Want your fantasy input

Ok, guys and gals, what I am looking for is some specific details on what your fantasy first time would be like. I am OT looking for ten pages of story and I am not looking for "he pounds me" kind of stuff. What I want is the details around the setting.

For example, I have two I like so far. First is where my husband has set me up. We have friends over and he watches as the of our friends seduces me and eventually takes me to our bed and hubby watches as he slowly makes me his.

The other is where my husband and I are messing around and he blindfolds me. Somewhere in the process he switches with a huge BBC and I don't realize it until he has me on my back where I can't do anything but take his shaft full length.

I hope that makes sense. Also, if you have photos of you fulfilling your fantasy or representing your fantasy, love to see them.



Real Person
For me, there are two fantasies I have for my wife and a BBC. Both of them are based on watching her reaction. First is where she does not know its not me right away. She knows their is something different, but then she removes the blindfold to reveal the surprise. The last picture is what I would be hopping for.

Then the other is where she knows what is going on, accept for one thing. She is in the middle of doing two huge BBC's, one is under her and sliding into her wet sloppy lips and the other is in her ass from behind. Both are pounding away, but what she does not know is that they have my permission to cum inside her. She does not know what is about to happen, then both of them go off at the same time. Would love to see the look on her face as that happens.

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