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want wife to go black


Real Person
Gold Member
The first suggestion is to go to the Form Page of our Site and review our Forum Rules, you will find them VERY informative for avoid being banned from this Site.

Second suggestion, since you have images of her, FIRST: post them as contributions to existing threads; this saves you from receiving #10 & #17 warnings for violating Site's Forum Rules and ultimately being banned. (You REALLY do not want to "hog" your "wife" in your own self-created threads, you will not get the "exposure" or responses YOU expect; again "seeding" her pictures throughout the Community in the various topical and thematic threads will give you the chance to show off your wife (.i.e. follow the postings of "wanabecucked" of the U.K., he visits multiple threads to post photos of his wife to get the most exposure and to receive as many responses as possible!)

Third suggestion, if you're REALLY a couple, get verified as such using the standard verification method, noting step number 5 especially for REAL couples. You will quickly earn more credibility and trust from your fellow members, especially us Studs, Bulls and Stallions!

Good Luck!