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    Has anybody here been watching "Vinyl" on HBO? The main character is Richie, a record company owner in the 1970s. His wife is Devin, played by Olivia Wilde. In the latest episode, she does full frontal nudity. Fantastic. But, I digress.

    In a recent episode, there was a scene that could have come out of a B2W fantasy. Richie wants to impress a black performer, Hannibal, sort of a Sly Stone character. So, he takes Hannibal out and he tells Devin he wants her to go along and that she should wear something sexy. Obviously, he wants to get Hannibal sort of horned-up so he will re-sign a contract. At the end of the evening they go back to a hotel room and Hannibal starts dancing with Devin. It is a very slow and erotic dance and Hannibal has his hands all over Devin and she appears to be enjoying it. Richie is watching and you don't know if he is turned-on or angry. Finally, he says they have to leave and pulls Devin away. She seems reluctant. She gives Hannibal a parting kiss. They get on the elevator and Richie pins Devin up against the wall of the elevator and starts kissing her. You figure he's going to stop the elevator right there and fuck her. His hand goes down between her legs and he suddenly pushes a way and calls her a slut. He says, "You're WET! You wanted to fuck him!" But, you don't know how he really feels. He brought her as bait and seemed to enjoy watching them together, but then he reacts with jealousy. It kind of seems like the same sort of thing that drives B2W men. A mix of arousal, jealousy, maybe humiliation and anger. And you're never quite sure which. I wonder how many B2W men, who share their women with black men, are in the same boat as Richie.
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    I don't have HBO but I was traveling on a business trip and staying at a hotel when I was flipping through the channels and it landed on HBO on that episode you are referring to. I agree that was some of the hottest shit I've seen in a long while on Cable.

    That BlackSoul Brother knew he was gonna get that hot white chic in that hot red dress bent over getting banged out by his BBC real soon before her jealous dick boi-friend or what ever they are pulled her out of there. As for Richie, that mofo was high on coke so he wasn't thinking rationally otherwise if he was in his right-mind he would've just let her get fucked and enjoyed watching it. Remember he killed some dude under his coke high too.

    Here is the lead-up to that scene so everyone can see the characters. Yeah that chic Oliva Wilde is a real hot piece of ass and she was killing it in that red dress. You know Bull's love red - gets our feet stomping and BBC throbbin'! :blackgreedy:

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    Glad to hear that at least SOMEBODY else saw it and appreciated it. Yes, one of the hottest things I've seen on TV. I thought it was so great the way they handled the emotion of it. You didn't know what the wife was thinking. You knew she wanted to turn-on the black guy but you weren't sure if it was for HER, to in effect "make another mark on her lipstick case" or if she wanted to piss off her husband with jealousy.................. Richie finally pulls the plug on the action but you KNOW he's turned on by it. Then, very cleverly the script answers at least SOME of the questions by Richie finding indisputable that his wife really WAS turned on, but the fact of her wet pussy. So, VERY well done and the eroticism was off the charts. I wouldn't be surprised if this sort of scene really happened in the 70s. White people wanted to show how hip and unbiased they were. White women maybe wanted to taste the fruit that had been forbidden to them for so long. White men probably also felt somewhat liberated to indulge in fantasies that previously would have been unthinkable.

    Thanks for posting the pics of Olivia. I went on the web to see if I could find pics of her with Hannibal and maybe even a clip of her dance but I found shit. Great to see some good quality pics of the characters and Olivia in that hot dress.