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want moor now i have been done by BBC


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Found hubbies site I never knew he had been telling the world my sexual pursuit and that he wanted me to have moor ,but little does he know I am now hooked on BBC so I hope he likes what I am about to write.

After my cruise trip our friend kept in touch with me and I was lucky to meet him again only last year but secretly , he wined and dined me then took me back to his hotel where he totally devoured me ,I remember how gentle he was and then so powerful when he entered me I will open up for this man any day have never felt so full up and the feel of his orgasm it just send me wild. and to add (hope hubby likes) he has introduced me to double pleasure I have had two cocks at once both black ,I hope we see each other soon as I am ready for a nother BBC session ,so darling hope you enjoyed and never leave your pass word info lying around.