Wannabe cuck in Dallas with live-in 24/7 exp

I am a 36 year old white submissive wannabe cuckold in the Dallas area. I have been submissive towards Women for 12 years. The last two years I was a live-in 24/7 cuckold. Well in my case once a cuckold always a cuckold.

I sincerely am seeking a GF and hopefully, if we connect, a future Wife that I can treat like a Queen.

I have a wonderful vanilla life and a great family. I own a couple jet skis so I love the lake. I have a good job, a semi new suv, and have my own place. I love to travel when I can afford it and would really love to start saving for Hedonism 2 once I find my partner.

I understand the role of a cuckold but also understand all Women are different. I am open minded to learn to learning about You and Your needs.

If You have any interest in a cuckold in Dallas I look forward to a message or any questions You may have.

Thank You and I hope to talk with You soon,