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Don't panic.
Scabbing is common and sometimes the colors will fade a bit as well and require some touch up. Although yours is black ink, so it will probably be OK.

Just don't pick at it. Let the scabs fall off on their own and follow the instructions the artist gave you. You can usually use vitamin E oil or aloe vera to moisturize the skin without a problem after the tat has healed completely and the scab has fallen off. If you moisturize before, it will take longer for the scab to fall off.
Not just normal sort of scabbing unfortunately
It's my fifth tattoo so I know it's not normal
Went to show the pharmacist to see if he could
Recommend anything
He told me nothing he could recommend
I needed to visit a doctor
Went to the doctor who put me on a course of antibiotics
Have not picked it at all
When I look close the outline looks like its spread
and just looking a light grey colour
Instead of black
I'm hoping it will look something like normal soon
Going to be a little worried of getting it re-done
As this has been sooooooo painful already
Thanks for your reply
This 4th day antibiotics
So hopin to see little improvement soon
No pain killers not one for poppin pills unless
Really really got to
Got a high pain threshold
Is real sore
But there u go
Hope u good
Hope u not forgot bout me too
@ bbcdatsme


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Sorry that you are in pain and that it is more than just the usual sort of scabbing, definitely infected or a bad reaction to the ink that was used.

I hope your doctor is taking the precaution of testing for all of the possible STD and other transmittable bugs in case it was a tainted needle or supply of ink.
Best luck and I hope you heal quickly and are feeling better soon.