Washington DC, Charlotte, NC

Man you'd think there would be more clt females considering the city's size
hi KIM here, it is a lot of us, we r all over the state, lot more of us is come out in this, still can't talk 2 any one around here, just ROY my husband,& u know he sure b the last one 2 talks about this,
But brother, her pussy just fit my cock! (That's locked) u understand
KIM here, yes ROY understand, that why he got a lock, don't want him jack off as the watch us,u know in time he will cum any way, I love see him cum that way, ROY love watch a black guy fuck me 2, but not as much as I do, my last BULL would stay days at a time, for a long time I was half way try 2 get away from it,he was 3-4 time big around & twice as long as ROY is, so u know he lay her open, wide open, it take me 2-3 month before I could take all of it,