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Was yours better?


Real Person
I had to write as I lay here waiting. As a valentines present, my wife got herself a weekend away with one of her guys. I have gotten nothing but texts telling me teasing details of things they have done and are doing. I am laying here wondering what kinds of pleasure he may be giving her and am hard as a rock. Can't wait for her to get home and tell me what all he did to her.

How did your valentine go? Was it better than mine?


Real Person
Thought I would write and share the second half of the story for you. A few hours before she returned home I got a photo from her. It is posted below.


Why is this a big deal? Well two things, first of all, I cant tell if she is waiting for him or if he has finished in her so deep that its not even dripping.

Second, and most hardening, she swore up and down all of our marriage that she would never shave herself. She said she tried once and it itched to much so she would never do it again. I begged for years and years and nothing. Apparently she has changed her mind or she had it changed for her.

Finally, the end of the story.

When she returned home, she was flush and frazzled. She woke me on the couch and took me to our bed where she unfolded the entire story. It was incredible as she did to me the things he did to her. He teased her and fondled her, until. She said she was so horny she began begging him to pound her and make her cum and that she would do anything. She said that's when he stopped.

She said he stood and looked at her deep into her eyes and simply said he could never enter her again as long as she wasn't shaved. It took all of about ten seconds for her to agree she said, accept for there was one catch. She said he made her get dressed into her slutty outfit and leave. He told her that she had to find someone else to shave it for her, that she couldn't do it herself and he wouldn't do it for her.

It turns out that he had a few friends she hadn't met down in the bar and they hit on her and she hit on them until she was so horny she actually asked them to do it to her as a favor. This picture is one she sent him to verify with him that it was ok to return.

By this point I was rock hard and she had me in her total control. She mounted my face as she told me about having to pay the two men who helped shave her by giving them blow jobs and letting them suck her freshly shaved lips.

At one point she was teasing the tip of my cock with her nipples and I lost it, I began shooting my load strait in the air. It was incredible. I could not believe she let me cum. She said that was her valentines present and off to the shower she went.

Here is another picture she sent to him.


Do you thing these are before or after he had his way with her?