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Want to see Wife with another guy soon

I would love to see my wife with another guy soon, she has gotten freakier lately and the last two times we fucked she let me fuck her in the ass, she had an orgasm both times while my cock was in her ass and she used a vibrator. Both times after I came she had a second orgasm while I was able to work four fingers into her. I have seen her get really wild while using a long black dildo we used to have, I was able to get 9 inches or more and she would writhe and lift her hips to get it deep.

I think she would eventually be open to the idea if I established a relationship of hanging out with the guy and maybe after some drinks it could happen. Anyone in Philly/South Jersey area interested?


The meeting the first time was postponed until this past weekend. It went really well I think. She was very nervous, but he wasn't pushy at all. His name is Kyle, nice guy, funny, and we had several drinks together. He followed us back to a hotel we got and we had another drink there. We started with Kyle watching us start to fool around and he sat on the adjoining bed and watched. When he took his clothes off and started to stroke his cock, I turned my wife's head and her eyes got wide. She looked worried and I told her you can do as much or as little as you want with him. She reached her hand out towards Kyle and he walked over and she began to hold and stroke his cock. That made me fuck her more furiously. She whispered to me, are you sure you want me to do this? I pulled out, handed Kyle a condom, and said "now make her cum." She grabbed my cock and had me switch places with Kyle. She closed her eyes as he got on the bed. She grimaced as he pushed his way in and let out a moan. Her legs went out and in the air. It took about 20 minutes of steady full to the hilt deep fucking before she came hard with several full body jerks and panting. I told Kyle to pull out and she stroked us both until we came on her chest. What a beautiful sight to see my wife with my cum and Kyles on her chest. I couldn't resist climbing on top of her and feeling what it was like to fuck my wife after Kyle. Amazing night, and not the last time we will meet up with Kyle. He showered and left after we agreed to meet up again soon.