Was it a signal?

So I am at work and a tall black guy stopped me in the hallway and asked me if a lady he had just seen was married. He saw that we worked together because of our uniforms. That seemed like a normal enough question to ask another guy but the odd part was that when I said she wasn't married he gave me a weird sort of look and said tell her I'm interested. Then gave me a smile and walked away slowly. I'm not sure how to take that? The question was a straight one but the body language was not. Any thoughts?
The lady that you are talking about, is she hot? Is she the type that a cuckold would like to see get black cock?
She is very hot. Short, black hair, perky tits and an ass that you can't keep your eyes off of. She's in her mid 40s but you would never guess that. I would love to watch her get fucked for hours on end!