Wannabe cuck

Hi everyone,
I'm new to this. Here's how it started. I always enjoyed seeing other guys watch my girlfriend when we are walking around the mall or any other places. She has an amazing cleavage.

One night I had a dream about me coming home to some moaning noises... I walk upstairs slowly and through my bedroom door I see them, an handsome black guy tall and muscular that we know, banging her hard as she moans loud and talk dirty to him about how big his dick is. I just stay there and watch them, his hands are grabing her nice round ass as he pummels his thick black dick into her... I stay there and just watch... I love it and I woke up to a raging hard on. It's a feeling I never had before and those kinds of dreams come to me much more often now.

I'm not sure how to start about all this except that I'm so turned on by it!
That's exactly how the whole thing started for my wife and me. I told her that I had a dream of her with another man and for some reason it turned me on. That led to us fantasizing and before long it became reality!
How did it happen the first time for you guys?
She had a coworker that would hit on her relentlessly even though he knew she was married. For some innocent fun I encouraged her to flirt back with him. Her work started a carpool program and even though he wasn't exactly on her route she started giving him a ride home. They always hugged goodbye but on one occasion I guess the hug lasted for a long time and as they slowly pulled apart he kissed her on the cheek. With what I can only assume was a massive amount of sexual tension they then kissed for about fifteen minutes. He asked her if she wanted to go inside his place but she was worried as we hadn't really discussed any of this going beyond fantasy so she told him maybe next time.
She drove home and after telling me and demonstrating exactly what happened she could tell I was super excited by it. She said she wanted to go further with him but not without talking to me first. So I had her text him that same night to see if he still wanted to hang out, she lied and told him that I would be at work for another hour or so. She then went back to his place and of course they had sex- she was there for over five hours and didn't come home until almost 3am! She told me that he was so worried that she would get in trouble for being out so late which made me laugh.

That was our first time. They both wanted to fuck each other so badly but that wasn't the hard part. Constantly reassuring her that I wanted this so much and that it was about us, she's not cheating, don't feel guilty, etc., that takes patience but pays off in the end! She's totally comfortable playing around now
Unfortunately he moved to another state to be closer to his family. But not before sneaking several kisses from her at work and they did hook up one more time. Needless to say I really wish he hadn't moved away!