gave my moms number to a young black stud. He said hes gonna txt her
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