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I get along best with people who have a positive attitude. I enjoy meeting people and can hold good conversations, laugh and joke as well. I like to be discreet and respect others discretion, definitely taking care of a lady before myself. I like my partners to be people I'd hang around with even if we weren't having sex. I believe things come naturally so if it happens it happens and I don't like to force anything. I am not pushy and respect the rules of others. I'm not into labeling things or people. I lead by example and judge by results. I am looking for someone who is beautiful on the inside, not just the outside. I am not going to brag about my sexual prowess or ability to please a woman since I believe these things have to be proven and not professed. I like performing a lot of foreplay before going straight to penetration. I am very attentive to a woman’s needs and desires and love lots of foreplay, rubbing, petting, feeling, licking and sucking. Massaging with oils and sliding our slippery naked bodies together, feeling every inch of each other are my sensual desires. It is a special thrill to take a woman to the heights of ecstasy by only using the tip of my tongue. Nothing excites me more than a woman having multiple orgasms.
Want to know the difference between a regular massage and a erotic massage? If the traditional massage is to eliminate muscle tension, then Erotic massage is to unbalance the person who is receiving the massage. If the massage is given on general muscle, Erotic massage is given on the senses, especially on the nerve endings in the skin. Mainly, erotic massage can give me the opportunity to discover what causes you pleasures leading you to a much better sex life. Therefore it should be done with an open mind completely. The erotic massage is especially important for women. This has an effect equal to that produced by a kiss, a caress or other forms of foreplay. While performing a well done erotic massage not only I can caress you with my hands, also I can caress you with objects like feathers, as many areas of your body are very sensitive to gentle rubbing. I can also massage you with other parts of the body such as mouth, tongue, light blows to cause differences in temperature in some areas of your skin ... The choices are many but I should keep some in order to surprise you even more.