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  1. cwb1

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    Hello people!

    Just joined the site and would like to introduce by self!
    I'm totally new to all of this IR cuckold scene and could say that it is the most arousing thing in the world! Ι think that i can't fulfill my girlfriend's sexual needs so the commingling with cuckold scene and exploration of fantasies were inevitable! To be honest, she doesn't know anything and at that moment whatever i do here have to be strictly discreet. She's a beautiful girl next door, 24, which is a lady out of the home but in the bedroom she becomes a very "dirty" slut.

    This is a picture of her, i will upload a few more probably when i feel more comfortable here.

    Ps. My nickname means Cucky White Boy! It is a fun nickname i know, but everything is about fun, isn't it? :)

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    I'd very much like to chat. I'm a black bull seeking to be friend with a white couple with a view to satisfying the wife sexually...
    Eager to hear your thoughts.