Want to watch my gf with black guys.

When I watch pics of white women fucking black cocks I get turned on but could never ask my gf if she would try it. Not sure if I could. Any suggestions?
Yes just tell her the truth, i have told my wife that i want her to try her first bbc. A black guy works at the same place as her & chats with her,i just hope it goes further-iam in two minds wheather i should approach him behind my wifes back.


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how was the relationship after wards? was your wife really loose afterwards? did she still want to fuck you? did she go behind your back and fuck him again? how was your relationship? after the bull comes, and its all over, and u come also, does anyone feel awkward? these thoughts stop me from going through with it


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There is NOTHING better than knowing the wife is taking black cock on the side, its the way it should be! Watching her would also be great but if she's like mine she only shares alone....
i just want to let all you cucks out there know that my wife fucked her bull tonight at 16.40 in the back of his car while i was at work . the only downside is that he is white ! but has a fucking huge cock . my wife loves it , no bullshit !!
You got to satisfy the women. White guys have to do more than try to fuck their wives, they must eat pussy, ass and give them a total body cleansing with their tongues. Their small dicks will not satisfy the wives. My question is: why does a white guy marry a woman that can handle more meat than what he has?