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    I'm sure I've posted in here before but I'm trying again. I'm looking for love above all else. I don't want a sex based relationship but that being said I really really want a woman addicted to BBC.

    Someone who understands that kinky sex is no basis for a relationship but also is as kinky as myself. I can be out there. I'm open to most acts but what really makes me kinky is this.

    To myself and most women the brain is the biggest sexual organ. I recognize this and my most satisfying orgasms have been when the brain is stimulated deeply and over time.

    So I want to be with someone who wants to explore and discover what deep seeded notions turn us on, not just acts in addition bring a constant stimulation into our lives by allowing our sex life to creep in unoticed into our daily lives. Keeping is in a semi aroused state all day. Then....mind blowing orgasms.

    lol I talked all about sex but please keep in mind it's not all about sex for me. I could have the best sex but not be in love and I'd end it. It is not fair to either of us to be in, or for us to fool the other into a loveless relationship because the sex is good.

    Thank you for reading. Oh Id like to ad im an attractive guy. I am not so shallow that I demand gorgeous but Im not attracted to large women. I'm sorry :( im just not. You don't need to be a super model either. The only women I ever loved to be honest was not all that pretty.
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    I don't think you should apologize for who you are and who you are not attracted to. Just be you.
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