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    New Found Freedom (M+/F, impreg, interr) By T.S.

    Michelle and I had only been married for six years, but already our sex life had become routine and dull. With two children -- a boy, five, and a girl, 3 -- neither one of us had shown much interest in sex recently. What was frustrating was that even when one of us did show interest, the other was unlikely to be interested at the same time.

    We decided that what we really needed was some time alone together, so we left the children with some friends and went to the beach for the weekend. We had a nice hotel room with a balcony overlooking the ocean. The beach wasn't at all crowded and the weather turned out to be perfect.

    Michelle had bought a skimpy bikini especially for the trip. It did the trick: when I first saw her in it I was instantly turned on. I wanted to make love to her immediately, but she insisted that we wait, so instead we went down to the beach. We were not there very long before I realized that I was not the only one affected by her appearance. She got quite a lot of attention and I began to feel a little bit jealous. Michelle noticed this immediately and decided to entertain herself by teasing me.

    She insisted I stay behind while she went for a short walk by herself; however, she wasn't alone for long. She was soon in the company of several young, handsome men and seemed to be enjoying their attention -- enough to make me rather uncomfortable.

    She spent about half an hour playing games with them before she finally returned to me. She waited until we returned to our room before telling me that one of the men -- Eric -- had suggested that they get together that night. It was obvious that he had meant for more than just dinner.

    I decided that it was my turn to tease Michelle, so I asked if she wanted to spend the night with Eric. Surprisingly, the more we talked about it, the more excited we both got. Over dinner (and with a little help from some wine), we got suddenly brave and decided to give Eric a call. Half an hour later, the three of us were naked in our hotel room.

    I couldn't believe we were actually going through with it. Michelle unrolled a condom onto Eric's stiff cock. I watched intently as he climbed between her legs. My heart was pounding as I watched him slide his penis into her.

    Since we had first met, Michelle hadn't had sex with anyone but me. Now I was watching her being fucked by a stranger. The most amazing thing was how excited I was. I never imagined how thrilling it would be to see another man making love to my wife.

    Michelle was clearly excited as well. She was gasping and moaning with every thrust. When Eric finally came, Michelle had an intense orgasm of her own.

    When Eric eventually rolled off of her, I climbed on top of Michelle. I was so excited from having watched her with Eric, that I only lasted a few minutes. Eric and I took turns with Michelle throughout the night and into the early morning. I was exhausted, but Eric still had plenty of energy.

    We spent the afternoon on the beach again, and ran into the same men she had met the day before. We invited them back to our room and Eric and I, along with three other men, spent the rest of the weekend fucking Michelle.

    We were all disappointed when Sunday afternoon finally came, since Michelle and I had to return home that night. On the drive back, we couldn't stop talking about what a fantastic weekend it had been.

    Michelle had been fascinated by the different techniques and rhythms of the various men who had fucked her. I was completely surprised to find that I had been so turned on by watching Michelle with other men. Adding to the excitement was my own slight embarrassment at realizing that, judging by Michelle's reactions, they were all better lovers than I was. We both agreed that we had enjoyed the weekend so much that we had to do it again in the future.

    From then on, we tried to get together with someone at least once a month. If we couldn't find someone to take care of the children, I encouraged Michelle to go out on her own, then she would tell me about the evening when she returned.

    We were the happiest we had been since being newly weds, until Michelle came home worried one night. The moment she walked in the door, I knew something was wrong. Instead of the devious smile that her face normally wore on such occasions, she looked nervous and upset.

    She explained that everything had gone well and she was thoroughly enjoying herself until after she had had sex. When her lover withdrew his penis from her, they had discovered that the condom had broken. Michelle figured that it was her most fertile time of the month, so she was very concerned that she could be pregnant.

    The next few weeks were very intense as we both anxiously awaited her next period. When it arrived on schedule, we both breathed a huge sigh of relief; however, now that the panic was over, we talked about how exciting it had been. The thought that Michelle might be pregnant by someone other than me had created an incredible amount of tension. The thrill was even greater than when Michelle had first started having sex with other men.

    We decided to start picking the times of the month when Michelle was unlikely to get pregnant, then she would have unprotected sex during those times. This way, we thought, we could experience the thrill of risking pregnancy without really taking too big of a risk.

    We did some research to determine the best method for predicting ovulation, then tried to time Michelle's affairs as close to her fertile times as possibly while still being likely to avoid her actually getting pregnant. It was hard for me to decide which was more arousing: watching Michelle have sex with another man or watching his cum leaking from her afterwards. The excitement continued all month long as we anxiously waited to see whether or not we had guessed right this time.

    Incredibly, things soon got even more exciting. On one weekend that we were able to get away together, we happened to meet another couple (Steve and Jennifer) who were into the same kind of excitement as we were. They had been braver than Michelle and I, though, since they never paid any attention to what time of the month it was. Still, Jennifer had not managed to get pregnant yet.

    She and Steve had decided that they weren't going to leave it to chance any longer. They had signed up to attend a breeding party later in the month. Michelle and I had never heard of such a thing, but Steve and Jennifer explained that couples attended the party with the intention of getting pregnant by one of the studs who were invited. They told us that they knew the couple who were hosting the party fairly well and could probably get us invited, if we were interested.

    Michelle and I talked it over. The party was scheduled for the first day of her cycle on which she was likely to get pregnant. That was cutting it close, but we both agreed to risk it.

    We arrived at the party a little nervous, but soon began to relax as with talked with other couples who shared our enjoyment of extramarital sex and the associated risk of pregnancy. I was curious about the men who would be acting as studs and was told that they were to arrive shortly.

    We all got undressed and spread blankets out on the back lawn when the studs were finally announced. As the first man stepped out of the house, I was given quite a shock. Later on, I noticed that the man was young and well-muscled, but the first thing that caught my attention at the time was that he was very black! As the other studs were introduced, I realized that they were all black.

    I had been willing to risk Michelle getting pregnant by another man, but couldn't begin to imagine the embarrassment and humiliation we would face if Michelle gave birth to a black baby: it would be impossible to pretend that I was the father.

    I was about to suggest that we had made a big mistake and should leave quickly and quietly, when Michelle put an end to any thoughts of that. She was obviously as shocked as I was, but now that she was here, she was intrigued by the thought of having sex with a black man and wasn't going to let me stop her.

    I was speechless as one of these young, black studs came over to us and started kissing Michelle.

    "Is this your first time with a black man?" he asked. Michelle nodded.

    "Well," he said to me, "she's not going to want to go back to your skinny dick after she experiences a real man, so I hope you got some before you came here."

    I sat there trembling as I watched his dark hands caress her body and his tongue slide in and out of her mouth. Michelle was trembling too as she anxiously awaited her first taste of black cock. She cried out when he finally pushed his swollen monster into her pussy.

    She later told me that she could feel him stretching her wider than she had even been opened before. It had been slightly painful at first, but she soon began to enjoy being filled with his enormous cock. She was in total ecstasy when he at last flooded her vagina with his hot fluid.

    Michelle was fucked several more times that afternoon. I was stunned by the amount of cum that was dripping from her pussy. We were both quiet on the way home -- well aware of the danger that cum presented.

    It was another anxious wait. The days seemed to crawl by at a snail's pace. But the days passed, and passed, until there was at last no doubt: this time Michelle had gotten caught.

    I was a nervous wreck, but Michelle was unexpectedly pleased. She figured that once her secret was out, there would be no more reason to hide the lifestyle we had chosen. She was now free to invite men to our house without fearing what our friends or neighbors might think.

    She thoroughly enjoyed being able to have sex with other men. Now that she had experienced black men, she wanted more. Since she was pregnant with a black baby, there was no longer any reason not to be open about her affairs. She now had the freedom to indulge herself.

    I was so embarrassed that I couldn't even think about sex with Michelle, but this didn't stop her from having fun herself. For the first few months of her pregnancy, she invited black men to our house and had sex with them.

    Slowly, she began to explain her situation to our friends. By the time Michelle gave birth to a beautiful black baby boy, it was a surprise to no one. I eventually learned to live with the humiliation and accept the fact that Michelle was hopelessly addicted to black cock. I never did have sex with her again and she never again had sex with any white man.

    She also gave up using any kind of birth control, so it wasn't long before she was pregnant once again. She shows no signs of slowing down, so I have no idea how many more black children I will be raising, but I've gotten quite used to the idea and have come to rather enjoy my situation.
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    Sperm Roulette... (MF, voy, preg, intr)
    by anymouse (address withheld)
    Edited by: Big D.

    Wife and Hubby discover the intense thrill of risking
    pregnancy with a total stranger and devise a way to
    have fun at it.

    And and it turned out that she did not get
    pregnant from her first interracial fling. After
    Barbara's black lover left that night, her mind in a
    turmoil with the possibility that she might well end up
    pregnant with a black baby. It was the next day
    before she told Tom of the potential pregnancy.

    As the days wore on, both found themselves becoming
    more and more turned on by the thought. They fucked
    without reservation during the following weeks.
    Finally, three weeks later, her period started. Both
    were relieved but, at the same time, a little

    Tom felt he had never been so aroused as he was with
    the thought of this possible pregnancy hanging over
    their heads. Barb was also excited by it.

    Tom asked, "Would you ever consider trying it again?"

    "How?" Barb asked. "But if I did, it would have to be
    a gamble, not a sure thing," she added.

    Tom suggested a possible solution. He asked her to
    plot her periods over last few months and from that, to
    approximate her ovulation dates. Barb found that she
    was possibly fertile about 7 days each cycle month,
    beginning about 14 days after her period ended.

    He explained his plan. From the day she ended her
    period, they would count 14 days from her period's end.
    Then on one randomly selected date in the following
    seven days, she would have unprotected sex with a

    Barb asked, "How do we choose which particular day?"

    Tom explained, "I'll take some old poker chips, write
    the numbers 1 through 7 on the chips and place them in
    a bag. You'll choose a chip at random from the bag. The
    date on the chip will be the night or day you will find
    a lover to perform the deed. But remember, only one
    drawing per month." Barb agreed that this way would
    indeed make it random.

    "Would you consider trying a black man again?" Tom

    Barb agreed she would, since she had really liked that
    way her previous lover had fucked her and she had heard
    that black men never turned down a real red head. Tom
    suggested putting the same numbers on two sets of poker
    chips, red for Afro-American and white for Caucasian.
    This way she would draw not only the day of her
    'breeding' but also the race of her stud.

    This month her fertile period was charted to be from
    the 14th through the 20th. Tom made up the chips, put
    them in a bag and held it over his head so that she
    couldn't see them. Barbara reached into the bag and
    removed a red chip with the number 18 on it. Simple
    arithmetic told them that the 18th was VERY close to
    her probably ovulation date. On the 18th of the month,
    Tom made their usual preparations by trimming her
    auburn bush and picking out her outfit. Barb left her
    wedding band on to encourage her lover to go

    They drove to a club known to be a hangout for white
    women looking for black men. Tom waited across the
    street and sweated, would one of the men he saw
    entering the club be the man to impregnate his wife and
    have her carry his baby?

    Barb entered the club and ordered a drink. Tom had
    chosen a low cut V-neck blouse that showed off her 34D
    breasts. After several dances with several men, she
    chose a tall black man named Ricky. She could tell by
    the bulge in his pants that he was ready for action and
    suggested a nearby hotel they go to. Ricky quickly
    agreed and within minutes they were alone in the motel

    Ricky told her sternly to strip, beginning to dominate
    her. Barbara felt a little nervous but she really
    enjoyed the demanding way he treated her. She slipped
    out of her blouse and skirt, and posed for him in her
    panties, bra and stockings.

    "Let me see those titties!" he demanded. Barbara took
    off her bra and her very firm 38D's were displayed for
    his pleasure. He walked over to her and massaged them
    with both hands. Her nipples erected immediately and
    she felt her panties beginning grow damp.

    Ricky commanded her to go down onto her knees and suck
    his cock. Barb did as she was told and began to undo
    his pants, pulling out a very hard, very large, jet-
    black cock. She took it into her mouth and began to
    suck on it. He helped her by grabbing the back of her
    head and pulling it toward his groin. His cock, wet
    with her salvia, glistened in the room's soft light.

    Ricky suddenly grabbed her by the hair and pulled her
    to her feet saying, "Get rid of those panties!" Barb
    slid her panties down over her hips and let them fall
    to the floor. Ricky eyes widened, he had never seen a
    real red head. Most of the red-haired white bitches he
    had fucked were only dye jobs.

    "I just have to eat that," he exclaimed. Barb lay back
    on the motel bed and spread her thighs wide, telling
    Ricky to tongue her wet pussy. He was a fantastic
    pussy eater and soon Barb came, pulling his head hard
    against her crotch and grinding her pussy into his

    When she recovered, Ricky got up, went over to his
    pants and pulled out a rubber. Barb begged him not to
    wear it. As Ricky hesitated, Barb told him that since
    she was married, she was on the pill and like her
    lovers to use a condom.

    Ricky threw the rubber down and climbed onto the bed
    with her. Barb opened her legs, allowing him to enter
    her. He drove his hard penis into her very wet,
    fertile pussy all the way to his balls, then began to
    pump his shaft into her hard and deep!

    After a moment, Ricky placed her ankles on his
    shoulders, allowing him to probe her even deeper. Barb
    felt like a total slut for letting some stranger (and a
    black stranger at that) fuck her. Not only fuck her,
    but also allow him the chance to fertilize her eggs and
    carry his black baby. Just the thought of that made
    her cum again.

    Ricky continued to pound away, telling her he hoped her
    pills were extra strong ones because he was about to
    deposit a huge load of sperm deep in her cunt.

    Not long after that, Ricky slammed his cock as deeply
    into her as possible, his body tensed as she felt the
    head of his cock begin to jerk and pulse. Barb swore
    she could feel every jet of his sperm striking her
    cervix, wondering if he would be the one to knock her

    Finally Ricky finished and her pulled out of her. As
    Ricky rolled over onto his side and fell asleep, Barb
    instinctively pulled her knees up to her chest in order
    to keep as much of his cum in her pussy as she could.

    After about 30 minutes, Barb gathered her clothes and
    left the motel room. She found Tom parked close by and
    got into the car.

    "Are you ok?" Tom asked.

    "Oh, Yes!" she said. "Would you like to fuck me now as
    well?" she grinned.

    Tom only smiled as they pulled out of the motel parking

    The End...
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    Taboo (MF, intr, cons)
    By Jeff (

    A young Black boy selling magazines for school -- coming
    of age.

    Although it was not early morning, it was not late either
    when Elaine heard the doorbell ring. This was a very nice
    upscale neighborhood, gated and secure. Therefore she
    wondered, who could be at the door, she was not expecting
    anyone. And she was basically naked under her robe.
    Elaine had just placed her coffee cup in the sink and was
    on her way into the shower when the doorbell rang.

    Thinking to herself that nobody other than a neighbor
    lady could be at her door, Elaine decided to answer it,
    just in case one of her friends needed something. Moving
    quickly through the living room to the huge foyer, Elaine
    paused only briefly before opening the door without
    peeking through the peep site.

    There at the entry was a young man, maybe sixteen years
    old at most, he was well dressed and looked very clean
    cut, but he was black, very black. He was medium height,
    well built, maybe a football player type, and dressed in
    today's bright baggy shorts with matching blue and golf
    top, you know, that shinny stuff.

    Trying not to look startled, Elaine greeted the young
    visitor with a polite "Yes, may I help you".

    Immediately the young man began what seemed like a canned
    presentation, "Hello, my name is ___ (That went past
    Elaine too fast for her to remember it), and I am from
    ___ High School (again, too fast for the startled
    housewife to catch), and we are selling magazines in the
    area to raise funds for the new uniforms needed by the
    football team. Would you allow me to show you a few the
    excellent selections we have available ___"

    "Whoo, stop!" Elaine thought, telling the boy, "I am busy
    right now with a phone call and getting ready to go out."

    "No problem," the young man relied, "We are in the area
    all day, can I return later and show you the selections

    Caught by surprise and totally off guard, Elaine jumped
    at this immediate escape. "That would be fine", she said
    as she quickly but politely closed the door and turned to
    go in the direction of her shower.

    How could they get past the gatehouse, soliciting was not
    allowed in this neighborhood. They has built the house
    and moved her three years ago when John became a senior
    partner in the firm. It was a grand house that had taken
    just over three hundred and fifty thousand dollars to
    build, and would sell in today's market at well over Four
    hundred thousand. It was perfect for her, they were one
    of the first to purchase in the community when it opened
    and got the best lot in the place. Wooded on the sides,
    set back farther than the rest on a beautiful preserve
    that afforded complete privacy in the back yard.

    Now that both the kids were grown and off to college, she
    and John had come to really enjoy the privacy. After all,
    Elaine was just 39, and John was seven years older, they
    had married while John was finishing college and had
    their son right away and their daughter just over a year
    after. Now the boy was almost 20 and her daughter a
    freshman in State College at 18 they were going to enjoy

    John had really played up the new lifestyle, and the kids
    were both a little startled when they visited this summer
    and found the signs posted on the pool enclosure doors
    and on the porch that said "Nude Beach", "Clothes not
    allowed", and "No Bathing suits permitted". It had been
    his joke, but as it turned out, it had become a lifestyle
    they really did enjoy.

    John was talking about selling and moving into the newest
    upscale enclave but Elaine was happy as a clam right
    here, and had been able to talk him out of that for now.
    So, Elaine put all of these thoughts behind her and
    headed off into the mater suite to take a long hot
    shower. She laughed a little at the idea because she was
    just going to end up sunbathing around the pool anyway.
    This was scheduled to be a relaxing day without any
    hustle and bustle or running around.

    That is exactly what Elaine did, the long shower, and
    lazy time watching part of a movie or two on cable and a
    light lunch before she made her way out to the pool early
    afternoon. She planned to spend the entire afternoon
    working on her all over tan, and with a picture of fresh
    lemonade with her, she adjusted her favorite chase lounge
    in the sunniest spot of the pool deck, just off the
    covered porch area and stripped her cover-up off and laid
    down in the sun.

    As the afternoon passed, Elaine adjusted herself, rolled
    over several times and kept her perfect tan even all
    over, yet she dozed off from time to time and just
    generally enjoyed the life of leisure today. That was not
    always the case. With John a senior partner in one of the
    area's biggest law firms and socially active, she had
    lots of volunteer work and mixing to keep her busy most
    of the time. Today was unusual and she was really
    enjoying it.

    Her mind was adrift in dreamland as she dozed off and on
    this afternoon, and she found her dreams focused on the
    sensual side of life's pleasures. It had been a long time
    since she and John had had any physical contact to speak
    of, although they both enjoyed the privacy of the back
    yard and pool area, john seemed to have lost interest in
    Elaine for the past few months. It was not unusual, in
    fact Elaine was sure John might be off on one his flings.
    She had tolerated two in the past after he confessed and
    tried to redeem himself. Elaine herself had been faithful
    always, in fact a virgin when they met, john was the only
    man Elaine had ever been with. That did not stop her mind
    from fantasizing now and then, and today seemed to be one
    of those days.

    Elaine heard something as she drifted in and out sleep,
    right in the middle of an especially good dream series.
    She tried to focus, but still in half slumber it was hard
    to decide if she was dreaming or actually hearing
    anything in the real world. Lifting her head slightly,
    Elaine began to come to the realization that someone was
    shouting at her.

    As she raised her head she saw the shadowy figure
    standing just next to the hedges by one of the doors to
    the pool enclosure. As she came to full consciousness,
    Elaine realized it was the young boy that had been at the
    front door earlier in the day.

    "Ma'am, hello Ma'am" he said as he stood by the screen
    door. "You told me to come back later Ma'am, and I could
    show a selection of magazines we offer".

    "Yes, yes I did didn't I" she managed to mumble out as he
    took this as an invitation to approach. The boy opened
    the screen door and began to walk toward Elaine, saying
    he had rang the doorbell but nobody answered. Then at
    about 5 feet from her, he stopped dead in his tracks,
    frozen like a deer caught in the headlights of an
    approaching car. He had just noticed as he got close to
    her, that Elaine was naked on the chase. From his
    approach it was not possible to know that until this

    Elaine realized at that moment what was happening, and
    began to smile to herself. She had always been a little
    wicked, a little bit of a tease and temptress. She never
    quite knew how she always managed to keep out of big
    trouble. Ever since she was a little girl she always was
    quick to take advantage of a situation, a little tempted
    to push fate and challenge the norm.

    "Sorry, Ma'am," the boy sputtered. "I did not know you
    were n,n,naked?"

    Elaine raised up on her forearms a little. Not enough to
    expose her nipples but enough to give a nice view of some
    breast meat, and challenged the startled young man. She
    thought he looked pale even though he was deep, deep
    black in his skin tone. The darkest black she could ever
    recall, yet his features were very much subtle and almost
    Caucasian like.

    "What's wrong, son? Have you never seen a white woman
    naked before?

    "N-no Ma'am, I ain't never seen no woman naked," he
    sputtered with some visual difficulty and discomfort. He
    was actually scared to death at this moment.

    "No woman"? Elaine questioned. "You mean you are virgin
    in body and eyes?

    "Yes, Ma'am," he responded.

    "Well it is not that big of a deal," Elaine went on as
    she now decided to tease this young boy unmercifully.
    "Now come here and show me those magazines."

    "But, Ma'am, he protested. You are naked".

    "That's alright son, it is the rules of this house" she
    teasingly went on, as she remembered the signs John had
    installed on the gates and the porch. Pointing to the
    sign on the porch that said "No Clothes zone" right next
    to the sign he had stolen from a community pool with
    official pool rules on it.

    Elaine was having a ball at the boy's expense and she
    knew it. He was so uncomfortable she thought he would
    soon pee his pants any minute. So she lifted herself up
    just ever so slightly, exposing the brown areola of one
    nipple to his virgin eyes. He stopped and began to
    fumble in the case he was carrying, and she smiled at him
    as he tried to maintain his composure and still function
    in the situation he had stumbled into. Elaine on the
    other hand was no getting very excited at this little
    game. She had trapped this young man and was now going to
    play with him like a cat plays with a mouse.

    He seemed to be regaining some composure as he began to
    lift out a few of the catalogues for her to review, and
    even did not seem to hesitate as he leaned forward to
    offer Elaine one of them. She reached out for it,
    completely exposing one breast to his full view. When it
    seemed to Elaine that he was not as flustered as he had
    been now that he was concentrating on his sales pitch
    again she decided to raise the steaks a bit.

    "Don't forget the house rules," she advised him as she
    glanced down at the cover of the first catalogue.

    "Pardon Ma'am", he stuttered.

    Without even looking up, Elaine pointed to the sign on
    the wall of the porch. "Those Rules" she said.

    Looking at the sign that read in large block letters, "No
    Clothes Zone" the young man seemed to turn pale once

    With a smile under her gaze, Elaine said "Rules are
    rules, son and they apply to everyone here."

    Cautiously, as if not sure he would live through the rest
    of the afternoon, the young black boy began to lift up
    his shirt exposing a very well developed muscular chest
    for a lad of sixteen. Elaine went as flush as the young
    man had been as she watched his muscles flex as he lifted
    the shirt over his head, and the dark blackness of his
    skin contrasted the rippling flesh as Elaine had never
    before witnessed. This was a taboo, a young boy
    undressing in front of her, her naked on the chase, still
    not exposed, and besides the taboo of her being with a
    young school boy, this one was black as the ace of spades
    too. But she had started this game and Elaine was not
    one to back away from a little wickedness.

    He stood there now, topless, looking like a black Greek
    god, all rippled with muscles and tight young flesh.
    Elaine was now the one getting flustered. "No Clothes
    Zone", Elaine stammered out with slightly broken tones,
    placing the emphasis on the NO part of the sign. She had
    already seen the front of those shiny loose fitting nylon
    baggy shorts start to tent out a bit and knew she had now
    gotten this young black man aroused and was really going
    to play with him now.

    The young man looked like he had been run over by a truck
    as he stood there motionless and shaking with either fear
    or excitement, Elaine did not know which. After a long,
    uncomfortable silence, he slowly raised his hands to the
    waistband of his bright colored sports shorts, pausing to
    get his thumbs under the band and the band of his boxer
    shorts at the same time. Elaine's breath stopped as she
    began to realize he was actually going to comply with her
    directions, and she now had no idea of how this had gone
    so far. She was a tease, a playful and mildly wicked
    lady, but had never considered anything so taboo as her
    actions this afternoon.

    Then as she watched, the young black boy pressed his
    hands downward, shedding his shorts, boxers and stepping
    out of then in one swift, nonstop motion. This brought
    him another step closer to Elaine and she gasped audibly
    as her eyes took in the total nakedness of this fine
    tuned athlete. She could not believe that a 16-year-old
    boy could have such a large cock. It was larger than
    John's, and this boy still had some time to grow.

    The jet-black cock stood almost straight out from his
    groin and throbbed noticeably as he stood there. Elaine
    could see it grow in length and thickness as it continued
    to extend upward from the straight out position she had
    first seen it in. She was amazed, he was not yet
    completely erect and her eyes glazed over at the sight.

    Lifting herself up on both arms, and exposing both
    breasts to the young man's view, she struggled to regain
    some composure. Then spoke, "That's better" she
    exclaimed, as she tried to turn her attention to the
    catalogue again. Elaine sat up now, and spun around on
    the chase, facing away form the from the young man
    standing naked on her pool deck. She motioned for him to
    come around and bring the other catalogue.

    The young man complied and delivered the catalogue to
    her. Now standing at the foot of the chase lounge. Elaine
    had sat up in such a way to leave her uncomfortable in
    the position, and to stabilize herself she needed to open
    her legs and place one foot on either side of the lounge.
    Knowing this would give the young black boy a very good
    view of her most personal parts both excited her and gave
    her some concern. But the pure wickedness of the taboo
    encounter now almost totally consumed the beautiful
    housewife. And beautiful she was, at 39 Elaine was one of
    the most attractive ladies in this neighborhood. She had
    maintained a firm figure through a very well balanced
    exercise program at the YMCA and looked younger and
    firmer than her 39 years. Her shoulder length blond hair,
    36C cup figure turned many heads in the restaurants
    around here as well.

    While she looked over the magazine catalogues she kept
    glancing up over the top to see how this was affecting
    the young black boy. She was mesmerized by her effect on
    him, his cock now stood almost vertical, throbbed
    visibly, and she could see the blood veins bulging out
    the entire length of this huge cock. He had reached a
    full erection at this point and Elaine tore her eyes away
    form the throbbing cock long enough to glance up at his
    face. She noticed his eyes were now fixed on her neatly
    trimmed pussy that was spread open between her spread
    legs, just enough for him to see the pinkness of her

    The wickedness of this absolutely taboo situation was
    beginning to totally consume Elaine. An adulterous fling
    with a schoolboy, with athletic body of steel, and a
    black boy at that. The sensation of risk, exploration,
    and adventure swooned in Elaine head as she watched the
    black cock throb, and ooze precum form its massive head.
    She left the catalogues drop to the pool deck and looked
    at the black young man, now trembling as he stood looking
    between Elaine's legs.

    Glancing at the discarded shorts, Elaine asked the young
    black if had a condom with him. He stuttered and replied,
    "N-n-no Ma'am, I have never thought about one, and don't
    know where to get them."

    This presented a problem for Elaine, First: She was not
    on birth control, John had gotten a vasectomy shortly
    after their daughter was born, some 17 years ago,
    therefore there were no condoms in the house, and
    Secondly: This made the risk of this taboo even more

    "You will have to be very careful, young man, Elaine
    whispered, do you understand"? As she began to do the
    math in her head, waiting for his promise to be careful.
    The number 13 came up twice as she counted the days, and
    yes, she did recall that telltale sign this morning, of
    the slightly thick discharge. She was in fact mid-cycle
    and ovulating at this very moment. Perhaps that is why
    she was so intent on playing this game. Elaine had
    always been a risk taker and a gambler. That is why John
    had opted for the vasectomy so many years ago. They had
    both known that if given the opportunity, Elaine would
    always allow biological instinct to overpower her
    reasoning. And now, here she was, the ultimate taboo
    facing here and her own personality, and urges working
    against her.

    "Yes, Ma'am, I understand" came the reply.

    Like a snowball rolling down the mountainside, this
    situation was now gaining momentum faster than either of
    them could ever hope to control it. Elaine leaned back
    on the chase as she watched the young black boy step
    towards her. She was already completely vulnerable and
    exposed, yet she spread herself more open as he presses
    first one knee then a second on the cushion of the chase
    lounge. This taboo had been sending so much electricity
    to her brain, Elaine found herself so wet between the
    legs that she was actually dripping. This had never
    happened before, most of the time John needed to eat her
    out to get even close to this wet, she was surely ready
    as the young man slowly moved up between her legs to her
    receptive and waiting cunt.

    Her back now rested on the slightly elevated backrest of
    the chase and she watch in fascination at the event
    unfolding before her eyes. The dark rippled stomach moved
    with his deep breathing and his throbbing cock as black
    as the night, seemed to drool as he approached her
    opening. Then he paused, and she could tell he was now
    beyond any experience he had even been in before, this
    virgin young man did not know what to do. Elaine reached
    out and took the throbbing cock in her hand to guide it
    the last few inches. It was flame hot and throbbed as she
    drew him to her.

    The heat of the pulsing head was like hot branding iron,
    as she stroked the massive head between her cunt-lips for
    lubrication, and then held the huge cock still with the
    head parting her moist pussy lips open as she waited to
    see how this young black stud would handle his fist fuck.
    The wait was almost non-existent as he lunged once,
    sending the head and one third of his throbbing cock
    piercing into her overheated cunt. Elaine gasp, as he
    moaned out softly before pulling back and the driving the
    shaft of his pulsing phallic deep inside of her. She felt
    filled beyond anything she had ever before known. No
    pain, but a pressure like she had never dreams as her
    spread her cunt open beyond where it had been other than
    childbirth. His powerful lung sent the throbbing head
    pounding into Elaine's cervix, a feeling she was not
    accustomed to feeling. His balls slapped against her
    tight ass cheeks and she gasp out again as her body
    responded to the magnificent sensation that was rapidly
    overpowering her senses.

    Lifting her head, and looking down between her widely
    splayed legs, Elaine's brain joined in the overwhelming
    sensation overload. She saw the deep contrast of the jet
    black young boy, his black marble cock plunged into her
    cunt, shiny with her own juices and his muscular flat
    stomach slam against her white belly and she shook with
    pre orgasmic excitement. One more down thrust and the
    virgin black stud in training began to shake as well.

    Elaine looked up into his deep brown eyes and saw them
    widen as large a saucers, his back arched a bit and he
    tensed as a low guttural moan emitted from his throat.
    Elaine had never been with a virgin male before; in fact
    John was the only other cock to have ever penetrated her
    now flaming cunt. Since John was seven years older and
    had quite a bit of experience before her, Elaine had not
    known what to expect from her young virgin Instantly
    Elaine knew she had miscalculated, the risk was too great
    and she was about to pay the price that was not sure was
    worth the pleasure in this taboo game. Her mind raced to
    find a solution, but she knew that she was within one or
    two heartbeats of committing the ultimate taboo. His body
    tensed, she felt the well know precum expansion of his
    throbbing cock, then the first involuntary contraction of
    his athletic muscle structure, followed by the
    unmistakable super massive throb of his pulsing cock as
    Elaine felt the hot blast of his sperm laden cum splash
    on her cervix.

    Gasping in her own sensations she now was in a race with
    the two halves of her brain, her body the prize for the
    winner. The logical left brain told her there was still
    a chance to survive. She recalled the things she had
    taught her daughter, the first spurt was weaker than next
    few, it would be the pre load, containing live sperm for
    sure, but maybe only 100,000 to 200,000 sperm cells. She
    could pull her hips down, force his throbbing cock out of
    her spasming cunt let the next few spurts flood the outer
    lips of her cunt and still not conceive. The right brain,
    emotional and creative raced along at top speed, the
    instinct side. It cried out to have her thrust her hips
    upward against the invading but welcome cock, to place
    her cervix directly in the path of the spewing fountain
    and take as many virile, live sperm cells as she could
    collect. To let her senses go, to release into pure
    blissful orgasmic delight and drive hard onto her lover
    cock to surrender completely to the urge to reproduce

    The brain being the most powerful sex organ the body has,
    Elaine was in deep trouble. The right brain was not
    waiting for her answer like the left, logical side, and
    it was so far ahead in the race, she had no chance at
    all. Gasping for breath herself, Elaine lunged upward
    against her lover's attempted retreat, lifted her right
    leg off the floor, wrapped it around the black boys
    thighs, shook violently as she entered orgasm and waited
    for his surrender to her demand. He responded instantly,
    plunging his throbbing cock back into her convulsing
    cunt, before the second contraction hit him.

    His cockhead smashed against Elaine's cervix, he drove
    powerfully to hold himself in that position, as his young
    body shook and convulsed with Elaine's and he sent the
    second, powerful stream of his load blasting into her
    inviting cunt.

    "Oh Yes," she cried out "another 500,000 sperm" Lifting
    her hips to make sure she was positioned properly to
    receive his gift.

    Then three hard withdrawals followed by three powerful
    downstrokes and he let go the third powerful ejaculatory
    spurts. At this point, the African stud took his place in
    the chain of life, he drove hard held perfectly still, as
    did Elaine, now fully surrendered to her fate and
    continued to pump the rest of his cum load deep into
    Elaine's now, willing cunt. Still in an orgasmic state,
    Elaine held still with him and bask in the sensation of
    his spewing cock as she silently counted his pumping
    contractions. Seven then eight and finally nine, she
    counted. She calculated the sperm count by the huge
    number of contractions and thrusts until she was sure he
    had successfully deposited at least two million or more
    of his genetically marked sperm cells deep inside her
    willing belly.

    He stood up quickly as he began to realize his violation
    of his promise. His cock, still hard and throbbing, he
    caused several string like ribbons of cum to splatter
    across Elaine's belly and thighs. He stood silently
    looking down at his conquest, his first fuck -- the one
    he would remember forever. Elaine also regain herself
    from the rapture of his pleasure giving conquest stood up
    at the end of the chase.

    Her left brain now crossing the finish line far behind
    the right brain, she began to logically contemplate how
    to resolve the problem she had created. She stood, very
    still, and figured she would have to allow gravity to
    work on his seed. There was no spermacide in the house,
    her douche bag long ago discarded she had little other
    options available. She looked at her young black lover
    standing there his limp cock now drooling on the pool
    deck the last few drops of his ejaculation that had clung
    to him as he withdrew. She smiled, but turned away as she
    spread her legs apart 24 inches or so and let the cool
    liquid run out of her still spasming cunt and down the
    inside of her shapely tanned thighs.

    Every now and then Elaine would bed at the waist and
    smooth the liquid running down her thigh around some. Not
    to play with his cum, but the discomfort or tickling of
    the cum running down her inner thigh was too much to
    withstand. Each time she did this she knew she gave her
    black young stud a grand view of her ass, but at this
    point he had already had more of her than any other
    person on earth, except John. So it did make sense for
    her be modest about this, and besides after years of
    marriage she expected the male to be content and

    Still, the female of the species, she remained in high
    arousal long after the ejaculation of the male's offering
    was past and like most the urge to be complete remained
    with her. She reached down one more time to smooth the
    semen on the skin of her inner thigh, and noticed the
    huge black feet of her young lover were now closer than
    the last glance, she bent further over and saw him hold
    his half erect cock in his hand, admiring her ass. Elaine
    smiled inwardly and parted her legs just a little farther
    apart, as she bent over a little more. She now knew she
    exposed more than her ass, that at this position she was
    showing him the white puffy lips of her still pulsing

    He shuffled his feet and stepped up closer. Elaine bent
    completely over, thankful for her years of workout in the
    Gym, she grabbed her ankles and braced herself as she
    watched him step forward his cock growing into the
    massive fuck tool she could not resist and waited for him
    to send it home. The wait was almost non existent as she
    felt him press the cock head between her cunt lips just
    as she had done for him the first time. He drove hard and
    sent the entire length of his growing and throbbing cock
    deep into her welcoming cunt. Elaine gasp out in pure
    delight as the lightning bolts of pleasure assaulted her
    brain at the same instant that his cockhead slammed into
    her still sensitive cervix. He drove hard and long until
    she was moaning out with each powerful thrust.

    Elaine had not been fucked twice in one week, let along
    one day in years and her body was more than ready for
    this wonderful assault. She almost screamed out in
    pleasure as the first in a series of orgasms struck her
    without warning. Her knees buckled and she would have
    fallen to the pool deck if not for the strength of her
    Black lover. He held Elaine at the hips, keeping her open
    and bent in half, driving his throbbing cock deeper into
    her with each powerful thrust until he too could hold out
    no longer. She felt him tense as he drove the last two
    deep thrusts, then his explosion rocked Elaine's senses.
    She cried out as she felt the pumping cock spew it's
    virile load into her waiting cunt. Her young black stud
    sent more sperm filled cum into her on his second
    ejaculation in a half-hour, than John could have on his
    biggest cum. She was wild with the feeling of complete
    surrender and counted in her head another one or even two
    million tiny black sperm cells as the young black boy
    began to set her down on the chase, his legs now too weak
    to support then, his load now spent.

    Both exhausted, they lay piled one atop the other for
    several minutes. Elaine was buried under the young black
    athlete and yet she felt content and comfortable. His
    breathing slowly returned to normal and still not a word
    was spoken. As time passed the young boy sat up at the
    end of the chase, allowing Elaine some freedom of
    movement. The seamen and cunt juices of her own body
    flowed from her stretched pussy and she lay on her side
    watching the black body sitting with her on the chase
    recover. The muscled chest, the biceps, the perfect
    muscle tone of this finely trained young athlete clearly
    showed as Elaine admired her young black stud. She
    thought to herself what it would be like to bear the
    bastard baby of this powerful young black teen, her cunt
    filled with his black man seed twice now in the last forty-
    five minutes, her period mid cycle and her uterus ready
    to receive a fertilized egg, the chances were far too
    great to overlook and she admired the ebony young body
    that may closely show what is in her future.

    As she gazed at the young black stud, Elaine moved her
    hand across the tense muscled thigh, as he sat
    motionless. Her fingers brushed the steel wool like hair
    of his pubic region and then lightly across the thick
    black flesh of his young and gorgeous cock. Elaine was
    amazed and mesmerized at the response. His cock throbbed
    and grew instantly at her touch. She marveled at the
    reaction. This young virgin teen had fucked her twice in
    the inside the last hour, to powerful and complete
    ejaculation and still his cock responded like her
    husbands if he had not seen a woman in months. The joy of
    youth brought a smile to her face as she continued to
    work her young lover's cock to full erection.

    Gently, but with resolve, Elaine pulled the young black
    teen toward her, she had not given John a blow job in a
    year and had lost interest, but wanted to taste this
    young black boys cum, to know the taste of the thick
    white cum that now filled her cunt, and she worked the
    young black to his feet and in front of her. He had no
    idea what was to happen or what to expect, yet he allowed
    Elaine to maneuver him into a position in front of her as
    she sat up on the chase. She leaned forward flicked her
    tongue across the throbbing head of his cock, eliciting a
    low moan from deep within him. She tasted the first of
    his sperm filled cum as she drew the entire head into her
    mouth, drain the pre cum that had formed in the slit of
    his cockhead, and savoring the telltale flavor of his two
    ejaculations deep within her. Her own juices had mixed
    with his and the powerful taste was awesome, and she
    quivered with delight at her new discovery. He tasted
    wonderful, nothing like her husband, and nothing like she
    would expect a black man to taste. He was salty, yes, but
    sweet at the same time and worked the shaft deep into her
    mouth, sending waves of pleasure crashing through both
    his body and hers.

    The black cock throbbed in mouth as her tongue worked
    around the head and shaft as she worked the entire length
    of his large cock. Yes he was large, more than John, and
    yes she had heard that about black cock and yes she
    agreed... Black cock is wonderful, a taboo that sends
    shockwaves through the body of a conservative white
    woman. And Elaine knew she had danced with the devil. Her
    sin was now complete, she had committed adultery for the
    first time, she had fucked a black man, she had allowed his
    seed find her womb, she had taken his sperm unprotected
    into her cunt, and now she worked to the final taboo, to
    have the young black stud fill her mouth with his cum.
    Elaine quivered once and started into her own self
    induced orgasm.

    As she recovered from the orgasmic bliss she had brought
    upon herself, Elaine found herself now the passive
    partner, The young black boy now held her head in his
    powerful hands and his hips rocked as he drove his
    swollen cock into her mouth and throat. He was virgin
    when he stepped onto the lanai deck but he was now fully
    in charge of the mating game. He was taking control and
    learned fast to give in to nature's instincts.

    Elaine was ready, she sucked the huge throbbing cock in
    her attempt to get the young stud to explode in her
    mouth, he was now beginning to work himself not a sweat,
    and the aroma of his labor and their sex filled her
    nostrils and the entire lanai area. She could hardly wait
    for him as she gasp out with his powerful lunges into her
    mouth, and her own orgasmic state continued to build
    within her.

    Then just as Elaine thought she would receive the prize
    she sought, he stopped and pulled back, his cock popping
    suddenly form her mouth, lines of pre-cum and saliva
    flying as he pulled away.

    "I'm ready", he said in a low whisper.

    Elaine looked up at the tall figure of the black Adonis,
    his throbbing cock saluting her at full staff. "Wwaht"
    was all she could get out.

    "I'm ready to cum", he said, lay down and spread yourself
    open for me".

    Looking puzzled, Elaine gazed into the dark brown eyes of
    her young stud. He was serious, he knew what he was
    doing, she thought. He wanted to knock her up; he was
    going to make sure his black seed was planted in her
    fertile womb. He had figured her out and she would not
    deny him that right he demanded.

    Slowly, Elaine laid back on the chase, she spread her
    legs apart, placing one foot on either side of the chase
    and waited for her dark young lover to take what he now
    claimed as his. Motionless she lay, open and ready,
    waiting for the young black boy to take her.

    The wait was short, he positioned himself on the chase,
    between her lewdly spread legs and with one move to
    position himself for penetration, he lunged his hips
    forward and drove his throbbing cock deep inside Elaine's
    aching cunt. She gasp at the sudden and powerful plunge
    and heard him grunt as his pelvic bone slammed into
    hers'. She knew at that instant that this would not be
    gentle fuck, he was going to pound her, and she became
    even more excited at the total animalistic nature this
    was now taking.

    Supporting himself with his powerful arms placed on the
    chase aside Elaine's shoulders; the young ebony athlete
    began the final assault of the day. He plunged deep into
    her pulsing cunt over and over has his perfectly toned
    athletic body broke out into a sweat as the mid afternoon
    heat and the effort of his powerful fuck. Elaine lay
    motionless, completely helpless to anything but orgasm as
    the huge black cock took its measure of her over and
    over. The legs of the chaise bounced off the lanai deck
    as he pounded Elaine without mercy, it scooted around
    form the force of his powerful thrusts, which were
    transmitted through Elaine's passive body, to the frame
    of the chaise to the deck.

    Elaine lay there staring up into the dark brown eyes of
    his young stud as he fucked her far beyond anything
    Elaine had ever experienced. Her body quivered in
    constant orgasmic bliss, and the massive thrusts that
    brought loud grunts from the black animal atop her. Each
    thrust pounded their pelvic bones together and sent
    painful reminder to Elaine's numb brain of what was
    happening to her. She had, less than an hour ago, played
    a coy and dangerous game with a young black teenage
    virgin boy, and now was paying the price for her
    transgressions. The price was high, but worth all of it.
    The electric shockwaves that raced through Elaine's body
    were beyond her wildest dreams, imagination, or anything
    she had ever heard of. She was in another galaxy. Her
    body lay limp, experiencing every single feeling of this
    unmanageable fuck. She could actually feel the ridge of
    his cockhead rippling along the walls of her battered
    cunt, the head slam repeatedly into her now worn and
    dilated cervix, the huge black testicles tap against her
    moist and lewdly opened ass, and time seemed to stand
    still, as her mind moved in slow motion recording all of

    She could no longer moan or grunt, Elaine now only
    whimpered like and captured animal as she took the
    powerful fuck thrusts, that now seemed to but a blur,
    even in the slow motion of her numbed mind. Sweat poured
    from her young lover as he tried to bring himself to that
    place of no return, that pinnacle of pleasure that brings
    the final thrust and that unmatched burst of energy that
    sends a man seed deep into the waiting cunt of his mate.
    The sweat from his brow fall on her face, the liquid
    secretions poured from his powerful chest and dripped on
    her breasts, or ran down to his rippled stomach and
    pooled on her belly, as the sound of squishing filled the
    pool and lanai area, from his sweat being splattered from
    her body on each down thrust, and the two loads of his
    sticky cum being forced deeper into her quivering cunt or
    driven out around his thrusting cock as he pounded
    relentlessly now into her flaccid body.

    Elaine wondered if he had already spend the last of his
    thick white cum on his two earlier ejaculations and now
    pounded away at her fruitlessly in his youthful lust. Her
    husband, John could have never ejaculated three times in
    an hour, or even an afternoon in the prime of his youth,
    how could she expect this young, inexperienced stud to do
    better? She lay there now, taking his powerful thrusts in
    complete joy, wondering how long he would try to bring
    himself off in her, before giving up, or collapsing from
    exhaustion. In her orgasmic blissful state, completely
    surrendered and helpless under his forceful fuck, Elaine
    had no way of know that what the young black boy was
    doing was working his body to a full and complete state
    of perfection, and building within his testicles the
    single largest load of male sperm cells she could
    imagine. His prostate labored to produce the required
    amount of liquid semen he would need to empty his now
    heavy testicles of their life-giving gift, but would soon
    be ready to deliver.

    Still he pounded away at her, as Elaine's whimpers turned
    to a silent cry and her body melted into the submissive
    receptacle destiny demanded. She lay still, savoring
    every last bit of his force and power, feeling the sweat
    of his nearly exhausted body pour onto hers'. His thighs
    slapped wetly against her sweat covered inner thighs,
    their groins moist with sweat, lubrication, and earlier
    ejaculations emitted lewd sounds of his pounding fuck
    into her, and the odor of their combined mating filled
    the entire lanai area.

    "Soon", Elaine though, "soon he will collapse and be
    unable to continue". Her body now beyond the limits of
    endurance, she lay prostrate and in suspended animation.
    Her body shook with each powerful fuck force, and
    quivered from the constant state of orgasmic arousal that
    had now lasted almost twenty minutes. "This was unreal",
    she thought, "no man can last this long", as her cunt
    felt another powerful down thrust from her stud animal.
    Now beyond her own reasoning powers, Elaine began to
    think thoughts and words that would never come to her
    mind. "Boy, she thought to herself, "this young black man
    can fuck"! She looked down at the junction of their sex
    and gazed at he black man cock that slammed relentlessly
    into her, she shook at the sight and sounds of it, she
    looked up into his eyes as he labored to cum and urged
    him on. "If he only knew how many white women in this
    neighborhood, would die for some of his black man cock, she
    thought, he would be here selling magazines everyday".

    "Cum, she whispered to him, fill me with your black man
    seed". "Send me into the land of white women with black man
    babies". She called to him.

    His thrusting grew more urgent, even more forceful and
    savage than before. Maybe her words had enraged him, or
    driven him mad, she thought. Pain flashed through her
    body as his pelvic bone slammed into hers, the throbbing
    cock driving relentlessly against her battered and
    dilated cervix, Elaine lay completely helpless taking one
    powerful plunge of his black member after another, each
    driving the wind out of her lungs and forcing another
    whimper of submission.

    Then, suddenly without notice, the beautiful black beast
    atop Elaine shuddered, he arched his back driving his
    throbbing cock deep inside Elaine's surrendered cunt,
    plowing the pulsing head tight against her distended
    cervix and time stood still for Elaine. One quick flash
    of pain shot through her as she felt his last powerful
    thrust drive his pelvic bone against hers and hold
    himself perfectly still. She felt his testicles drawn up
    tight against the base of his ebony bone, smashed against
    her wet ass, and his buttocks tightened, his muscular
    thighs contracted in unison and his back arched that
    final bit, his groan filled the silence as Elaine used
    the last bit of energy to lift her hips upward, feel him
    grind against her pelvis, insure perfect alignment.

    Her expectations for him to be able to squirt a few drops
    of his seed juice because of his twice cum already were
    far from reality. Her young black stud had spent the
    better part of twenty minutes pounding his throbbing into
    her while he worked his testicles into a frenzy of
    activity and was about to let go a torrent of his liquid
    seed that would measure more than a half cup, better than
    4 liquid ounces would soon begin to blast into her
    waiting and fertile cunt with a force and velocity such
    as Elaine could have never imagined or dreamed.

    The find sound of his animal grunt indicated to Elaine
    that it was her time to receive him. As the clock stopped
    and in a surreal moment never to be forgotten, the
    unthinkable began. First she felt the glands of his
    cockhead expand, then the beginnings of a throb as the
    base filled with his massive ejaculation, then the full
    force of his cock expanding and the muscular contractions
    of all of the muscles in his tight young body sent the
    think white cum, filled with his genetic blueprint
    blasting into Elaine's cunt.

    A cry, a whimper and she received his precious gift,
    whispering softly "oooooh Gooooooood Yeeesssss"!

    A second spasm of his contorted body sent another
    powerful stream of his liquid seed blasting through his
    throbbing cock. Again Elaine felt every bit of the
    action, she could almost feel the blood pumping through
    his magnificent cock as the sperm filled her vagina, now
    in constant spasm of her never ending orgasmic state.

    He pulled back almost unreceptively, and drove deep into
    her once more. Another of her submissive and contended
    whimper accompanied the breath that was pushed from her
    lungs by his powerful thrust. She held herself still,
    opened as much as she could offer, pressed her hips tight
    against her forbidden lover and felt the expanding cock
    throb as another powerful, uncontrolled spasm sent a
    huge, thick stream of his ejaculation racing through his
    exploding cock. He had pressed down hard, she had lifted
    her hips the best angle she could offer and the alignment
    was a perfect as ant two mating animals could ever
    achieve. Perfection, only as God had made it was the
    result. The massive cock pressed the mushroom head firmly
    agents her cervix, her motionless surrender, made a tight
    seal and her final lifting of her hips had placed the
    tiny opening of her womb, and the tube running though her
    black lover's cock in perfect alignment. She could feel
    the power of this ejaculation build, the sperm filled cum
    move at lightning speed down the throbbing cock and then,
    as if in a different world, watching herself from above,
    the blast of cum poured into her womb like the rush of
    liquid from a fire hose, with an equal power. Elaine
    emitted a final sound, an almost inaudible
    "aaaaaaawwwwwwwweeeee" as the powerful ejaculation filled
    her, bypassing her cunt entirely. The deposit was
    directly into her womb, and the force of her black young
    stud's throbbing offering sent the semen rushing though
    her. The moment was burned into her memory for life, the
    feeling as his seed being forced into her womb, up her
    tubes seeking her fertile egg.

    Her dance with the devil was complete, her destiny
    sealed. Mid stream of this single blast form his erupting
    cock, one sperm cell, passing all others swimming in the
    sea of semen found the egg, drove past the wild frenzy of
    all other sperm cells deposited earlier, and penetrated
    the wall of Elaine's waiting egg, the two became one and
    a new life began that would change Elaine's forever. She
    felt it, she actually felt it, and she still lay there,
    open, pressing against her forbidden lover and bask in
    the wonder of his powerful virgin release. She now smiled
    inside, her heart pounding as he continued his release.

    He was only taking her for pleasure, he knew he was
    planting his seed, his cock knew, and he yet he
    continued. The massive ejaculation had done the job, but
    was yet, less than half over. Elaine remained in a state
    of suspended animation as the Black boy's cock throbbed a
    forth time, sending another stream of his thick white
    black man cum deep inside of her wanting cunt. The perfect
    alignment had been lost, the scalding liquid now flooded
    Elaine's cunt, her vaginal canal filled to capacity left
    no room for more cum, and the white sticky mess now pour
    out around the throbbing cock and down the crack of her

    The chaise lounge shook from the energy being expelled by
    the young black athlete, the center legs had already been
    bent from the merciless pounding he had given Elaine's
    cunt and body. He pulled back, drawing his steel hard
    shaft out for another relentless and powerful thrust, he
    was now an animal driving his genetic message home as far
    and deep as he could. She felt him lunge and another
    lightening bolt of pain shot through her as his pelvis
    slammed into her, and his cock throbbed again, his
    involuntary muscle contraction sent yet another huge
    stream of his youthful load blasting into Elaine's pussy.
    She felt the entire action, counted a fifth, then sixth
    throb of his magnificent cock as the torrent of his cum
    continued to flood her overflowing cunt.

    Her state of suspend animations seemed to now start to
    fade, her senses returning slowly as she felt and counted
    the seventh and eighth powerful throbs send even more of
    his sperm filled cum deep inside of her. She could feel
    him start to quiver, his arms quake with his exhaustion
    as his body went into spasm again, sending the ninth and
    tenth flooding squirts of his ejaculation splashing off
    of Elaine's cervix. As she felt the pumping cock spasm he
    collapsed onto p of her exhausted body. Sweat beads
    splashed all around the chaise, as his spent body made a
    lewd squishing sound the final cum mixing with his sweat
    as he completely relaxed atop his conquest.

    Elaine marveled at her total contentment at her
    outrageous behavior. She lay totally surrendered to her
    young black lover, her cunt contracting uncontrollable on
    his still rigid cock, as she milked every last drop of
    his boy cum from his spent cock and deflating testicles.
    His breath coming in labored gasps, she used the very
    last of her abating strength to raise her legs and wrap
    around his exhausted thighs as she took the very last
    measure of him. The aroma of their combined sex filled
    the entire pool area, as she lay motionless beneath him.

    Minutes passed, as he lay exhausted atop her, until
    finally the slightest movement as he began to regain
    control of his young athletic body. Hesitantly, Elaine
    released her grip with her legs around him so he could
    lift himself up. She gazed the huge contrast of their
    skin as he rose slowly. He paused and gazed deeply into
    her eyes, she looked back with a smile of acknowledgement
    of his conquest. He rose, and Elaine found herself
    grabbing his limp manhood and drawing him to her. She
    took the soft spent member to her lips, and as she had
    never before done in her entire, she began to clean their
    combined love from him. She took the entire length into
    her mouth and savored the taste as he slowly pulled away,
    stood silently, and in less than a few seconds had
    dressed and departed without a word spoken between them.
    He had come her a young virgin black man boy, and left as a
    Black man of stature and the father of her baby. It was
    a noticeable transition, Elaine thought as she watched
    him leave.

    Time seemed to pause, as Elaine lay on her bent chaise
    lounge, stunned at her own action, yet more content and
    satisfied than she could ever remember. The aroma
    lingered on long after the young black boy, whose name
    she did not know, whose school was a mystery to her, and
    savored the fuck of a lifetime. She made mental note so
    she would never forget this day, but it was of no use,
    this day would never be forgotten, his seed grew within
    her now and she would have a reminder of this day for the
    rest of her life.

    As she lay so content and filled with sensations, Elaine
    suddenly realized that was laying still, hips raised,
    subconsciously making sure none of the precious black
    seed was denied the opportunity to impregnate her. A
    smile crept across her lips and she knew it was already
    past that point. She had crossed the line, gone far
    beyond what she had ever considered herself capable of,
    she had committed adultery, cheated on her husband for
    the only time in her life, taken an underage lover, and
    slept with a black man, and now was going to have a black
    baby. Life was good, and she closed her eyes and slept
    away the rest of the lazy afternoon.

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    Thanks to the original poster
    A Tricked Wife
    AUTHOR Cuckster
    CODES MF, Interr, Impreg, Reluc
    DISCLAIMER:- The following text is sexually explicit and contains depictions of sexual acts that have been classified by the surgeon general as potentially dangerous and unhealthy. You must be a broad minded adult to read the text, and you must not make this text available to minors or to any person who does not wish to view it. Unprotected sexual relations with unknown partners is hazardous and we urge the use of condoms and safe sex at all times.

    I wrote this story under another pen name and had posted it on darkwanderer site a while back. I am wanting to post all my stories here as they deal mostly with impregnation.

    To start with, my husband tricked me into this pregnancy. His damned obsession with me cuckolding him. I love my husband very much and did want to please him but where do you draw the line? My waist size I suppose is the final line.

    A former size 6 at 5' 4" with long flowing sandy blonde hair and green eyes. my legs are long and slender with a nice golden tan. I have very ample breasts at 36c, they are quite ripe and now they are 37d with all this extra weight i.e. milk making.

    My story starts 6 months ago when my hubby wanted me to get pregnant. I have always told him I would never consent to having kids. That devious little cuckie of mine..... he pandered to me and begged and did all the things a woman loves for her man to do. I figured "well if you will shut up about it I might try it". It worked, and he left me alone for about 2 weeks then I gave in and said just this once and thats it - and to never ask again. he was overjoyed with my acceptance.

    I made out by getting to buy a whole new wardrobe. Actually I had to buy 2 wardrobes, maternity being the other. The plan was set for me to go out on Tuesday nite. I didn't know why then but I do now. He had been charting my periods and had been feeling my head for temperature. For 3 days he kept saying I looked flush and asking if I felt ok.

    I told him I was fine and to just leave me alone but he insisted on taking my temperature and feeling my lower sides and asked me if that hurt or was sore. I had no idea he was checking for signs of ovulation in me. The cad! So I went out on Tuesday dressed to kill in my new red dress and red panties. Hubby was all worked up saying he was sure I would be making love tonight. All I could think about was getting it over with.

    I warned him don't be so happy because I wont do this again it's a one off deal and I'll make you pay for your fantasy and all he could do was smile. I went to a bar not far from town checking out the meat at Hahira. I should have called them breeders or studs. I was chatted up many times and danced with many men but I was tipsy from all the free drinks that evening, and a black man asked me to dance with him. He was very nice, not too pushy and was very considerate to my tipsy state, but how passionate he was on the dance floor! Easing me back against his arm in a dip and then whirling me to the side during a fast song. Then during a slow dance he gently pulled me tight and I could feel the bulge of his cock rubbing deeply into my belly. His hands fell to my curvaceous ass and pulled me into that big hunk of meat. Wait a minute am I really going to do this? I thought, not sure of anything. My hubby at home waiting in our closet the thought burned me up. I'll show him! A!
    nd besides I was very aroused by the size of that black cock and my hub would surely fall apart if I fucked this black man. ahahaha the debt he would pay for his fantasy.

    I whisked my black lover to his feet and said lets go I want you now. he looked at me as if he were winning the prize cow at the fair. it was a short ride to the house we stopped at the door and kissed and hugged he fingered me with his large black hands thru my red clad panties. I was wet beyond belief. I was so horny and had been for 2 days. my side had been aching but that always happened about mid cycle for me. who knows just anther ache for a woman I suppose. I told my black lover to wait for a moment downstairs while I made myself ready and then to come up. I went straight to the bathroom and inserted my tube of spermacidal and went to the medicine cabinet for the condoms. I have never been on birth control and always make hubby wear these things. vie never had raw cock in my body before and I wanted to keep it that way. I called my lover to come upstairs. we hugged and fondled at the door just out of my hobbies site.

    I dropped my clothes and led my lover by the hands to the bed where I laid on my back and looked to the closet and told my hiding hubby sees what you get. my lover wasn't sure but I said shah and pointed to the closet. I then whispered my hubby is in there give him a show .. he went wild with kisses eating my cunt tonguing my mouth kissing my flat belly I was so damn horny I would have fucked anything.. I slowed him down long enough to hand him a rubber he stretched it on and it broke. that big black cock was just too big.. he tried another and it broke too. I asked him to be careful as I wasn't on the pill and then there was a moan from the closet.. aha hubby getting off as wiry takes bare cock. I shunned the moan from his hiding place off.

    Thinking only of that black cock and the fact I had spermicidal as a back up. our so I thought. my lover was very aggressive lunging forward to the hilt and he kept saying over and over how he would love to knock-up a beauty like me. he whispered don't you like to take chances I screamed noooooooooooo please don't I don't want a baby just fuck me. he did he fucked me so deep and the feelings on my body were on the edge of Cumming. his big balls kept dancing off my tanned thighs. my legs were putty I was Cumming. and then he did something that blew my mind and put me in my present state.

    He pulled my legs up so that I could see his big black cock going deep into my lower belly. I watched in awe as my belly button rose up and down as he pumped deep into me. I wrapped my legs around his back and told him begged him to shoot all his black demon seed into my belly and make me pregnant...I came and came the white sperm from his balls fired deep into my womb I could feel it and see his shaft and my belly flexing together with each rampant volley of cum forcing It's way into my very fertile womb. the site was magnificent surly I thought all girls must get off at the site of their first bare fuck.

    That shaft was hard still I pulled my lover to me bringing my legs up and knees bent in order to keep him there. I looked over at hubby and said you see I did it . now watch him take your wife again and see how his thick cock makes my tummy move as he fucks your wife. he drove in deep my legs still wrapped around his back I released for a moment so hubby could see him inseminate his wife again. my lover said as he put on his pants. you know I love the white ladies they are the best he looked at my pussy with his cum leaking from me and said I puts enough live seed in you to make twins I thinks... I only smiled.... he left and I went to the bathroom with sperm leaking from me everywhere. I only hoped the spermicidal was working... I yelled at my husband you dirty rotten bastard don't speak to me and don't bother wanting ass for some time.

    I was afraid I had to wait the next weeks to see if I were pregnant. I couldn't have my husband's seed in me not even a chance I had to know who knocked me up. all girls want to know that. hubby skimped around For weeks beating his meat. I awoke sick to my stomach a week overdue for my period when I feared the worse. I think hubby already knew he had bought me this skimpy maternity nightgown as a joke rubbing in an already bad scene.

    He had to know but I just shrugged it off and the morning sickness went away and then I was taking a shower and drying my hair. when I threw the towel up I was looking in the mirror and saw myself from a side view my flat stomach was slightly bulging. it had been 3 months since that niter and now I was sure. and wouldn't you know who was standing there looking as I stroked my belly hubby beating his meat and saying that black guy got you pregnant.

    For sure ass hole and he admitted his whole scheme to me while I cried and reassured him I still loved him.
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    Another of my stories posted to the newsgroups

    Knocking Up Trudy
    AUTHOR Jeepster
    CODES MF, Interr, Preg, Cuck
    DATE ADDED 24th January, 2004
    DISCLAIMER:- The following text is sexually explicit and contains depictions of sexual acts that have been classified by the surgeon general as potentially dangerous and unhealthy. You must be a broad minded adult to read the text, and you must not make this text available to minors or to any person who does not wish to view it. Unprotected sexual relations with unknown partners is hazardous and we urge the use of condoms and safe sex at all times.

    He wondered to himself why every time the telephone rang lately the
    person calling always hung up when he answered. Perhaps it was just
    coincidence that usually after one of these calls Trudi found some
    excuse to go out for awhile. Well Trudi and Jim were not having the
    best of times sexually lately,even though after 10 years together
    they decided a few months ago to go ahead and have children now that
    they are more able to afford them.

    But somehow even at the prospect of trying to have a baby, Trudi
    seemed a little distant and when time came for sex, it was the usual
    boring routine for Jim. When they decided it was time for her to
    have a baby she seemed thrilled at the prospect of throwing away
    those annoying birth control pills that always gave her unpleasant
    side effects. The first two months Trudi became much more interested
    in sex with Jim. Now it seemed like they are back to the usual
    routine ! of Jim rolling on top of Trudi and quickly getting on with
    the task of shooting his sperm in her,without the slightest worry on
    whether Trudi enjoyed it.

    Maybe after thinking about this awhile it all made sense to Jim.
    Trudi was obviously seeing another man,perhaps even having sex with
    him. One way to find out he thought to himself. As Jim remembered
    back to two days ago when the last time Trudi went out,he recalled
    how she came home quite late and went right to bed. Humm,Jim
    suddenly realized that Trudi had not as of yet done the weeks wash
    in the wash machine. So Jim reasoned that her panties she wore that
    night would surely tell him everything he needed to know. Trudi had
    not seen Jim peeking into the dressing room and seeing her put on
    those sexy black bikini panties. Jim recalled how they were so
    skimpy that they didn’t even begin to cover her furry blond bush. In
    fact he remembered that the sight of Trudi wearing that sexy outfit
    caused him to get an erection thinking ! that she would be hot for
    him that night.

    Jim went to the dirty clothes hamper to investigate the evidence.
    There buried down in the hamper he retrieved the items in question.
    As soon as he unravelled those panties it was immediately clear that
    Trudi did indeed have some kind of sexual relations that evening
    because the crotch was pasted with dried pussy cream and someone’s
    sperm. Not only was it obvious but looking at them now he had to
    wonder what a large amount of dried semen there was. Looking at
    himself in the wall mirror he was at a loss for feelings. Was he
    furious? No,but the emotion he was feeling at the moment was one of
    half sexual turn on and half a feeling of betrayel. Jim decided that
    he would somehow catch her in the act with this secret lover and
    then maybe talk some sense into her. After all,they were trying to
    have children,weren’t they? He went into the bedroom to look for any
    other clues to the identity of her lover. In the night stand drawer
    he found a small calender with red circles drawn for the days of one
    week of each month starting with last month and continueing ahead to
    three months in the future. Quite odd he thought. What happened one
    week a month where someone would single out only one week.

    Looking back to the previous month he realized that the week in
    question was the week that they had discussed as being Trudi’s most
    fertile time of her cycle and that was when they were supposed to
    try to have sex as frequent as possible. But they didn’t he
    remembered. As a matter of fact that week Trudi went out three
    nights in a row right in the middle of that week. Well then,Jim
    reasoned that Trudi and her secret lover must have been together
    then. He couldn’t believe Trudi would take a chance in having sex
    with someone else during this time.Even with them using protection
    they had to be aware of the fact that Trudi was not using birth
    control any longer,unless...........

    Of course Trudi was maybe trying to become pregnant with another
    man. The thought of that happening sent a chill down Jim’s spine.
    His wife willingly letting or even trying to get knocked up by her
    secret lover. What a slut! Well Jim did some quick thinking and
    decided to try and catch Trudi by having his friend from the police
    force do a little checking around. He knew that any information that
    was turned up would not be legal but at least Jim would know what
    his adulterous wife was up to. Having set up the phone trace in
    advance all Jim had to do was wait for the next call. As Jim looked
    at the small calendar again he realized the next week was the next
    circled week on the calendar so it was then that they would most
    likely meet again. Jim decided to make it real easy for them to get
    together at that time so this day he had someone from the office
    call him at home when he was sure Trudi would be home alone
    anouncing that Jim would have to go on a business trip that week and
    would not be able to get out of it.

    After Trudi got the call from Jim’s office the plan was beginning to
    work like a charm. Trudi immediately called her lover named Curt and
    set up a weeklong sexual lovefeast telling Curt that “ My little
    wimpy dicked husband will be away all week so we can get together
    for some prolonged fucking.” “And we both know what time of the
    month that those days will fall on,don’t we?” Trudi said further
    “Honey,I hope you are saving up all that potent sperm for me,lover!”
    “I can’t wait to feel all that lovely spunk shooting in my fertile
    cunt!” “I am also going to the doctors office to get my next
    fertility shot and muscle relaxer.” “I will want my cervix dilated
    as much as possable to get all that hot sperm a chance to work it’s
    magic.” Jim could not believe what he heard on the machine used to
    trace the phone calls. He was stunned,Trudi was actually wanted to
    get knocked up by this guy. Well, the day arrived for Jim to go away
    on his supposed trip so he packed up and left in the usual manner to
    give Trudi the impression all was normal. He even tried to help the
    other situation have a more of an effect by telling Trudi he didn’t
    want any sex from her the night before. Trudi was so excited that
    she waited for Jim to fall asleep before going downstairs to
    masturbate with her favorite love toys to some very intense orgasms.

    She most have thinking ahead to her meeting with Curt. That evening
    Jim rented a car and pulled up to within a block of his house and
    waited for the arrival of Curt. A liitle after dark a car pulled up
    along the curb in front of Jim’s house and sure enough a man got out
    of the car,walked up to the front door and went inside. Jim figured
    he would wait about 20 minutes to give them a chance to get started
    and then go to the side of the house where it was now dark to peek
    into the windows which Jim made certain that the curtains were
    pulled apart just enough to allow a crack of light to shine and
    allow Jim to see what was happening inside. Jim quietly walked over
    to the side where he could see in undisturbed or unseen by the
    neighbors. When he peered inside he was traeted to the sight of
    Trudi coming into the room carrying the drinks. Wow! He had to admit
    that the sight of Trudi wearing that sexy red negligee which was
    almost transparent gave him a sexual thrill. Trudi sat on the couch
    next to Curt who was slowly taking his clothes off and began helping
    him along.

    Jim heard his wife giggling now from the partially opened
    window as she began her routine of teasing Curt as she pulled down
    his undershorts. Trudi was only inches away from Curt’s semi erected
    huge cock,lightly licking his cockhead and fondling his big balls.

    Trudi was talking in a low voice to him so he couldn’t make out what
    she was saying to him then. As Trudi again sat back down on the
    couch she shifted her position to show Curt her panty covered
    widespread legs. It was obvious that she was already excited because
    even from where Jim stood in the light he could see that Trudi’s
    panties were showing a pronounced wet spot along her drooling slit.

    The effect was really turning on Curt as well as Jim as she began to
    dip her fingers inside the panties in search of her hot love hole.
    As she started rubbing herself thru her panties Curt was becoming
    more excited and was stroking his huge shaft. Jim just then realized
    how big this Curt’s cock was. He must have had at least 12” in
    length Jim reasoned and he wasn’t even fully erect yet. It reminded
    Jim of a small childrens plastic ball bat. He focused on Trudi as
    she now was pushing her fingers into her blossoming pussy at a
    steady pace. Jim could hear her moaning softly now as she proclaimed
    to Curt “Ohhh god lover, I can’t wait any longer.” “I want you to
    mount me now.” “I must feel that wonderful hard cock sliding into
    my dripping cunt and I want you to fuck me hard and powerfully.”
    “Promise me that you won’t hold back anything.” I won’t to feel
    those big,sperm filled balls slamming against my ass as you stroke
    my clutching pussy.” “And Curt,I checked my temperature about an
    hour ago and guess what? I’ll be most certainly ovulating tonight so
    I want all the potent babymaking sperm shot right up against my
    cervix when we cum.””Do you understand my love? I want you to breed
    me like an animal.I can almost cum now thinking about how our scheme
    will turn out. My husband will think it is his baby but you and I
    will know that my womb will be fertile for you only,my dear.”

    Jim was almost floored but what his scheming cunt wife had just said
    and by what her plan was,but there was also something else starting
    to overcome his raging jealousy and that was the sexual turn on of
    watching his own wife teasing her lover into a state of heat that
    would insure that there would be at any moment his complete,
    overwhelming desire to slam his cock into her without any regard to
    gentleness,which is what Trudi wanted. Yes,Trudi layed down on the
    rug next to the couch facing towards Jim now! as she pulled her wet
    panties off herself as she smiled at her lover Curt in an all
    knowing smirk as she realized she had indeed won her little war of
    sexually stimulating Curt to this point of arousal.

    Jim could see the look on Curt’s face as he kneeled between Tudi’s
    outstetched legs holding his completely steel hard shaft in an
    almost menacing fashion. Jim could almost see the pre-cum dripping
    of of Curt’s enraged cockhead as Trudi reached up and took hold of
    his cock at the base. Then as Trudi pulled up her legs in the most
    obscene manner until they were pulled tight against her chest,Curt
    placed a pillow under her ass to elevate her even more. Jim could
    now see the splayed,protruding cunt lips of his wife as she pulled
    Curt towards the awaiting wet mark that was to be his target. Jim
    had a front row seat for this show that could not have turned out
    any better as far as viewing goes.Trudi then said to Curt “See how
    wet and excited my hungry pussy is for you,my love? Come on now
    lover,I’m ripe and ready and can’t wait one minute longer for your
    swollen,overloaded balls to empty all that precious potent spunk up
    into my uterus. It’s planting time lover.” She moaned loudly as Curt
    just let his weight fall onto her upturned mound as she guided his
    cock into her sloppy cunt. In one quick stroke he was into her all
    the way to the balls as she immediately drew her legs up around his
    back to pull him in deeper still if that was at all possible.

    Trudi yelled now for him to fuck her hard,harder, harder,faster. She
    wailed “Ohhh my god,I’m cumming already baby. Give it to me, come on
    baby,hurry up now! Ohhh,ohhhh,oh my god! My womb is opening,I can
    feel it opening for you my love. Ohhh, ohhh, yes that’s it she was
    yelling to him now. Almost,ohhh,ohhh! She said as Curt was now
    slamming into her full force,his balls banging against her upturned
    ass so loudly that Jim could hear the sound of flesh pounding
    against flesh and realized that in a moment he would be reaching his
    climax as he could see that Curt’s strokes were becoming erratic,
    and almost savage,brutal pounding at a furious pace. Then she
    yelled” Ohhh,ohhh,right there! Yes, yes, right there baby! Your
    cockhead is going into my womb. Ohhh my god! Please now! Please now
    baby! Give it to me now! I wan’t you to hold it all the way in when
    you cum, baby! Yes, yes, almost there now! With that Curt suddenly
    froze and let out a loud wail proclaiming he was about to shoot. He
    paused for the briefest of moments as Trudi reached around to his
    ass cheeks and sunk her finger nails into his flesh as he began to
    convulse in sexual climax. Trudi yelled as the first powerful spurts
    shot from his cock “Ohhhhh,ohhhh,yesss,that’s it. I can feel it
    spurt. Ohhh,ohhhh,aim for my womb baby! Make me pregnant!
    Ohhhhh,ohhhh,I feeeeel it!I feel it shooting in me.! Ohhhh, ohhhh,
    Give me every drop,give me a baby!

    As Curt ended his climax he fell on her with all his weight. He was
    totally exhausted. Trudi said for him to just keep it in her. “Keep
    it in me,my love. Don’t you dare pull out. I want all that lovely
    cum way up inside me,flooding my womb. I want to feel the sperm
    swimming up my tubes seeking out the fertile egg there. Ohhhh,
    ohhhh, ummmm, it feels so wonderful inside me. I can almost
    visualize the insemination taking place soon. Please my love hold
    still,let’s let nature take it’s course.Let all those sperm get as
    deep in me as they can. A few moments later she could feel that
    Curt’s cock was still twitching inside her as the spasms were almost
    complete. Then about a couple minutes later Curt began to respond it
    seemed to Trudi’s cuntal contractions on his cock. Curt raised
    himself up and resumed to gently sroke again inside her sloppy wet
    cunt.Trudi announced “Ohhh,my love! You surprise me by your huge
    amount of cum you shot inside me and still there is more! Well, then
    we will just have to make sure I get every drop up inside me
    then,won’t we? Easy this time! We don’t won’t to push out any of
    that precious life giving load already inside me. Just go nice and
    slow,nice and slow!

    With her instructions he began the act of fucking again.Jim could
    not believe his eyes or his ears at this point. The woman laying out
    on the floor imploring this man to fuck her pregnant is not the same
    woman he knew. It was someone else. She had become a female sexual
    animal with this man. Jim knew now that there was no way he could
    compete with Curt. Ater seeing Curt stretch out his wife’s slut cunt
    there would be no way to satisfy her any longer.Looking towards her
    again as Curt was now picking up the pace a little in his fucking,
    Trudi said to hurry up now and give her another load of seed. She
    said”That’s right baby!Ohhhh, ohhhh,I’ll be cumming again in a
    moment and I wan’t you to cum with me. Please,please baby!
    Ohhhhh,ohhhh, taht’s it baby! Almost there now! Almost there. Hold
    on,please hold now. Then again Jim saw Curt slam into her one last
    ti! me as Trudi bellowed”Fuck yes!Yes! Now! Shoot it now!
    Ohhhhhh,ohhhh,my god my cunt pulls you in! Feel it pull at your cock
    as you shoot in me! Ohhhh yess,ohhh yes she said as the spurting
    cock again sent jets of sperm deep into her waiting womb. The amount
    of seed shot into her fertile cunt must now be just to much to be
    denied it’s purpose she thought. And as this was happening she was
    almost sure she was at this very moment being inseminated,
    conceieving a life within her. She could only wonder that if the
    fertility drug worked as it should she maybe even have twins or
    triplets. Now that would be the ultimate.........
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    Loving these stories! Please continue
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    I am not the author, just a reposter.

    This is a work of fiction. The author neither endorses nor condones the
    actions described herein.
    This story contains graphic descriptions of sexual acts. No virgins were
    deflowered in the creation of this work.

    Marie's Hospitality
    By Wollstonecraft
    "Louis," she breathed, her voice trembling, "his hand is on my thigh."
    Louis looked across the table at the flushed face of his wife, sitting on
    the soldier's lap. "Yes,
    I thought as much," he replied flatly, raising his glass. Smiling thinly, he
    tipped it momentarily
    toward the stranger, then proceeded to drain it. As he lowered the glass from
    his lips, he saw
    that the soldier's glass was empty again. Louis refilled it, then filled his
    own. He poured the last
    of the wine into his wife's glass and put the empty bottle with the other two.
    "Marie," he muttered, "drink your wine."
    With a shaky hand, she reached for the glass. The soldier took it and put
    it to her mouth. The
    wine spilled over her lips and down her neck onto her breasts. The soldier
    bent his head and
    began to lap at the red liquid on her skin. She moaned softly.
    She moaned, "Louis, please make him stop. I I am your wife."
    Yes, Louis thought, she was his wife. His virgin wife. Their marriage
    was not yet
    consummated. She would not let him bed her while the occupation continued.
    She said she
    would not risk bringing a baby into a world ravaged by war. She pleasured him
    in other ways,
    but it was not the same, and they both prayed for the day she could free
    herself from her
    selfimposed chastity. With the arrival of the soldier, it seemed that day was
    to be soon at hand.
    "Please, Louis, he Oh, Louis!" The soldier's lips pressed into her
    cleavage, and her breath
    grew quick.
    "We must offer him every hospitality, Marie. He wears the uniform of the
    liberation force."
    "He he takes too many liberties, Lou Oh, my!" The soldier's hand pressed
    upward along her
    thigh. "Hhe Oh, Louis, he ttouches Louis! His fingers are on my Oh, my
    Louis, pplease. He is
    so, so"
    "We are indebted to him," Louis said, staring into his wine. "Just his
    being here is danger
    enough. Tomorrow he will go to a certain death. He will die for us, to give
    us our freedom. It
    is not just charity to allow him pleasure in his last hours, it is our duty and
    our honor. Your
    duty, Marie. Your honor." He looked up to see that Marie's blouse was undone
    and the
    stranger's hand kneading his wife's heaving breast.
    Marie understood that it was her honor that was at stake. "Louis, his
    touch makes my blood
    boil! Oh, Louis, I burn! I burn! Please, oh, please, I can't Oh, God, oh!
    Oh!! Hhis hand in my
    stroking my Oh! Oh!!" Her hips began rocking against his fingers as he
    pressed deep between
    the folds of her labia under her thick pantaloons, massaging her clitoris.
    The soldier pulled his head from Marie's breast, her nipple slipping wetly
    out from between
    his lips. He looked drunkenly at Louis. Louis smiled weakly. The soldier
    shrugged and
    grinned, then rose with Marie in his arms.
    She cried out, "No! Where are you" When she realized his intention, she
    struggled vainly in
    his tight grasp "No!! Please, do not do this! Please, please, no! No!!"
    Carrying her squirming body, the soldier staggered across the tiny room.
    She wailed, "No!!
    Do not do this! Do not do this! Oh, God, please, please!!" He stood her next
    to the bed and
    buried his head in the hollow of her neck as he pulled the blouse off her
    shoulders. As the thin
    material fell to the floor, he removed his own shirt. "Ooh, Louis," she
    moaned, "his chest is so
    broad, so hard." Her back arched and her breasts ground tight against him.
    He slipped his fingers under the fabric of both her skirt and pantaloons.
    "Nno, don't," she
    whimpered as he slipped them down over her hips, exposing her fleecy curls. As
    he pulled
    downward his lips moved lower, taking her tight nipple in his mouth. "Oh, my
    God, my God,"
    she moaned as he freed her legs from the last of her clothing, "oh, no, oh Oh!"
    His teeth
    nipped at her taut, sensitive flesh. "Oh, pplease, Louis, please," she cried,
    "please don't let this
    She was totally nude before him now, and, raising to his feet, the soldier
    drank in her beauty.
    He growled softly, his hunger clear in his voice. The sound made her quiver.
    She begged,
    "Please, please, do not do this, do not take me, please do not, please!" The
    solder lewdly
    growled again. She knew she begged in vain. Her words were as
    incomprehensible to him as his
    was to her.
    The soldier gently eased her back onto the bed. With one hand caressing
    her breasts, he
    undid his pants with the other. Her eyes grew wide. "My God," she cried, "My
    God! No!!
    No!! It
    is so big, my God, so big!! I couldn't, I can't take such a thing, such a Not
    in Oh, God, not in
    No!! God, No!! No!!"
    Her husband was still at the table, watching the stranger take his wife.
    He'd opened a fourth
    bottle of wine and was intent upon emptying it. Marie looked at him
    beseechingly, her eyes
    begging him to intervene, to stop this man from stealing what should have been
    his. Louis drank
    deeply from his glass, then turned away.
    The soldier dropped to the bed and straddled her, crushing her into the
    mattress. He rocked
    up and down, grinding his body against hers, crushing her breasts against his
    chest. "Oh, God,
    oh, God, Louis, the hair on his chest makes my nipples burn! Oh, the hair on
    his belly inflames
    me so! And his on my Oh, my God, Louis, he presses himself so tightly to my
    Oh, Louis, my
    puss is so wet! Oh, God, my puss is so wet, so open, so hot, so hot! It
    opens, oh, God, it
    Taking his rigid shaft in his hand, the soldier positioned himself for
    entry. "Oh, no! No!
    He's put it between the lips of my puss, Louis! In the lips, oh, no, no, it's
    at the entrance and I
    am so wet, oh God, my puss's lips are opening to him, I Oh! Oh!!"
    His arms around her, his hands clutching her shoulders, the soldier pulled
    her to him.
    "Louis!! He ppresses in, Louis, oh, God, it pushes in!! Ah! Uhh! Oh, God, it
    it is ggoing into
    my puss, into my puss, Louis!" He groaned as he felt himself being enveloped
    by her moist
    flesh. "Oh, God, Louis! It is so oh, God, it is so big, so Uhh!! Uhh!! It
    it fills me so
    so" He lifted himself up, rising high above her. She looked down between
    them. "Oh, God, oh
    God, it's just the head, just the head, there's so much m Oh!! Oh, God, so
    tight, so tight."
    He eased off momentarily. "Oh, it pulls out, it" He pressed in again
    hard and she grunted
    from the force. "Ungh!! Oh, God, it's in me deeper, it ah" Again he pulled
    back slightly and
    again he pushed in." Ungh!! So full, s ah Ungh!!"
    His entry was halted as she felt the immense head pressed tight upon her
    hymen. "Oh, mmy
    m oh, God, it it touches my maidenh ah Oh!" She cried out as the hard
    throbbed against the sensitive tissue.
    He looked down at her questioningly, listening to the strange words. Her
    face was contorted
    in passion, her arms tight around him, pulling at him. Hie interpreted her
    verbalizations as cries
    of desire. He briefly glanced to Louis, who was trying desperately to drink
    himself into a stupor.
    The soldier returned to the pleasure at hand.
    The bloated flesh pulled back slightly, then pushed slowly, resolutely
    inward. "Ohh," she
    cried, "hhe ppuhushing push" She felt his manhood pressing in painfully.
    "Uh, uh,
    uh" She felt the tender barrier rupture and tear under the relentless assault.
    She screamed as the
    pain overtook her "Aaaah!!! Oh, God, it is past, it is past Oh, God, oh, God,
    I am open, I am
    Her virtue split and breached, his shaft advanced into her with increased
    speed. "Ungh," she
    moaned, "oh, God, it pushes deeper, so much d Oh!! So deep, so deep!!" She
    felt his belly
    press tightly upon her own, his wiry pubic hair enmeshing with hers. "Oh, God,
    Louis, he is in
    me, in me, oh God, he is in me!"
    He held himself tightly within her and her body reeled in the sensation.
    "Oh, God, Louis, I
    feel the blood coursing through his shaft, his ballsack quivering on my bottom.
    He is is so
    deep in m ah oh hhe moves Oh! Oh!!"
    The fullness slid within her tight channel, inflaming her passion. "Oh it
    is coming out out so
    slow, so" She felt herself close as it almost completely extracted itself from
    her. Then the
    soldier hammered his hips down. "Ungh!! God, such force, such foh!" The base
    of his
    member ground into her pubic mound. The massive column pulled out again and
    her hips
    drove down and back, grinding her clitoris sharply against the the hard flesh
    as it moved. "Oh,
    so hard, so hard, so Ungh!!" He slammed back in.
    "Oh, God, Louis," she cried as the soldier began to rhythmically thrust in
    and out, "it is so
    deep, so I am so it is Oh, God, like fire in me fire in me!!" She pushed up
    to meet each
    powerful thrust, trying to take more of him inside her. "Oh, Louis, I never I
    didn't know it
    would It is so Oh, God, so full, so full, I am Oh, God, I am burning, I am
    Oh, God!! God!!
    Her body spasmed under him as she orgasmed and he groaned above her as her
    sucking flesh
    clamped tightly onto his piercing lance. "God! God! I die! I die!" she
    squealed, driving
    herself up hard, taking as much of him into her as she could. Her legs rose and
    wrapped around
    his waist, her calves on his buttocks, scissoring and clutching in time with
    his increasingly
    rapid thrusts.
    She stared up at him and saw his eyes unfocusing, felt his buttocks
    tightening. "Oh, God,
    Louis! He grows tight, he isOh, no! Oh, no!! He mustn't oh, God, Louis, he's
    going to"
    He pulled at her, pulling her up into him, driving down into her savagely.
    "Oh, no! Oh, God,
    He began to grunt, stroking powerful into her. "Nno, pplease," she
    wailed, "don't put your
    don't make me" His fingers tightened on her buttocks. "Oh, oh, God, it grows
    in me, it Oh!!"
    His back arched sharply and, with an animal grunt, he stabbed deep into
    her as his staff
    lurched fiercely, driving his potent semen flowing into her. "Oh, God, it
    throbs!! It throbs
    in me!! My God, he spurts inside me, in me, my God, he is spurting his seed
    into me, oh, God,
    oh, God!" She shook in orgasm, her vagina gripping the pumping shaft, sucking
    his sperm
    into her womb. "God, oh, God, I pull it in, I take it in, oh, his seed, his
    seed in me, oh, God oh,
    His ejaculation was strong and immense. He instinctively understood that
    this was his last
    chance to spawn and she instinctively understood that his great outpouring
    would root and
    thrive within her.
    "Oh, God, Louis, I can feel it! It stream into the mouth of my womb, so
    deep inside, so
    deep!! The surges, oh, God, he surges so! He fills me, oh, he fills me full,
    I drown in his
    seed, Louis, and he throbs and gushes still, oh, God, he fills my womb and his
    staff gushes still!
    So much, God, so much of his seed in me, oh, God, and more and still more!! He
    throbs so, oh,
    God, the throbbing, the throbbing in me, in me!! Oh, he fills me to
    overflowing, I can feel it
    running out of me and, oh, God, he gushes still, he gushes still!! Oh, God,
    Oh, God!!"
    With a final grunt, the soldier collapsed on top of her, his need finally
    drained. "Oh, God,"
    Marie sobbed, "it twitches inside me still! Oh, the fluttering inside me, oh
    God, oh, God."
    As he lay on her, gasping for breath, his hips still spasming into her,
    she moaned, "Oh, God,
    oh, God, he put his seed in me, he put his seed in me. Does he know what he's
    done? Does
    he know he's put a baby inside me?"
    The soldier pulled himself up and off the bed. She sat up and shouted at
    him. "Do you know
    you've made me pregnant? Do you know I will bear your baby?" He retrieved
    his pants and put
    them on. She cried, "Do you know what you've done? Do you?"
    The soldier said nothing as he buttoned his shirt and walked to the door.
    She raged, "Even
    now it grows inside me! Your baby! Your baby is inside me!"
    He didn't turn around as he left.
    "Your baby is inside me!" She fell upon the bed and began to sob.

    "His baby is inside me, his baby is inside me." The words rang in her
    thoughts. It was her
    only solace as the fourth of the occupation soldiers grunted above her and she
    felt the now
    familiar pulsing of the cruel flesh stabbing viciously between her legs.
    The enemy had come not long after the stranger had left. In retreat, they
    came to seek shelter
    from the superior liberation forces. Louis had tried to protect her, but he
    was quickly killed.
    The only thought that gave her hope was that, if she survived the rape, she
    wouldn't bear the
    spawn of these monsters. She gave thanks to God that the seed of the stranger
    had taken
    possession of her fertility, denying it from these demons.

    In time, the liberators vanquished the enemy and peace reigned again.
    Marie's stomach
    swelled as she grew fat with the baby conceived during the dark days of war.
    She never saw the
    stranger again. She feared he was killed in regaining her country's freedom.
    She cherished the
    life inside her all the more.

    It was a hard labor that accompanied the birth. The midwife had never
    seen so large a baby
    borne from so small a mother, so was not too surprised when Marie initially
    recoiled from the
    sight of her newborn son. But she was surprised when Marie refused to suckle
    it, and all in the
    village were shocked when Marie abandoned the baby at the orphanage.
    The midwife could never have guessed that it was the baby's fair skin
    color that had caused
    Marie to fall into a deep despair. Her heart sank as she realize that it
    wasn't the baby of her
    brave liberator, after all, but that of one of the occupation rapists. The
    liberation soldier's skin
    was, after all, black.
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    (BM+/WF, Interracial, PREG)

    Brittany's Bachelorette Party
    Author: Unknown

    A hot little red head gets the night of
    her life when 7 Black studs give her a
    bachelorette party she'll never forget)

    I never knew what my friends had in store for me my bachelorette party.
    If I'd have known ahead of time I would've called the whole thing off.
    Fortunately for me, I didn't. It was supposed to be just us girls sitting
    around my house getting drunk and talking about men. I had NO idea that they
    had invited a bunch of men to join us.

    The first men to arrive were two Black males about 30 years old. I was
    shocked to see Black men since as far as I knew, none of my girlfriends even
    knew a Black man. I gave a quick glance at one of my girlfriends who just
    smiled coyly and introduced me to Little Jay and Raymond.

    "So this is the married woman?" Little Jay said to me.

    "Not married yet," Tina clearly reminded him which did little to put me
    at ease. Little Jay was a very attractive man, but a Black man? I'd never
    even thought of being with a Black man. Surely my friends didn't have
    something planned like that, I thought.

    Around a half hour later another 5 Black men arrived, now out-numbering
    my 4 girlfriends and I, who co-incidentally were already married.

    The men all seemed nice enough: Mo Mo, Deuce, Rodman, Slick and B.B. were
    thier names. It was almost comical hearing them introduce themselves. Where
    did these Black guys come up with their names?

    Amy sat on the couch between Mo Mo and Deuce, Tina was real friendly with
    Raymond and sat in his lap in our lounge chair. I never knew Tina liked Black
    men. I wondered what her husband would think if he could see her now. Slick,
    B.B., and Little Jay sat on separate chairs with Sarah, Becky and I around the
    table as we all sipped on drinks and made casual conversation.

    I guess I started growing accustom to everyone and we all started having
    a good time, laughing and telling jokes of all sorts, even Black jokes. Sarah
    had suggested we all play cards so four of us divided into pairs to play hearts
    while the rest of them sat in the livingroom and listened to music.

    Little Jay wanted to be my partner so I said why not. Sarah and B.B.
    paired up against us and we started to play.

    Things were going great for about an hour until Sarah said, "I know,
    let's play strip poker!"

    "OH NO!" I protested immediately though it was clear from the very second
    I said it that I was outnumbered by everyone.

    "Yes!" Tina said and when I turned to argue with her I was shocked to see
    her legs over the edge of the chair and Raymond's hand between them. Raymond's
    long Black fingers were inside Tina's white panties and clearly his finger was
    inside her as she wiggled around in his lap. "Oh that tickles," Tina said to
    Raymond as she suddenly forgot about me again.

    "Do it," Becky said. "Chicken!"

    "I'm up for it," Little Jay said as he winked at me. "Come on, it'll be

    B.B., Slick, Mo Mo, Deuce, and Rodman all agreed.

    "Sure," I said. "Are you guys going to play too?"

    "I will if you will," Amy agreed.

    "Same here," Becky added.

    It was unanimous. I was the only one who didn't want to play. To hell
    with the fact that it was my party, I knew I wasn't going to get out of this
    one. I reluctantly agreed and everyone came to the table except Raymond and
    Tina who were still playing with each other in the chair, and Amy and her two
    men Mo Mo and Deuce.

    "We'll play from over here," they all agreed. "There's not enough room
    at the table anyway.

    Even though they were right I didn't feel very comfortable as we started

    Mo Mo and Little Jay were the first to lose clothes and quickly opted to
    remove their shirts. I hadn't realized it until now but these Black men were
    very athletic looking and their dark hard bodies were very attractive, even to

    With only a few more hands Amy had lost her top and was sitting in her
    bra between two Black men, one of which was sitting in only his underwear and
    the other had on a pair of pants. My eyes caught Mo Mo's crotch immediately. I
    noticed that not only was he hard, but he was big! His long hard cock was
    visible to everyone in the room and nobody seemed to say a word about it other
    than to laugh at their misfortune.

    Becky had lost her top too and her pants and was sitting in only her bra
    and panties. Sarah and I had not lost any clothes. Meanwhile, A couple other
    men had lost shirts but nothing else.

    As Sarah dealt the cards out for another hand I noticed Amy putting her
    hand on Mo Mo's hard cock as she started rubbing it through his underwear.

    Mo Mo reciprocated by grabbing her big breasts and playing with them
    through her bra. Deuce leaned over and slid his hand between Amy's leg and
    started to rub her pussy through her panties as she spread her legs to let him.

    Obviously Sarah elected not to deal cards to my busy friend and her men
    and I was shocked to see Amy pull Mo Mo's underwear down over his hard cock and
    take it in her little White fist. I was even more shocked to see my friend
    bend over and take the big Black sucker in her mouth.

    "It's good to see the party get started," Tina said as Raymond pulled her
    panties off and started kissing him as he held her in his arms.

    Deuce was pulling off Amy's panties now too as he got on his knees on the
    floor between her legs.

    Next thing I know Becky pulls down her panties and unsnaps her bra while
    Rodman strips all his clothes off to join her. Sarah drops the cards and walks
    over to B.B. who promptly starts unbuttoning her blouse.

    "Come one Britt," Sarah said with a smile. "You and Little Jay should
    get to know each other better."

    Little Jay just looked at me and said, "you don't have to do anything you
    don't want to."

    "Oh yes!" I heard Amy squeal as I noticed that Deuce had gotten her on
    her hands and knees on the couch and started pushing his big Black cock into
    her pussy while she sucked Mo Mo's long Black shaft.

    "Do you want me?" I asked Little Jay as Tina now started moaning behind

    "Yes," he said ignoring everyone else, "but only if you really want me."

    I looked back at Tina and saw only her back side as a huge Black cock was
    stuffed all the way up her blonde snatch. She slowly rode the monster inside
    her and moaned loudly each time she sat back down on it.

    I stared transfixed at how beautiful it looked seeing a huge Black cock
    inside my friend's tight blonde pussy.

    "It looks like everyone's having fun but us," I said still watching Tina
    work her tight ass up and down Raymond's thick pole in the chair.

    From the couch the grunts and groans were getting much louder and I could
    now hear Deuce's thighs slapping my friends taut ass as he fucked her harder
    and harder.

    "Make me cum!" Amy screamed. "MAKE ME CUM!!!"

    "Ok," I said now extremely horny after watching my White girlfriends
    getting fucked by big Black studs. "I'm convinced."

    Little Jay came across the Table and stood beside me as I watched Amy
    reach her first orgasm of the night.

    "OH GOD YES!" she screamed. "I'm cumming!!!! UH!!! UH!!!"

    Like an eager slut Amy pulled away from Deuce and climbed up in Mo Mo's

    "Your turn you big Black fucker," she said as she pulled down her bra and
    shoved her big creamy White tits in his Black face.

    Amy wasted no time grabbing Mo Mo's cock and putting it right back in her
    sloppy brown pussy.

    Deuce got up on the back of the couch and shoved his shiny Black shaft in
    Amy's face.

    Just then I huge Black cock appeared right in front of my face. I hadn't
    even noticed Little Jay take his pants off but suddenly his cock was in my face
    and little was the LAST thing you could say about it.

    As horny as I was I grabbed his fat Black cock and shoved it in my mouth
    as deeply as possible.

    "Ya, suck it," he said as he curled his fingers into my thick red hair
    and pushed my head up and down his cock shaft.

    In the corner I could see B.B. laying on the floor as my friend Sarah
    sucked his large Black cock in the nude.

    All around me I could hear my girlfriends moaning and groaning as they
    sucked and fucked these Black studs which turned me on more than anything I'd
    ever imagined.

    "CUM ON MY ASS!" I heard Tina shout behind me. "OOOHHH YA!! CUM ALL OVER

    "My turn!" I heard Deuce say and I stopped sucking Little Jay to turn and
    watch Deuce shoot his hot white cum all over my friends face as she still
    fucked Mo Mo.

    Amy held her mouth wide open as Deuce jerked his load onto her tongue.

    "Oh God," I moaned quietly as I watched Deuce's cum run down Amy's neck
    and onto her tits as she fucked Mo Mo even harder trying to get him to cum too.

    In seconds Mo Mo jerked and pulled his cock out of Amy's hot pussy. I
    saw his beautiful cum shoot up her back and all over her pretty little ass.

    "Ooo," Amy cooed.

    "Ya!" Mo Mo grunted as he pumped his cock with his fist and drained
    himself on my friends ass.

    "CUM ON ME!" I heard Becky order and I turned around to see my friend
    laying on her back and a Black cock between her legs squirting cum all over her
    tits and stomach.

    "Oh, oh OOOHHH!!" I heard B.B. shout as he obviously was cumming in
    Sarah's mouth as she jerked his Black cock in her White fist.

    Suddenly Little Jay and I were the only two left who hadn't orgasmed at

    "Suck it," Tina said to me. "Go on, suck his big Black cock."

    "Ya, do it Britt," Amy said as she sat on the couch with her two Black
    lovers sucking her nipples.

    "I felt a little bit like I was on stage but I put Little Jay's fat Black
    cock in my mouth and began sucking him off again.

    As I sucked harder and faster, Little Jay groaned and pulled my hair
    which only turned me on more. I had to have his cum in my mouth. I wanted to
    taste his salty thick load so bad!

    It seemed all the guys were encouraging Little Jay to cum in my mouth,
    saying things like, "Give it to the bitch," and "make her eat it!"

    All the encouraging paid off, or at least my head job did because
    suddenly his cum exploded in my mouth. Little Jay growled and jerked his hips
    up into my face as I swallowed his cum as fast as I could. Jay was cumming far
    to much for me to take it all and when his thick load seeped out and ran down
    my chin all the men cheered.

    By the time I finished sucking all the cum out of this Black stud as I
    could most of my girlfriends were dressed but none of the men were.

    "What's going on?" I asked as my girlfriends gathered up their stuff to

    "It's about time we leave," Tina said. "It's YOUR party."

    "WHAT?" I asked shocked. Surely they weren't leaving me alone with all
    these Black men.

    "Have a good time," Becky said as she opened my front door and walked

    "I wish I were you now," Amy said as she followed Becky out. "Have fun!"

    Next Sarah left and finally Tina.

    "Don't worry," Tina said. "These guys are really nice. They'll leave
    whenever you want them to."

    With that Tina closed the door and I found myself in a room full of 7
    naked Black men all staring at me hungrily.

    "Uh guys," I said nervously. "I don't know if I can do this."

    Mo Mo was the first to approach me and stick his hard cock in my face.

    "Just give it a little suck," He said pushing his cock against my lips.

    Instinctively I opened my mouth and let him push his cock between my hot

    "Do you taste your girlfriend's pussy on my cock?" Mo Mo asked as he
    watched me suck him more eagerly now.

    I nodded my head that I did and it made me horny thinking how I was
    tasting Amy's cum on this man's cock.

    "The first thing we have to do," one of them said. "Is get this bitch
    out of her clothes."

    Suddenly two or three men were all groping my hot body and undoing my
    blouse and pants.

    I knew that if I took my mouth off Mo Mo's prick I would say no so I
    reached up and grabbed his tight Black ass and shoved his cock further down my
    throat. I had to keep my mouth full or I'd probably chicken out.

    "Ya this bitch wants it," Mo Mo said as my clothes came peeling off now.

    Suddenly I felt strong Black hands pulling down my panties and unsnapping
    my bra. I was so nervous I started to hyperventilate.

    Raymond was getting me on my hands and knees and squeezing my tight ass.
    I was so afraid of what was going to happen next but I just kept sucking Mo
    Mo's cock and was surprised to feel Raymond's hot tongue lick my asshole.

    It felt so good having someone lick my ass like that that I just started
    moaning real loud which got all of the guys going. Next thing I knew all the
    men were on their knees with me in a circle. I could feel hands all over my
    big tits and tight ass and big Black cocks slapped against my back and thighs.

    I imagined what I looked like right now. A White red headed whore
    surrounded by 7 hung Black studs, ready to suck and fuck every one of them. I
    made a promise to myself that I was going to fuck every one of these guys
    tonight. I was going to have seven thick Black cocks inside me before I was

    The first stud to mount me was Raymond. I felt him getting in position
    behind me and spreading my red pussy with his long Black fingers. I decided to
    suck Dueces cock now and took the opportunity while I switched men to talk to
    Raymond behind me.

    "Fuck me Raymond," I said. "Fuck that big Black cock up my pussy!"

    "Oh ya," Raymond moaned as he began working his huge monster inside my
    extremely tight pussy. I knew all this fucking was going to stretch me out
    before my wedding night but I didn't care. It only turned me on more to think
    these studs were going to fuck me till I was sloppy loose.

    "OH YA!" Raymond barked as I shoved another cock in my mouth. "You tight

    "Hey save some of that for me," one of the men shouted.

    "Fuck that," Raymond grunted. "I'm gonna wreck this pussy!"

    "God that feels so good!" I screamed between sucking several different
    men. "FUCK ME!"

    Raymond was pounding my little pussy now making my ass slap against him
    with each thrust.

    "Ooooo ya," I grunted as he fucked me. "Make me cum now. Make me cum."

    I thought about the men all wanting a turn inside of me and I started


    "GOD DAMN!" Raymond shouted as he pulled out of my dripping pussy and
    spurted his cum up my back.

    "OH YES!!!" I screamed.

    "Cum on the bitch!" Deuce shouted. "YA! YA!"

    "Oh ya you fuckin' black man," I said "Why don't you try and make me cum."

    I wasn't sure how that was going to go over but I couldn't help myself.
    Luckily all the guys laughed.

    "Yo black man," Mo Mo said. "Fuck the White bitch!"

    Before I knew it several Black men were smearing Raymond's cum al over my
    back and down around my big tits as Deuce mounted me from behind and shoved his
    hard cock inside me.

    "GOD DAMN this bitch has a nice pussy!" Deuce groaned.

    "Fuck it!" I shouted. "Fuck me with your black man cock!"

    Deuce began ramming his cock up my pussy with as much force as he could
    which instantly sent me over to another orgasm.

    "YES!!! MAKE ME CUM!!!! YES!!!" I screamed.

    Just then Deuce pulled out of my pussy and shot his load all over my ass
    just like Raymond, making sure to squirt a liberal amount between my ass.

    Two down, five to go I thought.

    I had been sucking Mo Mo's cock for quite some time and new he was close
    so I chose him next. Quickly I rolled over and laid on my back as the men kept
    pawing at my big tits.

    "Come on Mo Mo baby," I said. "Fuck that big Black cock up my pussy."

    Mo's cock was inside me in a flash and he began pumping away while B.B.
    pushed his cock in my mouth and the other's fondled my tits.

    In only a few strokes Mo Mo was ready and he pulled out of me to squirt
    his hot cum up my stomach and onto my tits.

    "Yeah Mo Mo," I purred. "Cum all over me!"

    Mo Mo finished by dribbling cum all over my red hared pussy and then
    climbed off.

    "This is bitch is mine," Rodman groaned as he climbed on top of me next
    and forced his big cock up inside me.

    "I'm gonna make you cum so hard bitch," Rodman said as he leaned over me
    and began fucking me hard with his big shaft.

    "DO IT!" I ordered him. "Try and make me cum!"

    Rodman grabbed my thighs and lifted my ass off the ground and he pounded
    my still tight pussy.

    I could feel his big balls slapping my sticky ass and I could feel myself
    wanting to cum bad.

    "Ok you son of a bitch," I shouted. "You're gonna make me cum! Does it
    make you feel good knowing you can make a hot White bitch cum?"

    "Ya," Rodman grunted as he fucked me harder to make me scream.

    "JESUS!!" I screamed. "YES!!! FUCK ME!!!"

    "OH SHIT!" Rodman shouted. "Eat this!"

    Quickly Rodman pulled out of me and knocked his buddies away so he could
    get his cock in my face. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth wide as his cum
    shot across my face and into my hair. Rodman took great pleasure in coating my
    red hair with his thick jizz before finally squirting the last little bit into
    my mouth where I wanted it.

    "Next time one of you fuckers want's to cum on my face, let me eat it
    ok?" I said sarcastically.

    "I'll put it in your mouth," B.B. said.

    "Great," I said. "Then get on top of me and let me fuck that beautiful
    cum out of your hard Black cock and you can put it in my mouth where it

    B.B. wasn't inside me more than a couple minutes and he was ready to
    blast off.

    "Come up here baby," I said as he quickly scooted up my body and pointed
    his cock at my open mouth.

    Thick cum shot out of the young studs cock and right into my mouth.
    Eagerly I swallowed as he pumped his cock in his fist to squirt it all in my

    "Ooo it tastes so good having a black man cum in my mouth like that," I
    smiled as he finished.

    I looked around to see only two of the studs left, Slick and Little Jay.
    I was saving Little Jay for last.

    Slick had the smallest of the studs dicks so I figured I would offer him
    a special treat.

    "How would you like to fuck me up the ass Slick?" I asked.

    I could tell by the way his face lit up that it was a yes.

    "Hey, I wanted to do that," one of the men complained.

    "You all had your turns," I said snottily. "Now just watch".

    Sexily I got up on my hands and knees and bent over the couch to offer
    Slick my ass.

    I watched my Black lover position himself behind me and prepared myself
    for the assault.

    Suddenly I felt his big Black prick pushing up my hot tight butt.

    "OH GOD!" I moaned loudly as he worked his cock in and out pushing it
    further each time. "I never thought I'd have a big black man fucking me up the

    "It's so tight it feels like your ripping my dick off," Slick barked.

    "Just a few pumps baby," I said. "I'll squeeze the cum out of you."

    Slick grabbed my hips and I admired the way his Black skin looked on my
    White thighs as he pushed his cock up my ass all the way and slowly started
    fucking me.

    "I love your hard cock in my ass!" I shouted. "OH FUCK ME!"

    I loved the feel of his big Black cock stretching my butthole and in a
    few strokes he was ready to cum.

    "Oh shit," Slick said as he pulled his cock out of me and squirted thick
    cum right into my gaping asshole. I could feel his hot cum running down my
    pussy and I looked between my legs to see it dripping off my read bush.

    "You men have all done a great job," I purred as I turned around now and
    faced Little Jay.

    "And now," I said as I got up and walked over to Jay who was sitting in
    the chair. "I want your cum inside me."

    "Holy shit!" One of the other men said. "You on the pill or something?"

    "Nope," I said as I slowly crawled up on top of Little Jay and took his
    cock in my hand.

    "But you could get pregnant," another man said.

    "Yep," I said as I slowly put Little Jay's big Black cock against my well
    fucked pussy and began sitting down on it.

    "I hope you don't mind the other guys cum on me," I said softly.

    "OH SHIT," Little Jay groaned as he grabbed my slippery ass. "No, it
    don't bother me."

    Slowly I fucked my pussy up and down Jay's thick Black cock making sure
    to let the other men see it.

    I pushed my big White tit in Jay's face and let him lick and bite my
    nipple as I rode his big cock.

    "I need a baby to remind me of this night forever," I said. "Will you
    give me your baby?"

    "OH YA!" Little Jay said enthusiastically.

    "Won't your husband notice a Black baby?" one man said.

    "My husband knows I fucked other men before we got married," I said
    staring into Little Jays eyes and I rode his fat Black cock awaiting his baby
    juice inside me. "When I have this baby he'll know it was a Black man. That's

    "I'm almost there," Jay said. "Are you sure?"

    I grabbed Jays hands and made him push me down on his cock as far as he

    "HOLD ME THERE!" I panted as I started cumming just thinking about what
    was going to happen. "OH GOD FORCE ME TO TAKE IT!"

    "HERE IT COMES!" Little Jay shouted as I felt his cum erupt in my pussy
    like a cannon.

    "OH IT FEELS SO GOOD!" I screamed as I bucked and squirmed futily. "I'M
    CUMMING TOO!!! Squirt your cum right up there where it belongs!"

    I felt Jay's cock pulsating inside me sending gush after gush of hot
    semen inside me until it started running out of my pussy and down his balls.

    "I'm full of Black cum!" I panted. "My White little pussy is full of
    your hot Black cum."

    "Thank you," Jay groaned as he slid himself out from under me and let me

    lay on my back to keep it all in.

    "Thank you guys," I said. "I had a really great time. And Jay, you can
    come back and visit our son when he's born."

    "You're husband won't like that," Little Jay smiled.

    "He'll live with it," I smiled back. "I'll never forget you guys."
  9. donall108

    donall108 Active Member

    Advice For a White Women Who Wants to Have Black Baby

    I wrote the following in response to a posting from whitesubmf@aol.
    com (WhiteSubMF) on, but
    never got around to posting it. WhiteSubMF wrote:

    >I am a married white woman who has recently decided to get pregnant
    >with a black man. I have my white husband's approval. I would love
    >to hear from other white women, any age, married single or divorced
    >who have gotten pregnant from a black man whether you had or kept
    >the baby or not, respond to this.

    Sex is for pleasure, but its also for getting pregnant and having
    babies. When a woman wants a baby has a lot more pleasure from sex
    when there is a chance she might get pregnant. This is also true for
    her male partner. There's nothing as fine as getting a woman pregnant.
    As subscribers to this news group know, interracial sex is the very
    best kind of sex already so interracial pregnancy is far and away the
    best and most beautiful kind of sex. It's also naughty. The bigots
    called it miscegenation and made it illegal. That makes it even more
    pleasurable for people seeking a thrill.

    I hope that pleasure is not your only motivation. Keep the baby. Don't
    give it up for adoption or--God forbid--have an abortion. You don't
    say why your husband consented. Is it your desire or his? Can he father
    children (biologically speaking)? If he cannot, go ahead with your
    plan without any fears. If he can, give it some more thought. If you
    really have to have a Black baby you ought to think about divorce and
    remarriage to a good Black man.

    I know of one unfortunate case of a white woman who divorced her first
    (white) husband and several years later met a handsome, kind and loving
    Black man. They fell in love and married. He treated his new wife's
    (white) daughter as if she had been his own. He and his wife, however,
    decided not to give her daughter any half-siblings since there was too
    much prejudice against mixed kids. I don't think it was HIS idea, but
    hers, for he always gave me the impression that he was depressed and I
    think it stemmed from that. I advised her that she and her husband really
    needed to rethink their decision about not making babies. As far as I
    know she did not take my advice.
    If you decide to go ahead with having a Black man's baby, take steps to
    make sure it will be your Black lover who impregnates you. You have to
    reserve your eggs for your Black lover's sperm and only his sperm. See
    if your husband will agree to abstain from sexual relations with you
    until you are safely pregnant. If this isn't feasible, make sure he uses
    a condom with a good spermicide every time you have sex. You don't want
    your Black lover's sperm to have to compete with your husband's to fertilize your
    egg. And, remember, the very few sperm that make it through a pinhole leak
    in a condom can do the trick. Check it out after hubby puts it on and
    before he enters you.

    I assume you already have a Black lover. If you don't, you obviously
    have to find one. You might put a "Wanted to Meet - Women Seeking Men"
    ad in your newspaper. Be sure to specify that you are a "mwf seeking a
    m/sbm for friendship" in addition to whatever else you might prefer.
    Asking for a photo is also a good idea. Keep your ad decent or you
    might get some very sick replies. As you sort through the replies
    remember you are looking for a stud who can father a strong, healthy
    baby. I recommend a Black of pure African ancestry, as dark-skinned as
    possible, with a good physique and free of STDs, defects and deformities.

    [Black women looking for a white stud, please note that Nordic Europeans
    are an excellent choice who tend to produce golden-brown babies when they
    mate with Black women.]

    I assume that penis size is not critically important. The average Black
    penis is no more than slightly longer that the average white penis. If
    size is important, check it out. Don't assume he will be well hung just
    because he is Black.

    Plan on having sex frequently with your Black lover. I recommend you
    keep your husband out of the bedroom unless you are sure he will not
    interfere with things. He could be a distraction and might interfere
    and distract the two of you from the joy of having sex to make a
    baby. Some perverted husbands also like to lick out their wife's vagina
    after she has had sex with another man. Be aware that this practice will
    remove your Black lover's sperm and (slightly) reduce your chance of
    getting pregnant. Let your husband use his imagination to figure out what
    you and your Black man are doing or take some photos so he can see what

    Then, go ahead and have the best sex you will ever have in this life.
    Imagine the two of you preparing to mate. You see his Black penis
    is long, stiff and beginning to quiver with desire. You feel the wet-
    ness between your legs and begin to fondle his Black penis, coaxing
    him into kneeling between your legs. You spread your your pink pussy
    lips open with one hand and guide his penis to the opening of your
    reproductive tract with your other hand. You adjust his aim and sigh
    with pleasure as he pushes himself inside you. Gradually he enters you
    until you feelhis balls brushing against your white ass. He begins to
    pump and you strain forward trying to see the intersection between Black
    man's penis and white woman's vagina. You catch a glimpse, but know he
    sees it far better than you can. Life is not always fair.

    As he pumps his penis in and out your womanly moisture lubricates him.
    Its glistens brightly in black splendor as its enters and leaves your
    body. Both of you feel a need to change positions. He withdraws and
    you turn and position yourself on your knees offering yourself in doggy
    position. He enters you again and begins to pump faster and harder and
    deeper than before. You climax once and then again. He too is caught up
    in the passion. You notice his balls are no longer slapping against your
    Mound of Venus. They are tightly drawn up in the sac. His penis is harder
    and bigger than before. Suddenly he thrusts deeply and holds his member
    inside you, ejaculating his semen. A gift for you. His orgasm and your
    hope for a baby. The doggy position lets him inject his Black semen as
    deeply as possible inside your White vagina and helps you retain it there
    so it will have a better chance of traversing your cervix, entering and
    crossing your uterus to your Fallopian tubes where hopefully one of the
    sperm will penetrate and fertilize an egg and produce a Black/White baby.

    Eventually it will work. Be ready for the good news. Get two of those home
    test pregnancy kits. When you think you're with baby, have your lover
    help you make the test. If you are pregnant, celebrate the joyous news
    (in bed naturally); if you're not pregnant, keep on trying. Sooner or later
    you will be pregnant. Don't tell your husband about this until you are sure.
    I recommend you use the second kit to break the news to him. Tell him you
    think you might be pregnant and have gotten a home test kit to find out.
    Have him help you too. Watch his reaction. That will give you an idea as to
    his true feelings. That will be important as you go through pregnancy,
    childbirth and childrearing. If appropriate, celebrate with him too,
    telling him leave off the condom.

    How will your white husband feel when you give your Black lover's name as
    the father for the birth certificate? How will he feel when the two of you
    take your Black baby shopping, to the movies, to daycare? How about school?
    You can see there might be some problems here. Think about them now--not
    later. My wife is a hospital nurse who recently saw what can happen in
    situations like this. A white woman gave birth to a baby who looked like she
    was pure Black. The woman's fiance was white and obviously not the father.
    He was present at the birth. As the situation became clear, he began backing
    away until he reached the wall and slid down it with sunken head. This story
    had a happy ending. The new mother and her fiance talked it over and he
    decided to accept the baby. What they decided no one except them knows.
    Maybe she agreed to stop fucking Black men. Maybe he decided he wanted her
    to go on fucking them. Her next maternity stay may reveal the decision they

    I wish you success and joy in this wonderful idea.
  10. donall108

    donall108 Active Member

    STORY TITLE White Slut Nurse
    AUTHOR Pierre
    CODES MF, Preg, Interr, Gang

    Warning:Fantasy Story Only!

    Hi, I am Debbie, 28 and 1.90 m. I used to be a very innocent girl. I was a girl with many ideals. As I always wanted to help other people, I had become a nurse. I wanted to go to Africa to help people over there.

    I already had applied for a position as a volunteer nurse in Africa, when I met my boyfriend Andrew, a gynaecologist in training at Harvard Medical School. He and I had build a great relation and I thought that we would get married one day. But my live got another turn.

    A few months later I got a phone call that I had been selected for a stay in Kenya with the Masai. I hesitated a lot, but finally decided to go. As I am a tall girl, I always had been dreaming about staying in an environment with many tall guys. I must admit I also was curious whether or not they also had long dicks. At that time I hadn't any thoughts or dreams about having sex with them: I had a boyfriend. My stay would only be for one year!

    In the first weeks I was totally devoted to my job. I also thought a lot about my boyfriend: I missed him but I also started to miss having sex. In these weeks I also had seen many nude Masai men and had noticed that they had long dicks indeed: some had dicks of almost two feet!

    Slowly but surely I started to have fantasies about having sex with those tall Masai with their big dicks. I started to use the very large dildo my boy-friend had given me. The dildo was about one and half feet long and a feet around. I had to make heavy use of the dildo. When I had a fantasy I took the dildo and pushed it as deep as I could into my wet and slippery cunt.

    At one time I pushed it so deep that the dildo went into my womb. I found it such a special and exciting feeling that from that time onwards I always pushed the dildo into my womb. From then on I also got fantasies about getting knocked up. I started to dream about dicks entering my womb and making me pregnant.

    I still remained faithful to my boyfriend, but it became more and more difficult. My fantasies also became stronger. I not only started to think about having sex with Masai men I had become acquainted to. I also started to have fantasies about having sex with more than one man. I dreamed about having more than one dick entering my cunt, my womb and knocking me up. In my dreams I had become a white slut.

    In reality I still hadn't had the nerve to live out my fantasy. Partly because I still wanted to stay faithful to my boyfriend, partly because I did not know how to act out my dreams. Where should a white slut goto to get those Masai to fuck her! I had no idea! I still was a stranger to the culture of the Masai. I knew that they had initiation-rites, but they were for Masai only. These were no use to me.

    As I could no longer stop my urges, I talked to a Masai nurse about meet-ing places of Masai men and women. I really wasn't interested in the meeting places of the women, only in the places for men. But I knew I couldn't show too much interest in mens' places. The Masai nurse told me all about the places to go and not to go, about places where women were treated with respect and where they were treated like whores or sluts. Finally I knew where to go: to the places were men treat the women like whores or sluts: I wanted to become a white slut, knocked up if possible.

    That evening I went to the place she most strongly told me not to go to: girls didn't get picked up there, they were fucked on the spot. Men would grab your tits, would push their fingers inside your cunt, would fuck you and would even gangbang you. That was the place to be for a white slut! I would go unprotected, I no longer used the pill and I wouldn't take any condoms with me. If they fucked me there was a chance that I would get knocked up!

    As I entered this wicked bar, all those tall Masai were looking at me. They looked as if they were undressing me. If looks could undress, I would have been starved naked. But although they looked they didn't make any dirty remark, didn't try anything dirty. I looked around and found a place to sit. As I sat down, I saw the Masai nurse that had told me not to go to this place. She had two cocks buried in her cunt, one in her ass and sucked a fourth! There was a true black slut.

    The men still didn't make any advances. They only looked at me. I thought that they might think that I had entered this place by mistake. They might be afraid I would go to the police if they tried anything. I had to convince them they should 'rape' me. What should I do: should I start fingering myself in public or should I join in with the Masai nurse.

    I decided to finger myself. I lifted the hem of my dress and started to caress my clit. They were not reacting quickly enough, so I pushed three fingers inside my cunt. It wasn't long before some of the men turned to me. They realized I wanted to get 'raped'.

    Three tall Masai men came to me. They asked if I knew what kind of place this was. I answered affirmatively and told them I had been told by the Masai girl that was gangfucked at the other table. They asked me if they could abuse me. I said: 'Yes, go ahead'.

    At first they started to grab my large tits. They squeezed them very hard without any considerations on my account. I realized I was about to become a white slut and I loved the idea. One of the guys started to suck one of my tits. The other took his cock out of his pants and offered it to me to suck.

    His cock was long and thick. I couldn't wait to get that one into my cunt. The third guy was fumbling around with my pussy. He inserted his fist into my fucking hole. It didn't go very deep, because I had a rather tight pus-sy.

    The man whose cock I had been sucking could no longer hold himself and he wanted to fuck me. I had no objection whatever. He put his cock inside my cunt and I immediately started to have an orgasm. I realised that I could get pregnant by him. That was a great turn-on. His cock went in very deep. Suddenly I felt him penetrating my womb. His cock was inside my most fertile spot! I got hornier than I already was. His cock went up and down my wet and slippery cunt. Each time I felt it penetrating my uterus. I felt like a super-slut. Nothing could hold me back. I wanted to go all the way.

    Then man had been pumping for a few minutes when he was about to come. He asked me if he should pull out and fire his semen over my belly. I could not control myself and started to yell.

    "Don't you dare! Fuck me harder! Come up in my cunt! I'm not on the pill so come on, knock this white slut up!"

    "Don't pull out! Breed me, make me pregnant, gang-fuck me! Push your cockheads hard into my cervix when we cum! My uterus! Help me! I'm cumming! Hold it hard, deep! Yes!"

    "Don't pull out! I'm a dirty white slut that needs a good screwing! Fuck it right up me and spunk into my womb! Knock this white slut up with your black baby! I want to be a momma!"

    The guy immediately shot his semen into my womb. It went right into my uterus. I could be knocked up at that same moment. It was not very likely that he had succeeded, but the thought was quite nice.

    While my cunt was still leaking sperm, the two other guys laid down on the ground. They had moved in such a position that their cocks were placed together. They indicated that I had to lower myself onto both cocks at ones! As I really wanted to get turned into a super-slut, this would be a mayor step towards that goal.

    As their cocks were rather large and thick, I also feared sitting down onto those two cocks. Fortunately my cunt was very slippery and I still was very horny. Thighs spread, I guided the monster poles into my cunt. With a sloppy gulp, my willing cunt took them to the hilt. The naked cock heads pressed into my open cervix and uterus. My cunt was spread wide open as those cocks went in and out.

    I liked this very much as I was in control. I could set the pace for the fucking. The previous fuck had been a fast one, so I made this one a lot slower. I enjoyed having two dicks in my cunt. At first I didn't let them enter me too deep. I prevented them from entering my womb, but I felt their cocks at her gateway. I had been fucking them for a few minutes as I found I could no longer hold back, I moved faster and felt both cocks entering my uterus. They went into my uterus quit deep and it drove me completely wild. I started to shout again.

    "Breed me, make me pregnant, gang-fuck me! Push your cockheads hard into my cervix when we cum! Shoot your loads into my womb! Knock me up, you bastards! I'm not on the pill, so let me have!"

    As they came, I could feel the difference of each shot of semen. Both shot large globs of sperm in my overfilled cunt. As they pulled out, sperm was running down my legs. Even this double fuck wasn't the last that night. I fucked at least ten other Masai warriors that night. The Masai nurse also must have been fucking with ten other Masai warriors. She left a little earlier then I did. We didn't have the opportunity to talk to each other.

    The next day we didn't work on the same shift, so we couldn't speak with each other. I did not return to that bar. My cunt was still sore.

    The day after I met the Masai slut nurse. Now we could talk. Her name was Nire. She was nineteen years old and just came from a small place into this city. Now her parents had no control she could do what she pleased.

    She asked me if I had enjoyed myself. I told her I did. I had become a white slut, just as she was a black slut. She told me that if I wanted to have a very experience, I should go with her that evening. She knew three brothers who were "triple gunners". They were able to fuck a girl simultaneously. The girl would get three cocks buried deep inside her cunt. And if I thought I had seen cocks, I would get a shock. These guys had the biggest cocks known to men. They were three feet long! And they were fully loa-ded.

    I agreed to come along. She would be picking me up around eight o'clock. Then we would visit these wonder boys. That evening she came at eight. She took me to a normal house not to a bar or so.

    When we arrived, the door was opened by a large naked Masai. He had the longest penis I had ever seen. I couldn't wait to feel that one inside my cunt. I started to leak! Inside the room were two other naked Masai men, who also had long penises. I almost fainted at the idea that all three cocks would go in my cunt. I had thought that we would have sex with the five of use, but the Masai girl wished us much of fun and left.

    The men were as horny as hell. I hardly had any time to sit down. They came to me and offered their cocks. I suck one, while I jerked the other two. These guys were very impatient. They were very single minded. They really only wanted to fuck. I did not object. I wanted them to fuck me. That's the reason I came here.

    The guy I had been sucking was the first to fuck me. I was a little bit afraid for his very big cock. As he pushed inside me, I could feel he was an expert. I felt completely filled up. He started to shag me very slowly and not very deep: a large part of his cock did not enter my cunt. Then he set up pace, his cock went deeper into my willing cunt. Suddenly his cock entered my uterus. His cock went in and out and I enjoyed it very much. I waited for him to shoot his semen inside my womb and possibly make me pregnant. But he stopped before he shot his semen inside me. He told me to wait.

    After he had pulled out, his brother took over. Again a cock was pushed right inside my uterus, but he also didn't come inside my womb. The third brother did the same thing.

    As they all had been fucking me this way, they said they would knock me up using the "triple gunners". I couldn't wait. They laid down on the g-round and moved into a position where their cocks came together. It looked great and exciting: three monster poles in a bundle. I could hardly wait to have a ride.

    Before riding I licked those three large cocks, they had to be as slippery as possible when they entered my cunt. When the cocks were all slippery and wet, I could no longer hold back, I had to fuck and get myself knocked up. These guys would make me pregnant with a triplet each from a different father!

    The cocks didn't go in very easily, they were large and thick. At first only a small part of the cocks went up my cunt, but with each stroke they went deeper. I had the time of my life. Then all three cocks at once entered my womb. I can't describe the feelings I had. I just went wild and over the top. I started to give these cocks a wild ride. I rode these cocks for five minutes and the guys still didn't come. The ride went on and on. All the time their cocks stayed inside my uterus. They never left my womb again. Meanwhile I was shouting rude language:

    "Push your cockheads further inside my uterus! Knock this white slut up! Make a black baby inside my cunt! Don't pull out until I'm pregnant! Breed me, you stallions! Make me pregnant, keep me pregnant! Gang-fuck me! Shoot all your sperm in my womb!"

    After a fucking of an hour, they could no longer hold back and emptied their cocks inside my womb. They hadn't asked if they should pull back, they just wanted to knock me up. A very large load of sperm had been blown inside my cunt. It looked as if they had shot a bucket full of sperm inside me. As I stood up, I was leaking. I hoped that still enough sperm were left to make me a knocked up white slut.

    Since that fuck I have been gangfucking each night, either in one of the sleazy bars or by the three brothers. Never in my live have I been so full of sper-m. It was only a matter of time before I would be knocked up. And indeed about two months after I started acting like a slut, I found out I was pregnant. I had no idea who made me pregnant, but I hoped that it would be by those three brothers and hopefully a triplet.

    I also found out I was not the only one that was knocked up. One morning I entered the changing-room in the Hospital, there was Nire throwing up. She told me she had been this way for a week and had no idea what she had. I knew she never had been using con-doms and I also imagined she was not on the pill. I asked if she used the pill, she said no. I told her she probably was pregnant. Fucking around, like she did have to result in pregnancy. She sighed and told me that she was expecting that. She also told that her fuc-king days were over. I told:

    "No way. Although I'm pregnant, I continue to fuck around. I became a white slut and I still am a white slut. My pregnancy is not going to stop that"

    After I told her I would continue to fuck around, I still thought I would take it easier. I had been in gangbangs, but I thought I wouldn't do pregnant gangbangs. In old USA I had seen "Nadine's pregnant gangbang, part one & 2". My boyfriend was a kinky guy. He had bought both films. I didn't like them very much. I found them a little too kinky. Boy, if I had known that I would be practicing the things I had seen and much more! I would have looked a little bit better. Nadine had been on her own, but I would take Nire with me.

    The first months of Nire's and my pregnancy, one could hardly see anything. After four months our bellies began bulging. At the fifth month our pregnancies showed and by the sixth month we were unmistakenly pregnant. Nire and I could no longer see our own feet. We had very large bellies. We both must have been pregnant with a triplet or at least twins. Although we both were very pregnant, we still went to all the wicked places. And still enjoyed being gangbanged.

    Let me tell you about one of my pregnant gangbangs. As always I was not alone, Nire had gone with me. We went to the sleaziest place of all: the place men would grab your tits, push fingers up your cunt, fuck you and even gangfuck you. We both wanted a thorough fuck and wanted to be covered with sperm.

    To make sure men saw me as a knocked up white slut, I had been wearing "dirty" make up and "dirty" clothes. I used pink eye-paint, heavy rouge and bright red lipstick. I only wore spandex dresses that just came under my cunt. I never wore any pants, I liked my cunt to be uncovered. That way men could get to their goal much easier. I also had shaved my pubic hair, so my cunt was perfectly bald. I had learned that this turned man on. Nire had also been wearing all of this. She had also shaved her cunt.

    As we entered the bar, we were swarming by men. A dozen men came to us and immediately grabbed any thing they could. A few were squeezing my tits, while others were caressing my big belly and still others were looking for my pussy. As they were very horny this time, they tore up my dress: I was completely naked. I could see that men were doing the same thing to Nire. She also was completely naked.

    The men pushed me to a table. Without any considerations they threw me on the table. Before I had hit the table, the first cock went into my knocked up cunt. This was the life for a knocked up slut. It didn't take very long for him to come. As he pulled his cock out, someone else shoved his cock inside my knocked up cunt. Within ten minutes ten men had come inside my knocked up cunt. The same thing happened at the table beside mine. At that table different men fuck Nire. She also had one cock in her mouth, while her big belly was already covered with some sperm. I lay behind! I should make up for the lost time.

    I instructed two of the guys to lay on the table. I wanted to be double-fuc-ked. As the guys laid down, I sat at top of their dicks. As always, it gave me enormous pleasure. I loved feeling two cocks inside my knocked up cunt.

    At that moment I saw that someone was making Polaroid-pictures from me while I was fucking. I didn't want those to go around so I wanted them given to me. The photographer didn't mind. While still fucking I saw the pictures. They turned me on even more. I could hardly breathe anymore and started to scream:

    "You bastards, give it to this knocked up slut! I'm a white knocked up slut that wants a good screw! Keep pushing your cocks inside my cunt! Keep fucking me! Fill me up with your cum!"

    These last words had their effect. The two men shot all of their cum inside my knocked up cunt. When they were done I saw the three brothers. I invited them, because I wanted to feel the "triple gunner" again.

    Very soon they were in position. As my cunt was very wet and slippery form all the cum from those other guys, I had no trouble getting those gigantic cocks inside my knocked up cunt. I rode them with care, but ma-king sure that with each thrust of me the cock would go deeper. Finally they could not go any deeper. I order to make them come I started to shout:

    "Fuck me, you breeders! Fuck me hard, you bastards! Make me come! Fill up my knocked up cunt! Come in my cunt! Fuck this white knocked up slut! Gangfuck me harder!"

    They could not hold back and I felt the "triple gunner" emptied inside my knocked up cunt.

    Meanwhile Nire had not sat still, I saw how she was gangbanged. I saw how she rode one cock, had one cock in her ass and was sucking a third one. Her pregnancy belly moved gently up and down. I could see she enjoy-ed herself as much as I did.

    After a few more fucks Nire and I were satisfied. We had gotten where we came for. A few good fucks and our bodies covered with sperm. As we had to return home naked, we both were raped a few times as well. We didn't care. We wanted and wished for all the cocks and cum in the world.

    I still hadn't told my boyfriend, I had been cheating on him and got myself knocked up. I still loved him, but he would be devastated and wouldn't want to see me anymore. I thought about I would bring this news to him. We had some phone calls, but I had never told him I had been cheating and got knocked up.

    Then I got an idea: a few weeks ago -during one of my pregnant gang-bangs-pictures had been taken. These showed me in full pregnancy with two cocks buried deep inside my cunt. I would send him these pictures and a message on the back of one of them.

    I wrote:
    `Dear Andrew,

    I didn't have the nerve to tell you, but during my stay here I have been turned into a complete slut. A knocked up slut as a matter of fact.

    After a few weeks I could no longer control my urges and needed to get fucked thoroughly. I had been playing with the dildo you gave me, but it didn't stop my urges, it only made me want to get knocked up.

    You were so far away and those tall Masai warriors with their gigantic cocks were so available that I started to fuck around. I have been in many gangbangs so far. During one of these gangbangs I must have been knocked up.

    I know you must be hurt, but I hope you'll forgive me. Your knocked up white slut,


    I expected him to leave me. I couldn't believe that he still wanted me to be his girlfriend. Therefore, his letter came as a total surprise. He wrote:

    `Dear Debbie,

    Your pictures made me horny as hell. I love a knocked up woman that's the reason I became a gynecologist.

    I had hoped those big black men would knock you up. That's the reason I gave you that large dildo. I almost gave up hope of turning you into a dick-loving slut. I was disappointed that you never mentioned any sexual adventures during our phone calls.

    Now I have finished my education and will be coming soon. I want to see you being gangbanged by those black men while you're pregnant.

    I will take some pregnant gangbang movies with me and I also will buy a camcorder to make our own pregnant gangbang movies. I hope you're prepared to become a permanent knocked up white slut. Your loving, Andrew'

    A few days later Andrew phoned me that he would come to me. He had contacted the hospital I am working and convinced them to take him as one of their staff. The hospital could not refuse, they might never have the opportunity to get someone from Harvard again.

    Two days later he arrived at the airport. His face started to glow as he saw my big belly. It was that we were at a public place otherwise he had fucked me on the spot. The first thing he said to me: "I will fuck you, you knocked up slut. I will push my cock as deep as I can inside that knocked up cunt of you." I wanted him to fuck me, I wanted him to rape me.

    As we came at my place, the first thing Andrew did, was rape me. He pushed his cock deep inside my knocked up cunt. He was calling me names.

    "I'm going to fuck you, you knocked up slut! I'm going to come in your knocked up cunt! I'm going to turn you into a permanent knocked up white slut! You will keep getting pregnant until you're too old! We will find as many stallions for your cunt as we can find! You'll always will be knocked up from now on!"

    I didn't mind as long as he would be with me and as long as I could stay a white slut. I hoped Andrew could help me to become a white super-slut.
  11. donall108

    donall108 Active Member

    AFRICAN SHANGRI-LA by Liz Ardwall

    Africa! I'd dreamed of the exotic jungles and people of that mysterious place since I was a little girl. Now, fresh from earning my RN degree at age 23, I was on my way to a position as a nurse at a clinic in a remote, nearly inaccessible area of a country in East Africa.

    Doctor Parmentier had instructed me by letter about traveling by train and bus to the nearest outpost of developed civilization. There, at the trading post, I was introduced to two young African men, who gave me a letter from Doctor Parmentier saying that I could rely upon them to guide me to his station.

    They lived near the village where the clinic was located, he wrote, and sometimes assisted him there. They were brothers; their names were Mwesi and Mpele. Although neither of the young men spoke a word of either English or Swahili, the doctor said, they were bright fellows, and I was a bright girl. Doctor Parmentier expressed his confidence that we would be able to communicate through sign language.

    My dear Karen, the doctor concluded, I hope to see you soon. I was eager to join him at the clinic and begin my work.

    After buying some lunch for myself and my guides from the trader, I set out into the forest with two barefoot African men; their dark, cocoa-colored bodies were clad only in khaki shorts. We had introduced ourselves by finger pointing, and saying our names. Mwesi led the way along the narrow trail, my bag resting easily upon his head; Mpele followed close behind me, carrying my duffel pack over his shoulders.

    We seemed to make good time along the simple path. There were signs of some animal traffic, perhaps horses or camels, or even cattle. I knew my guides probably recognized a thousand more sights along the way than I, but in time I hoped I would learn.

    When the sun was low, and its light was dimmed by the surrounding forest, we left the well-marked trail. We moved through the jungle along a barely visible path; vines clutched at my blouse as if trying to tear off my clothing. After a short distance, we came to a grassy clearing by a stream.

    I took it that we would camp for the night; it was a beautiful spot. There was a small pup tent in my duffel bag; my guides quickly set it up for me near a shrub covered with dozens of pink flowers. I supposed that the men would simply sleep on the grass.

    To my surprise, the African youths cast off their vestiges of civilization, dropping their shorts on the ground. Their dark cocks swung before them as they stepped into the knee-deep running water. They squatted in what must have been a deeper spot and washed themselves. Afterwards, unconcernedly naked, they splashed away down the stream. I supposed they had gone off to fetch something for our supper.

    As the behavior of the young men seemed so natural, I felt no alarm at being alone in the jungle with a pair of naked savages. When I recalled how they had looked so refreshed by their dip in the water, I couldn't resist trying it myself. I figured I would have time before my guides returned.

    I found a towel in my bag; then I sat on the grass and removed my boots, and stood and pulled off my blouse and shorts. I hesitated only seconds before tossing my bra and panties onto the pile - no point in getting them wet.

    Perhaps I lingered a bit too long, enjoying the feel of the cool, running water on my hot, sweaty skin. I had barely returned to the bank and begun to dry myself, when I heard the voices of my guides returning. I hastily wrapped the towel around me.

    The Africans grinned when they saw me, but simply dropped onto the grass the two fat catfish they were carrying, and went about gathering wood for a fire. In their usual life, I supposed the women would have completed that task before the men returned with food.

    Modestly, I pulled my panties up under the towel; then, finding the effort clumsy, I turned my back to the men and dropped the towel and simply pulled up my shorts, and then put on my blouse, leaving my bra off for the night. I turned and saw that my companions had paid me no mind.

    In contrast, as I watched them work, I found it difficult to ignore their nakedness. Their slim, supple bodies moved gracefully around the clearing; their black cocks swayed between their thighs. I found the two young Africans to be quite handsome, and perhaps only in the back of my mind, even to be desirable.

    The firewood was ready, and I expected some primitive skill would be used to start the fire. To my disappointment, Mwesi reached into the pocket of his discarded shorts and extracted a plastic wrapped box of matches. Soon, the fish were cooking, skewered on sticks supported above the fire. I saw Mpele washing a broad, green leaf in the stream.

    When the fish were cooked, the young men pried them from the sticks and laid them on the clean leaf. We sat around it, and used two slim twigs as chopsticks to pick the warm, juicy flesh from the bones of the fish. If we dropped a bit, we picked it up with our fingers - I from my shorts-covered lap, and my companions from the naked crotches where their dark cocks rested. The oily spots on their brown skin glistened in the firelight.

    After we had finished, we washed our hands in the stream. Then I crawled into my tent and closed the mosquito net across the end. Beyond the flickering campfire, I saw the two naked young men lie down; it appeared that they lay together in an embrace. The night was warm; I removed my shorts and blouse and lay alone in my tent and tried to sleep. Crickets and frogs made music in the night. After what must have been a brief nap, I awakened; my skin was coated with a sheen of perspiration. I looked through the gauzy netting that covered the entrance to my tent. Just beyond the campfire, I saw a large, dark shape that glistened as it moved in the flickering light. I yielded to my curiosity and pulled the covering apart.

    Then I could see clearly the naked, brown bodies of my two young guides. They appeared to be wrestling. One had seized the other from behind, and was pulling on his hips. I looked more closely, and saw an object, long and dark, moving between them.

    Ohhhh! Could it be? The young man behind was moving his prick into the bottom of his companion. I could see it now, as the oily skin reflected the dancing firelight when its length appeared and vanished again. I wondered which boy was which. I recalled reading that, among the tribes of this part of Africa, most likely the older would be slaking his lust in the body of his younger brother. Mwesi must be fucking Mpele.

    The sight made my pussy throb with lust. Pulling off my panties, I crouched on my knees, resting my butt on my heels, and dug my fingers into my moist cunt. I stroked in and out in rhythm with the hard African cock I could see digging into the young man's butt. Soft moans and words in their African language carried to me through the still night from the men beyond the fire. The sounds grew louder, and I rubbed myself faster. Then the moving bodies froze, and I felt my own climax overwhelm me. I fell back, naked, onto my sleeping bag, and floated from my bliss into a peaceful sleep.

    Sometime later in the night, I drifted into a state of awareness. I couldn't really say I was awake. My eyes were closed, and my breathing was regular. Still, I felt that I was not alone; some one lay close beside me. A breath made goosebumps on my flesh; then a warm hand pressed flat upon my bare tummy. I tensed with apprehension.

    What had I done? Had I invited this by collapsing, naked, onto my sleeping bag after the fantastic orgasm I had experienced while watching the men fucking? Were they still horny for sex? Was one of them, or both, going to rape me now?

    Would it be rape, even? Uninvited though he might be, I knew I would welcome either of the young Africans. Now that I was awake, I knew that if he tried to slide his hot, black cock into my wet pussy, I would beg him to continue. Was it the aggressive Mwesi? Or was it Mpele, seeking the satisfaction he had given his companion? It didn't matter.

    I relaxed, and moved my hand to cover the one on my belly. Then I tugged at it, trying to pull it to my breast. The intruder scrambled between my legs, which I spread to give him room. I watched his two dark hands slide up my body and cup my breasts, making me shiver with excitement. I felt my pussy twitch with desire; soon, I thought, he would stab his hard African shaft into me.

    Instead, I felt his tongue lick along my wet and ready cunt. He pinched my nipples, and I gasped with pleasure. When he slurped again through my open slit and nibbled my clit with his lips, I exploded into orgasm, locking his head between my thighs. When I recovered, his hands and mouth soon brought me over the edge again. After the third time, I remember hearing myself cry out in ecstasy. Then I must have passed out from bliss.

    When I awakened, my lover was gone. The light of dawn was being greeted by a multitude of twittering birds. I stretched, and with barely a second thought, emerged naked from my tent. Mwesi grinned at me from where he sat stirring the coals of the fire. I strolled casually past him and dipped myself into the pool in the stream. The cool water washed the sweat from my body and the sleep from my mind.

    I returned to my tent and found my towel and stood outside drying myself. Mpele emerged from the jungle carrying a large leaf made into a satchel. He looked at me admiringly, while he set his parcel on the ground and exposed the nuts and berries he had gathered. My eyes followed his dark cock, but he did not become erect.

    I couldn't tell which of the young men had made love to me in my tent. I marveled at the way he had given me such intense pleasure but sought no satisfaction for himself. Perhaps his act was calculated; I could feel that my desire for both of the young African men had grown to where I almost hoped that the next night would bring us even closer together.

    I began to dress myself. Mwesi rose from the campfire and came to examine my brassiere; I felt a thrill of lust when the naked African stood behind me and fastened the straps. He held my arm to steady me while I pulled on my shorts. When I put on my blouse, Mpele came over to help me button it. Dressed, I composed myself, trying to slow my quickened breathing.

    We sat around Mpele's leaf for our breakfast table. There was a clean, flat stone in the center of the coals now, and Mwesi broke small eggs to fry upon its hot surface; he scooped each one up and served it on a leaf. After we had finished, we washed down our breakfast with handfuls of water from the rushing stream.

    I was disappointed to see my African guides pull on their shorts. They quickly packed my tent, and then we were on our way. I paid more attention to Mwesi's body as we walked, watching the play of his muscles under his smooth, brown skin. When we stopped briefly for a lunch of fruit, I sat between them as we leaned against a fallen tree; on either side, my shoulder and thigh touched the warm body of a handsome African man. They took turns cracking nuts and feeding them into my mouth.

    We marched onward; now and then, my guides conversed in their language. As the sun lowered in the late afternoon, we again turned onto an ill-defined path into the forest. I thought we must have walked about a quarter mile, until we came to a clearing where there was a small, open-sided structure with a grass-thatched roof. Inside, I could see a gray-haired, dark-skinned woman seated on the floor.

    A naked young African woman came out to greet us, carrying a tiny infant nursing at her breast. After each of my guides had set down my baggage and embraced her warmly, she was introduced to me as Awela. I took it that she was the wife of one of the young men, though I couldn't tell which, as they had treated her with equal affection.

    The two African men, finished with their civilized work for the day, dropped their shorts and tossed them into a corner of their home. I watched their naked bodies with new interest, wondering what the night would bring. The young men picked up metal-tipped spears from beside the hut, and walked away into the forest to hunt for our dinner.

    I wondered what I would do until their return. Awela picked up one of my bags, and I took the other; we placed them beside what I took to be a sleeping mat. Then the African girl laid her baby in a kind of sling hammock near the old woman, who sat weaving strands of grass into what might become a basket. Awela came to me and took my hand and led me away from her home into the trees.

    I heard the sound of rushing water; after a short walk, we came to the grassy bank of a small stream. The water appeared to be fresh and clean, probably originating in the low range of hills I could see not far away. Awela released me and stepped into the creek. She faced me and beckoned me to join her; then she began to wash her body.

    The prospect looked very inviting, and after last night, I had lost any shyness about taking off my clothes. I sat and removed my boots and socks, and then stood and dropped my shorts and blouse beside them. My bra and panties followed, and I walked naked into the cool stream to stand by Awela.

    To my surprise, she began to wash me, rubbing her gentle hands all over my body. I returned the service, enjoying the feel of the texture of her wet skin. Our hands found our breasts and excited our nipples to firmness. We seemed to flow naturally into an embrace where our fingers found our partner's pussy slit. Soon we brought each other to a climax so intense that we collapsed together into the cool water of the stream.

    It was a remarkable experience for me. Even when I had admired the statuesque beauty of Awela's naked body, I hadn't thought of her in a sexual way. I couldn't imagine having met anyone like her back home, and if, somehow, I had, I doubt we would have come together in this way. But the mutual desire of Awela and myself had seemed to flow naturally from our affection and our playful washing. I realized, then, that the easy nakedness I had picked up from my two African guides must have opened the way to what had occurred with Awela. Without being aware of the process, I seemed to be learning a new way of living.

    Cleansed by the rushing stream, we rose and made our way to the bank. Awela picked up all of my clothing, and then led the way back to the home clearing. I followed, comfortable to be naked like all of the Africans of this special family I had found. The earth of the forest floor was soft; twigs and leaves crackled beneath my feet, but I had grown up on a farm as a barefoot tomboy, and my feet were still tough enough to feel no discomfort.

    Awela left my clothing beside my luggage. Taking a basket, she led me to a cultivated area of several varieties of vegetables. She used a pointed stick to dig into the earth and bring out what appeared to be a yam. Then she gave me the stick and indicated a spot. I felt a sense of accomplishment when I found another yam and placed it into the basket. We gathered some small squashes, and picked what I supposed were beans or peas.

    We carried the basket to the stream and let the running water flow through it as we washed the vegetables. Then we returned to the clearing and gave our harvest to the old woman. The young men had returned and were occupied with skinning the carcass of a small animal.

    Awela took her infant from the hammock. We sat together on a mat while Awela nursed him. After a while, Awela handed her precious baby to me. By sign, she indicated that his name was Tholo. I held his little brown body close, and felt his fingers explore my breast. Then his tiny lips began to suck my nipple; I was dry, but he seemed content to nibble at my flesh.

    I was shocked to feel myself become sexually stimulated by his attention. Awela moved beside me and draped an arm over my shoulder. She moved a hand to caress my unattended breast, and rubbed her cheek on mine. I reached up to her hand on my shoulder and held it in mine. Glowing with the intensity of our shared affection, I marveled at the way the remarkable young woman had accepted me in her home without a hint of jealousy. Despite my arousal, I felt very much at peace.

    After a while, Awela left me with the baby to help prepare the meal. The men came to sit with me on the mat. They took the little boy and held him and caressed him, as he cooed and gurgled happily. There was no way to tell which was his father and which, his uncle.

    Darkness came with the suddenness typical of the tropics. We gathered on a mat, and by the flickering light of the remains of the cooking fire, we shared a delicious meal of roasted meat and the vegetables I had helped to gather. The flavors were enhanced by spices I couldn't recognize.

    After dinner, we washed our hands in the stream. When we returned to the shelter, Awela drew me down to lie with her on the mat. We merged into an embrace, and rubbed our cheeks together as we gently caressed each other's skin.

    Awela moved around to where our feet were extended, and our heads rested near each other's breasts. I felt her tongue caress my nipple, and moaned in bliss as I returned the pleasure to my partner. Beside us, I saw Mwesi and Mpele sitting side by side, stroking each other's firmness as they watched us.

    After a while, Awela crawled forward along my body, trailing her tongue down my belly. I had never imagined that I would do such a thing, but when our tongues found the wet creases of our sex, it seemed a natural expression of the affection I felt for the beautiful body and soul of Awela.

    Probing and licking and nibbling, we shared a steadily rising excitement. Soon we could endure no more. I felt Awela's body begin to shudder and thrash, as my own excitement exploded into ecstasy. We soared together, and held each other as we drifted back to a peaceful rest.

    I lay relaxed, savoring the bliss of my climax with Awela. Then she pulled away from me, and Mwesi moved between my legs. Without thinking, I spread them to give him access. Mwesi crawled forward and paused above me. I looked into his warm, brown eyes, and reached up and grasped his shoulders. My heels lifted and rested on his hips.

    Now I was ready for him; now I welcomed him. Mwesi lowered his body onto mine, and I felt his hard flesh prod at my cunt lips, juicy and open from Awela's loving. Our eyes locked as he slid slowly, steadily, deeply into me, and began to move.

    His big prick filled me with hot sensations I hadn't felt for more than two years. There had been a fleeting affair in my senior year of college. I knew at once that this was different. Though I had known this little family only a short time, I could feel their love and acceptance of me, and I returned their feelings. Beside us sat Mpele and Awela, embracing and slowly, softly stroking each other's genitals, watching us with affection and approval in their eyes.

    Mwesi pumped his hard, black cock into my cunt, stroking the tissues already made sensitive by Awela. As my excitement grew, in the back of my mind, I realized I was not protected. At school, I had been on the pill, but I had figured supplies would be difficult to find out here, so I had let that regimen go. Now, in a place where there were no condoms, a man was making love to me. In this remote spot, I felt no fear of disease. Doctor Parmentier could, if necessary, terminate any pregnancy. The thoughts of consequences almost slipped from my mind.

    But Mwesi knew how babies were made, and I could only presume that he expected to impregnate me. Mpele and Awela were watching us, giving us their blessing. As Mwesi's hard prick brought me closer to orgasm, as his warm arms held me tight against his firm, dark body, I felt a sense of belonging I hadn't known before. Mwesi's organ swelled within me, and as my mind whirled with my climax, I felt his seed splash deep inside me, again and again.

    I floated back to earth, after what I believed was the most intense orgasm of my life. To my dismay, Mwesi raised his body and withdrew his dripping prick from my cunt. My arms slipped from his flesh, and I felt a sense of shock and abandonment. I looked frantically around me, hoping for some assurance that I would not be left alone. I found it in Awela's warm, loving smile.

    Then Mpele moved above me, and plunged the length of his hard cock into my cum-slippery channel. He grasped me in his arms and stroked quickly in and out. Excited by his play with Awela while watching his brother mate with me, it took Mpele little time before his body tensed, and I felt his sperm shoot into my womb to join that of Mwesi. Then I understood; I was being formally impregnated, and my baby, like Awela's, would have two fathers.

    I caressed Mpele's warm, smooth back, as he rested inside me, keeping me filled with his spent organ. Mwesi and Awela came and lay on either side of us. Mpele's nose gently rubbed against mine, as Mwesi and Awela pressed their cheeks against our faces. I knew then that I would bear our baby, and that he or she would be born into the loving company of two fathers and two mothers. If before that moment of conception, I had been a visitor, now there was no doubt that I belonged in that place.

    After a while, Mpele's prick grew hard again, and we made love slowly and completely, until his seed gushed inside me as we climaxed together. When, after our joined bodies had relaxed, he tenderly withdrew, I welcomed his brother once more. Mwesi languidly stroked within me, as our hands softly roamed over each other's skin and our cheeks gently circled upon each other. His seed joined the pool inside me, and I was certain that the single sperm that would find my egg would belong to both of my lovers together.

    We parted and slept, I in the arms of Awela, and the brothers embraced with each other. I had never felt so satisfied and content. Here, with this simple family, I had found what the civilized people I had left behind me might only imagine.

    In the morning, we arose and washed in the stream, four of us splashing each other and rubbing the wet skin of those we had loved in the night. The young men came erect, and our nipples were firm, but we simply played like children, and then left the water.

    Back at the shelter, we ate, and then went about our chores. Awela and I went to the field. In the afternoon, Mpele came to us, and I made love with him on the soft earth between two rows of squash plants. In the evening, Awela and I pleasured each other while we watched Mwesi express his affection for his brother. The next day, while gathering nuts in the forest, Mwesi gave me his seed again.

    Days passed, and Awela's body began her monthly flow. Unembarrassed, she went about her daily routine. Blood flowed down her thigh, and from time to time she would go to the stream to wash. There was no indication whatever of the ritual impurity common among African peoples.

    Days turned to weeks, and I knew that I had missed my time. Within my womb, our baby was growing, and I felt an immeasurable sense of well being.

    As time went on, I learned enough of my family's language to get by. I settled into a routine of daily living. While the young men went out hunting or fishing, Awela and I tended the vegetable garden or gathered the plentiful stuff of the forest: fruits, nuts, and berries. I had even learned to find edible roots and mushrooms. We brought what we gathered back to the camp, where we helped the old grandmother prepare our meals.

    Awela and I shared the care of the baby; when he had taken what Awela deemed a sufficient amount of her milk, she gave him to me, and took her turn at the household chores. Tholo found my dry breast to be a satisfactory pacifier, and I continued to feel a guilty sexual thrill as the little fellow kneaded my breast and nibbled and chewed at my nipple. When we laid the sleeping baby to rest in his little hammock, I would coax Awela to join me on the sleeping mat. We would make love, while not far away, the old grandmother sat rocking the baby and chopping vegetables.

    In the evening, after supper, we would find our way to the sleeping mat and form two couples, side by side. The pairings seemed equally enjoyable to all of us, and varied from night to night. A look, or a touch, during dinner might lead to the joining of any two of the four of us, and the remaining two would take undiminished pleasure in making love beside the first couple. Sometimes, in the night, we might change partners. It seemed as though we were four halves of two wheels of a cart, and however put together, we would roll along smoothly.

    After about two months, Mwesi came home in the evening from hunting and handed me an envelope. My heart stopped for a moment; my other world had caught up with me. Doctor Parmentier wrote that he had learned that I was safe, and doubted not that I was profoundly happy. He said the world would envy my contentment, and he apologized for intruding upon it. When I did not arrive, he sent a runner to search for me, and had learned of my situation. He had contacted his organization to arrange for my replacement, but there was no other nurse available.

    The need at his clinic was great, he wrote. If I came to him, the hours would be long and hard. We would know disappointment, as we could not help everyone who would come there. But I would know the satisfaction of saving lives. If there was not a great need, he wrote, he would not have sought to disturb my happiness. He sent his prayers for my well being.

    I felt a sense of shock. Like the old joke about the missionaries, I mused, I had come out here to do good, and had done better than I could have dreamed. I had found a Shangri-La, and had drifted into a life of contentment and fulfillment, far removed from the needs of the rest of the world.

    Doctor Parmentier had pricked my guilty conscience. I had come to Africa to help save lives. I had the ability, and so I felt the duty.

    That evening, I sat with my three lovers and told them what I had to do. During the night, we lay in a pile, while two of them held me close, and the other's hands caressed us all.

    In the morning, after breakfast, I embraced the old woman, and kissed little Tholo, and hugged Awela for about five minutes. I promised to return when the time came for me to bear our baby. And then, dressed in my unfamiliar clothing, I accompanied Mwesi and Mpele to the clinic.

    Doctor Parmentier welcomed me; I was quickly put to work. Surgeries were frequent; dormitory rooms were filled with the ill. We arose in the morning, ate on the run, and worked into the night. After a time, as the baby of my often remembered love grew in my belly, the doctor insisted I take a nap in the afternoon.

    One day, I was astonished to see my family, Mwesi and Mpele and Awela, holding little Tholo, standing in line for immunizations for infants. There were all naked, just as I had left them. When they reached me, I could barely keep my hands from trembling as I stuck a clean, disposable needle into little Tholo's naked hip. After I put down the syringe, I turned to the men. I must have looked a sight. We had been working long days, unendingly since my arrival. Mwesi held out his arms, and I fell into them. I must have fainted.

    I awakened on the cot in my sleeping shelter. I was surrounded by my family, who must have carried me there at Doctor Parmentier's direction. Awela's ear rested on my rounded belly, listening for baby noises. She noticed that I was awake, and smiled encouragingly. I reached for her head and caressed her hair with both of my hands. Awela moved to lie on my chest; she held me close and rubbed her cheek in circles on my own.

    I was more than eight months pregnant, and I wanted to go and be with my family. I went to tell the doctor, who assured me that the old grandmother had done a fine job of delivering Mwesi and Mpele, and unless there were unexpected complications with the birth of my baby, I should remain with my family until I had regained my strength.

    Doctor Parmentier told me that he had anticipated my departure for my delivery. He had arranged for a student nurse from an African university to come and assist him for three months. He hoped that when my baby and I were strong, I might return to my calling.

    I assured him that I knew my duty. I would return with my baby and work beside him, but the clinic would have to share me from time to time with my family. The doctor wished me good luck.

    With my family in my quarters, I stripped off my nurse's uniform and left it and all of my other belongings in my bag in my room. Barefoot and naked, I left the clinic settlement behind and walked with my family back to my other life. Awela let me carry Tholo part of the way. As usual, Mwesi led us, and Mpele followed.

    When we reached the camp, I greeted the old grandmother. After she listened to my belly, her smile reassured me that all would be well.

    That evening, Awela led me to her sleeping mat. We caressed each other, and then she guided me to lay between her legs and give her pleasure with my tongue. After she had climaxed, Mwesi gently urged me away, and pushed his hard cock into Awela's ready opening. Mpele sat beside me, and we played with each other's genitals while we watched Mwesi and Awela make love.

    I realized that they had waited for my return to perform the ritual impregnation of Awela's next baby. When Mwesi withdrew his wet organ, and Mpele took his place to quickly add his seed to Awela's womb, I knew that another life would come into our family, loved by its four parents, and by its two older siblings.

    I understood that, although I would leave from time to time to work at Doctor Parmentier's clinic, I would always return here, and watch our children, and those to come, grow up. Someday, Awela and I would be the old grandmothers, taking care of the younger generations. And until the end of our days, we would make love with each other and with our two husbands.
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    The Governor's Wife

    by Liz Ardwall


    WARNING: This story contains scenes of explicit sexual activity
    between a young man and an older woman. The author does not
    encourage nor condone the reading of this story by anyone
    forbidden by law to do so. By continuing to read, you accept sole
    responsibility for your action.

    If you consider an interracial or generation-difference story to
    be offensive, please leave now. The author doesn't want to hear
    about it.

    Please note the following story content codes:

    hetero, interracial, cons, cuckold, preg, MF

    SUMMARY: In 1910 Africa, a wife evens the score with her
    philandering husband.

    DISCLAIMER: This story is entirely a work of fiction. No
    resemblance to actual persons or places is intended. Descriptions
    of unprotected sexual acts are not meant to encourage the reader
    to engage in unsafe behavior.


    I heard Bakari, the senior butler, close the front door behind
    Madame Van Genk. My goodness, I thought, if she knew, everyone in
    the colony must know. How could he do that to me?

    The wife of the Belgian attache - who was surely near the tail
    end of the gossip trough - had mentioned in passing that it was
    wonderful that my husband was able to get away into the country
    as he did. Her dear friend, the wife of the German Consul (who
    had her to tea twice a year) had mentioned overhearing that Arab
    trader - the sleazy one, Sheikh Something-or-other, who used to
    be a slaver before the Empire brought order to this place -
    telling her husband (German men were bigger gossips than their
    wives) that my husband, the Governor of the colony, was seen
    motoring in the highlands in the company of the Countess.

    That was the occasion when my husband had explained that his
    overnight absence had been due to engine trouble. Poor Gerald had
    stayed in a remote hunting lodge, with a company of rude men he
    hoped I'd never have the misfortune to meet. Hah! I'd bet there
    wasn't a white man for miles near where he and the Countess had
    spent the night. How else to account for his generous grant to
    her and her drunkard husband of a large tract of prime
    coffee-growing land?

    Gerald had always been overly impressed by titles. I had my
    doubts that the Countess was genuine. Perhaps that tiny duchy she
    claimed as home didn't even exist. I'd looked for it on Gerald's
    map, but it was new, and only showed a big red splotch called
    "Germany" now. Still, it was real enough to seduce my husband in
    open view of the natives.

    I had heard the tale before, from the wife of the Russian Consul,
    an old friend of both myself and the Germans. "Alexandra," she
    had said to me, "Herr von Zittau was saying ..." Those horrid,
    scandal mongering Huns. Madame Van Genk's smirk was discreet, but
    I'd seen Mademoiselle Des Champs, the French Consul's daughter,
    tittering behind her fan when Gerald and I had walked into their
    party two nights ago. I kept my head high, but my distress was
    such that I could only pick at my dinner.

    I'd hoped the embarrassment might be minimized, but I realized
    now that was a lost dream. Although our passion may have
    diminished, Gerald and I had two fine children back home in
    England: our son was in public school, while our daughter stayed
    with my sister in Kent. I had supposed that if my husband were
    ever to stray, that he would do so with discretion, to avoid

    Now, Gerald had to be punished. He had to feel the shame and
    scorn that I'd experienced after his notorious philandering.
    During the afternoon and evening, I formed a plan.

    The next day, after Gerald had gone to Government House, I told
    Bakari to prepare the motorcar for my use; the open touring car
    would be perfect for an outing on a nice, sunny day. My husband
    never permitted me to drive in his company, but I was quite proud
    of my skill and confident I could handle it.

    I instructed the kitchen to prepare a picnic, and made certain
    there would be ice to chill it during our outing. And in the
    presence of several of the servants, I asked that the houseboy,
    Kito, might come along to serve me.

    I was confident that Kito would suit my purpose. He was young,
    about 20, and I found his boyish appearance rather handsome, for
    an African. He had an engaging smile and seemed eager to please.
    Yes, he would do nicely.

    I dressed fashionably, in my crocodile-skin boots and a
    fawn-colored traveling suit with an ankle-length skirt. A frilly
    white blouse completed my attire. I donned my long, white duster
    coat; on my carefully coiffed blond hair I set one of my
    husband's straw boater hats, tied with a gay, orange scarf.

    Kito had supervised the loading of the meal and equipment into
    the boot of the vehicle. Now he stood smartly at attention beside
    the open door. His bright red waistcoat fastened over his flat
    belly with a brass chain. Starched white trousers covered his
    legs to mid-calf, below which he was barefoot. A crisp, white
    half-sleeved shirt, open at the collar, set off his warm, brown
    skin, the color of dark oak.

    He smiled as I stepped into the car behind the wheel. Kito closed
    the door and moved to the front of the car. Over the polished
    yellow lacquer of the bonnet I watched him turn the crank; the
    engine roared to life with the power of two dozen horses. Kito
    scurried around to the other door to sit beside me. Between us,
    the gear shifting lever rose from the floor to a polished walnut
    knob. I engaged the transmission, and the car leapt forward;
    behind, I saw a group of waving servants scatter to avoid a
    shower of gravel.

    I turned onto the road that ran past our compound - one of the
    great benefits our civilization had brought to this primitive
    land. As I drove rapidly along the well-packed surface,
    occasionally dipping into a depression that caused my bottom to
    levitate from the seat of the bouncing vehicle, I observed my
    companion tensely clutching the seat with one hand and the edge
    of the wind screen with his other.

    "What fun!" I cried, hoping to cheer him.

    "It is early, Mum," Kito said in a weak voice. "There is no need
    to hurry."

    I laughed gaily, and drove on. About a league from home, I turned
    onto a more rustic lane. Although we rocked along the uneven
    pathway, I was confident the sturdy motorcar could manage the

    Kito's expression was grim as we ascended by a spiral route to
    the top of a hill, which I had chosen for it's commanding view of
    the plain. I also knew that any activity atop the summit could
    just barely be observed through my husband's field glasses. I
    found a certain titillation in that thought, even though there
    was little likelihood Gerald would come home to use them.

    Kito sighed with relief when I brought the car to a halt beside a
    smooth, white expanse of flat rock. He leapt from the car and
    hurried to open my door. I alighted and told him to take the
    folding table and chair from the boot and set them up on the
    rock, where I would enjoy my repast.

    While I took in the splendid panorama, Kito set the table,
    covering it with a white cloth and placing some of my good china
    and silver tableware. There was a wedge of soft French cheese, a
    small vial of caviar brought home from our days in St.
    Petersburg, and a tin of good English biscuits. An ice-filled
    silver wine bucket held a split bottle of French champagne.

    I seated myself in the chair. Kito stood in attendance at my
    elbow. I showed him how to open the champagne, nudging the neck
    away from his face before the cork popped out. Some of the foam
    splashed onto the rock, but he deftly maneuvered the mouth of the
    bottle to my glass and poured it full of the bubbling liquid.

    As he set the bottle back into the ice bucket, I lifted the
    glass. "To life!" I toasted, and quaffed a long swallow. Then I
    took a biscuit, and spread some caviar on it, and savoured the
    exotic flavour. Another biscuit was spread with the soft cheese.

    After a moment, I lifted the glass again. "To pleasure!" I
    called, and drank some wine and enjoyed another helping of the
    snacks. I glanced at Kito, who smiled politely.

    I looked out over the plain. In the distance, I thought I could
    see our compound. Once more I raised my wine. "To getting even!"
    I said, and drained the glass.

    I set it down and nodded to Kito to refill it. When he had done,
    I gazed out upon the countryside, feeling a bit lightheaded. I
    lifted the glass and looked at Kito. "To your health!" I toasted.

    Then I handed the glass to Kito. "Drink some," I said.

    His brown eyes were wide; he looked at me, and then raised the
    glass and took a swallow. Smiling, he set it on the table.

    "Kito," I said. "It's such a lovely day. Why don't you make
    yourself comfortable, and get out of these restricting, civilized
    garments? Feel free, clothed by the breeze as when you were a

    Kito stared at me as if I had lost my mind.

    "Go ahead, Kito," I said. "Remove all of your clothing."

    "But, Mum," he started to protest.

    "Do it, Kito," I commanded, in the voice of authority that had
    tamed an empire.

    Kito set his face in a stoic expression. Item by item, he removed
    the pieces of his uniform, folding each one neatly and laying it
    on the bonnet of the car. Then he presented himself for
    inspection - clad in a white cloth wrapped around his loins.
    Under his civilized veneer, it seemed, was a remnant of
    traditional attire.

    I admired his slim, youthful body. His legs were well muscled -
    it looked as if he was a practised runner. I supposed that, back
    in his village, he had dashed about hurling his spear at fleeing
    gazelles. I intended to stab his spear into my husband's vanity.

    I insisted upon completion, "That, too, Kito."

    "Oh, Mum," he whimpered.

    I nodded sternly. He turned away and unwrapped his loincloth,
    exposing the dark globes of his buttocks. He placed the folded
    scrap with his other clothing, and then turned to face me. He
    stepped forward, but not as close as before. His skin was
    perfectly brown and smooth, without a scar or blemish.

    My gaze was captured by his organ, covered with soft, black skin.
    It hung over his dark sac of eggs and down his thigh, appearing
    considerably longer than my husband's. Although Gerald's tool
    would spring out like Jack-in-the-box to a respectable length
    when ready for action, I was certain that Kito's shaft would fill
    to a couple of inches more than I had ever experienced.

    I looked Kito up and down. "You're a handsome young man," I said.

    "Thank you, Mum," he said.

    I took a biscuit and spread it with caviar and ate it. Then I had
    some soft cheese, and took a swallow of the champagne. After a
    moment, I looked at Kito and smiled.

    I turned in my chair to face him, and extended my raised foot.
    "Please help me remove my boots, Kito," I said.

    Naked, he squatted before me, his eyes on my foot. With some
    effort, he undid the knots and laces and removed one boot, and
    then the other. I rolled down my stockings; Kito pulled them off.
    He carried the items over to the car and returned.

    "Help me up, please," I said.

    He took my elbow and assisted me to rise. I swayed a bit, giddy
    from the wine, or perhaps from my nearness to a naked man.
    Steadying myself, I stepped toward the centre of the flat, white
    rock and turned my back to Kito. "Come here," I said.

    When he had moved closer, I moved my hand back over my shoulder
    and indicated the row of buttons down the back of my blouse.
    "Unfasten these buttons, Kito," I said.

    I heard no sound, felt no movement for a moment. Then his fingers
    began to fumble with my buttons. When they were undone, I
    shrugged my blouse forward and down my arms. I turned and handed
    it to Kito; he carried it to the car. While he was gone, I
    unfastened and dropped my skirt. He took it from me when he

    Beneath my outer garments, I had worn only a pale, silk slip.
    While Kito folded my skirt, I let my last covering drop from my
    shoulders and kicked it aside. When he turned to face me, I was

    He stopped; I saw him take a deep breath. He stepped closer, and
    took another breath.

    "You are a beautiful woman, Mum," he said softly.

    At 36, I hadn't yet gone to seed, but I was certain he'd seen
    more athletic, well-proportioned young women in his village. Was
    he just making polite flattery to his employer?

    Evidently he was sincere. I watched as his dark cock stretched
    and jerked. It began to levitate, pointing horizontally toward my
    groin. Then it jumped upright and slapped against his belly,
    reaching almost to his navel.

    Gratitude for his tribute filled my heart. "Thank you, Kito," I

    His lust-glazed eyes roamed over my body; his pink tongue licked
    his lips. Breathing faster, he took a step toward me. I held up
    my hand to stop him. I intended to teach my young servant a few
    new tricks before we got to the main event.

    "Go and stand on the other side of the table, Kito," I directed.

    Once more my compliant attendant, he went and stood opposite my
    chair. I moved to sit down, and spread my legs open under the

    "Crouch down and crawl forward," I told him. "Lay your face on my

    He looked at me with a puzzled expression, but proceeded to obey.
    I spread some caviar on a biscuit, and felt his hands find my
    feet. They wandered up my calves, and along the inside of my
    thighs, moving at the top to the outside to grasp my hips. I felt
    his shoulders brush my knees, and then his cheek rested against
    my groin. I could feel his breath on my hip.

    "Turn your face toward me, Kito," I said. "When you find
    something there, lick it with your tongue."

    I lifted the biscuit to my mouth. My teeth came together hard
    when I jumped at the feel of his tongue slurping between the wet
    lips of my cunt.

    "Yes, Kito, dear," I said. "You sweet boy. Do that."

    He dipped and licked, and licked again, taking to his task with
    enthusiasm. I reached under the table to guide his head. My hands
    rested on his short, wiry hair, feeling the slickness of some
    kind of oily dressing. I urged his head forward a bit; when his
    nose bumped my clitoris, I groaned with pleasure.

    "There, Kito," I sighed. "Lick that."

    His tongue swirled around my button, making me squirm on the
    chair. Then he licked along my slit, and nibbled his lips on my
    clit. I had never felt such excitement. My husband had never done
    that for me. The thought crossed my mind that I wished he'd
    betrayed me years before, so I might have discovered this sooner.

    Kito's face moved from side to side, caressing my upper thighs as
    he licked and nuzzled me. I could see where my fluids were
    coating his chin. My hands roamed gently over his head; my palms
    pressed lightly on his ears. My legs were spread wide, and my
    feet could only touch the smooth skin of his knees.

    My tissues became overwhelmed with sensation, and I began to
    thrash about. Kito's hands held the chair steady; only his thumbs
    brushed my thighs as I shuddered uncontrollably. I distantly
    heard myself cry out; my mind went unfocussed under the
    indefatigable ministrations of my African lover.

    When I collapsed limply, Kito ceased his wild tonguing and simply
    licked my inner thighs slowly and gently, first one and then the
    other, keeping my body slightly trembling as I regained my
    senses. I squeezed my knees against his shoulders and caressed
    Kito's oily hair. I looked beneath the table and met his eyes and
    smiled; I felt his lips stretch against my flesh.

    "Oh, Kito," I sighed. "You were magnificent."

    "Thank you, Mum," he said. "You were wild. The spirit of the
    lioness was in you."

    "Come out now, please," I said. "Stand up."

    Kito stood opposite me; his face was wet with my juices. He
    licked his lips. I watched his hard organ twitch, bouncing
    against his belly, leaving little shiny smears on his brown skin.
    He was ready for what I needed.

    This would be my revenge upon my cheating husband. This lioness
    would give the pride of Gerald Grenville an African son to tar
    his illustrious family name. With his dusky complexion, the baby
    would forever remind him of that night of blatant dalliance with
    the conniving countess.

    "Kito," I said. "Go to the boot and fetch the blanket, please."

    He grinned; I supposed he hadn't been quite sure of the next
    progression, but the blanket cinched it. When he returned, I
    suggested we spread it over the rock.

    "No, Mum," he said. "It is good over there, on the soft grass."

    I saw that he was right. We spread the fleecy wool blanket on the
    grass. I had found it in the local market; woven into the fabric,
    a tan antelope leapt across a rusty background. I lay upon the
    beast and looked up at Kito's lean, brown body.

    He dropped above me, resting on his elbows; then he lay upon me,
    pressing his firm chest against my nipples. He nuzzled my neck,
    while the length of his hard shaft slid along my slit.

    I wanted him inside me. I reached between our bodies and grasped
    his hot, firm prick. He raised his hips and I guided the head of
    his spear to my wet and ready hole. I stirred the knob around my
    opening, until the pressure of his hips forced it inside me,
    making me groan with the feeling of being stretched. We watched
    together while his long, black shaft slid into my slippery
    vagina. With one voice, we sighed in bliss, "Ahhhh."

    I could feel Kito's strong, young manhood filling my womb as my
    husband had never done. Kito pulled his shaft part way back and
    thrust it in again. I watched his eyes; his expression seemed to
    change from the face of a servant to the demeanor of a man in
    charge of the situation. He withdrew and drove his hard prick
    home once more, making me groan with pleasure.

    "Oh, Mum," he sighed, "you are so good. You are tight like a
    young girl."

    My heart warmed with his praise. I wondered how he knew about the
    tightness of a young girl's pussy. Had he made love to a girl in
    his village?

    Into my mind came an image of Kito deflowering a 13-year-old
    African girl. She cried out as his big, black cock tore through
    her maidenhead. He stroked his long dick in her tight, young
    cunt, stretching her virgin pussy. I moaned, feeling his big
    shaft plunging into my own hole.

    The vision faded, replaced by another: Kito's dark body lay atop
    a creamy-complexioned, young white girl; she was the 13-year-old
    daughter of those Belgian tale bearers. His fat cock pumped into
    her; her narrow channel squeezed his organ, making them both
    groan. She cried aloud as he buried his shaft deep inside and
    blasted his sperm into her virgin womb, giving her a black baby
    to bring forth and show to her gossiping mother.

    My eyes focused on Kito's brown face above my own. His big prick
    was pulling out and shoving deep into my clutching vagina. My
    lewd imagination had inflamed my lust; I felt a warmth grow in my
    groin and flood over my whole body. I shuddered in ecstasy; my
    clenching cunt gripped Kito's shaft as he shoved it deep inside.
    I felt his cock throb and pulse as he pumped his seed into my
    womb, planting the baby who would ever after remind Gerald of
    his African indiscretion.

    We held each other tightly, until our breathing returned to
    normal. Then we lay still together; Kito nuzzled my neck while I
    licked his ear.

    "Have you put a good son inside me, Kito?" I asked.

    "Oh, yes, Mum. He will be a strong son."

    "Do you think so, Kito? Perhaps we should try again, to be sure."

    Kito raised his face above mine and smiled. "Yes, Mum," he said.
    "We must be sure."

    He began to move his hard organ inside me once more, stroking out
    and in. His movement was confident; I was his woman now - the
    bearer of his seed. His face wore a look of determination, but
    his brown eyes were warm with affection.

    I caressed his smooth back, reveling in the feel of his warm skin
    against my flesh. Kito moaned with pleasure as he pumped his big,
    black prick in and out of my tight, slippery pussy, pressing his
    knob over a spot that gave me an exquisite thrill before he drove
    deep into my womb.

    He shoved his prick into me faster, more forcefully, building a
    fire that spread through my groin. As we approached our climax
    together, I knew I would release an egg to receive Kito's fertile

    As my ecstasy overcame me, I shivered and writhed beneath my
    lover. His prick swelled within me; my vagina clasped him tightly
    while I milked another flush of African seed from Kito's
    throbbing cock, ensuring my triumph over my husband.

    We lay together, savouring our bliss. Kito's body shielded mine
    from the searing tropical sun, but I realized it was time to
    return home. I pressed my hands against Kito's shoulders; he
    pulled his soft, dripping prick from my satisfied pussy and rose
    and stood beside me.

    Kito helped me to my feet. We used the towel that had covered the
    picnic basket to gently clean our juices from each other. Then my
    naked, black lover helped me dress, tenderly assisting me to don
    each garment. I sat in the chair while he squatted before me, his
    dark cock hanging limp over his balls, and pulled on my stockings
    and boots and tied the laces.

    I watched as he wrapped his cloth around his loins, hiding his
    manhood that had given me so much pleasure. He pulled on his
    shorts, and then concealed his strong chest under the shirt and
    waistcoat, completing his transformation into a docile servant
    once again.

    He packed away the remains of my picnic into the basket and put
    it into the boot of the car. It was joined by the collapsed chair
    and table, and finally the carefully folded blanket. Kito closed
    the boot and moved to open the driver's door.

    He assisted me onto the seat and went to the front to crank the
    engine until it rumbled with power. Kito rushed to climb into the
    passenger seat. I backed the car around on the flat top of the
    hill, and carefully negotiated the narrow, spiraling path down to
    the plain. I drove home cautiously, not wishing to alarm my
    nervous companion. My mind dwelt on thoughts of what to wear to
    dinner in the evening.

    After a restful night, I had toast and tea with my husband on the
    verandah before he departed for Government House. I had just
    returned to my chamber, when I heard a tapping on my door.

    "Come," I said.

    The door opened, and Kito stepped inside and closed it behind
    him. His white clothing was bright and starched; his waistcoat
    was royal blue. Where it was exposed, his smooth, brown skin
    seemed to glow with his youthful vigor.

    "Will Mum want the car and a picnic today?" he asked.

    I smiled at Kito.

    Kito smiled at me.

    "Not today, Kito," I said.

    His face fell into a sober mask. I felt sorry for teasing him.

    "Can you drive a horse and carriage, Kito?"

    His face brightened. "Oh, yes, Mum."

    "Today I will have lunch with the Russians, I think," I said.

    "Yes, Mum," he acknowledged without enthusiasm.

    "On the way, let us stop at the villa of the Italians," I said.

    "I have heard that they have gone away to their country in the
    North, Mum," Kito said.

    "Well, let us make sure, Kito," I said. "If they are absent, I
    shall rest for a while in the pavilion in their garden."

    "Yes, Mum," Kito said, smiling again. "It is good to be sure."

    Kito departed, and I turned to my wardrobe to choose my attire. A
    colorful peasant dress caught my eye. Yes. For my morning out, I
    would be a carefree country girl.


    The end.
  13. becontree2001uk

    becontree2001uk Member

    Loving the stories! Please continue
  14. donall108

    donall108 Active Member

    Another Newsgroup Story

    Acting Out A Fantasy
    AUTHOR Friend
    CODES MF, Inter, Impreg, Reluc, Cuckold
    DATE ADDED 15th July, 2006
    DISCLAIMER:- The following text is sexually explicit and contains depictions of sexual acts that have been classified by the surgeon general as potentially dangerous and unhealthy. You must be a broad minded adult to read the text, and you must not make this text available to minors or to any person who does not wish to view it. Unprotected sexual relations with unknown partners is hazardous and we urge the use of condoms and safe sex at all times.

    My wife Catherine and I have been together for almost a year. She is 5-5 with a curvy figure, and she still drives me crazy. I often get turned on just thinking about her, and we make love nearly every night. The only thing I don’t like about my sex life with her is that when I am fucking her I have to wear a condom, because she doesn’t want to take the pill. Once I tried to talk her into taking it and she just said ,”If you don’t want to fuck me with a condom on I’ll find someone who will.”

    Even though I love my wife and our sex life is great I sometimes surf the net for porn. The pictures that turn me on the most are the ones where two guys are fucking a girl. I love to look at the pics where the woman fucks one guy while she sucks the other one off. I also like to read erotic stories about group sex.

    One day I was sitting at my desk at home looking at porn and I didn’t hear my wife come in. She walked into the room and I was sitting in front of my computer with my dick out stroking. I tried to put it away quick, but I looked ridiculous with my hard dick poking out through my underwear.

    I thought my wife would be mad, but instead she laughed and walked in and looked at the computer screen. She wrapped her arms around me, then reached into my underwear and pulled out my cock. She whispered in my ear,”I want you to surf through the porn like you usually do, and I will look over your shoulder and hold your cock.”

    I thought this was odd, but I was really turned on. Cathy wet her hand with salavia and put it on my dick and started to stroke up and down. I clicked on a mpeg of a large breasted blonde woman sitting on one guys lap while she sucked off another guy. The picture came to life with the woman bouncing up and down on the mans dick while she sucked the other one off.

    “What’s on the other screen,” my wife whispered into my ear. I clicked on a screen that I had minimized and it was an erotic story I had been reading. “Read it to me.”

    She was slowly stroking my dick and I was hard as a rock, but she never stroked fast enough for me to come. I could feel her breath on my neck and her breast pressed against my back. I read her the story so she wouldn’t stop stroking, but I didn’t think about what was in the actual text. The story was about a guy who was cuckolded by his wife and friend. The wife gets so horny that she forces the guy to come in her and she gets pregnant.

    As my wife is stroking me I am getting harder and harder and she starts to whisper in my ear,”Wouldn’t you like to watch me fuck some body?” and she started to stroke me faster. I was lost in the fantasy and said yes. Then she ask me to tell her about it.

    “You’re having sex with someone we know and I’m watching you be seduced. You try to resist, but you just get carried away.” I’m breathing hard. Then she whispers in my ear,”Is he wearing a rubber.”

    “No.” I say and I feel myself start to cum. Almost immediately after I come I say,”I’m sorry, I got carried away.”

    She gives me a kiss and then she says,”It’s okay, you can’t help what turns you on.”

    I was thankful to have such a hot and kinky wife.


    It was about a week later that Cathrine called to tell me she had invited a friend from work over for dinner. I didn’t even know the friend was a man until I got home and met Tom. Tom was about my height and skinny, he was a young, black professional that worked at my wifes office. He was wearing a tie and pants.

    As my wife made us a spagetti dinner I talked to Tom about his work and life. He was a really polite guy and we were getting along great. We were both fans of the New York Yankees and we both agreed they would turn it on at the end of the season. Then dinner came out and we sat at the table and my wife poured us all a glass of red wine. My wife was delighted that Tom and I were getting along.

    After we ate my wife poured another glass of wine and walked into the living room. My wife put on some jazz music and I sat down on one end of the couch and Tom sat at the other. My wife sat in the middle. We made some meaningless conversation, and then my wife said,”It’s been a long day, I need a foot rub.” My wife got up and poured some more wine in the glasses, and then she laid down on the couch with her head in Toms lap and her feet on my lap,”You guys don’t mind do you?”

    I knew my wife was playing games with me, because she knows her feet turn me on. So I start to rub her feet. “Mmmm. That feels good,” she said. “I’ll pay you back later tonight.”

    Tom broke in,”Sounds like you guys are going to have some fun.”

    Yeah, I said, playing along,”We know how to have a good time.”

    The tension in the room had started to get thick, and I felt the blood rushing to my penis. My wife took her toe and ran it along the outside of my pants, feeling my shaft beneath. Tom looked at my lap, and I was thinking he would excuse himself.

    “Am I making you guys excited?” my wife said, I looked at her and realized she must be able to feel tom’s penis through his pants. I wondered if he was hard and turned on like me. Tom looked at me to see how I would respond. I thought back to the evening when Cathrine had found me with the porn, and I knew I was in dangerous territory, but I also felt like Tom or Cathrine wouldn’t do any thing that made me uncomfortable.

    “I’m getting exciting, what about you Tom.”

    Tom said,”Actually, I hate to admit this, but I can see down the top of your wifes shirt.

    Cathrine was wearing a tight white shirt and tight black pants. It was a sexy outfit, but one she could wear to work. I felt her foot stroke my cock a little more, and I could tell she wanted to experiment so I said,”What about you sweet heart?

    “I’m getting my feet rubbed by one hansom man and I feel another hansom man’s cock swelling under my head. How could I not be turned on?”

    My wife then sat up and said,”I think we should have a little fun. We’re all a little tipsy, and anyone’s welcome to stop it all at anytime, but I’m feeling a little wild.” Then she pulled her shirt over her head and ran her hands over the outside of her bra. She was wearing a shear bra and her nipples were visible through the lace. My penis almost hurt with the strain under my pants, and I thought Tom’s must be the same. Then Cathy said,”I’m going to suggest that you two take off your clothes.

    Tom looked over at me and I shrugged. I got up and started to unbutton my shirt. Tom got up and did the same. I was a little intimidated, because when Tom and I got our shirts off it was obvious he worked out and I didn’t. His body was not big, but was well defined while I was white, skinny and undefined. Then we both dropped our pants and we sat down and took off our shoes. Last we both stripped off our underwear.

    I had never seen a black man’s penis before, so I was curious and I had to look. His penis wasn’t behemoth, but it was a little bit larger than my 7 inch rod. I guessed it was about an inch longer. We were both hard, although I think I was a little more excited as my penis really stuck straight up and looked like it was about to explode.

    Then Cathy said,”good boys.” She slowly pulled down her pants and then she said,”Now, I’m going to lay down the ground rules. First, only my husband can remove my bra and panties. My tits and my pussy belong to him, and only he can give others access. However honey (she looked at me with serious, but sultry expression) if the panties come off then I get to decide where my pussy goes. The second rule, if one of you comes, the other one comes too. I want everything equal. So if you come you have to sit in the time out chair and watch until the other person gets a chance to come. And the third rule is that you have to wear a condom to put your dick in me. It’s been about two weeks since my period, and I don’t want to get pregnant. Honey, go get the condoms.”

    I got up and went into the bedroom to get the condoms. I opened the drawer and there was only one condom left. I was upset, but I grabbed it and went back into the living room. “Only one,” my wife said. I nodded,”then I guess only one of you will get to fuck me, or else I might get pregnant. I wonder which one of you it will be?”

    I sat on the couch and my wife started to kiss me and she touched my cock. I started to feel her breast, but Tom’s hand was there, so I put my hands to the side. Then my wife turned and she started to kiss Tom and she reached into his lap and started to slowly squeeze his cock. I looked for a moment and thought I would come. It was really hot seeing my wife touch another man. Tom’s black hands created a contrast against my wifes white skin that was striking.

    It occurred to me that I should remove her bra, so I reached around the back and unhooked it. She lifted her arms and she gave a slight moan as I removed it. Then I leaned over and started to kiss her breast. She moaned again. I opened my eyes and I had a perfect view of her hand gripping Toms cock, a drop of precum already formed on the tip.

    I reached between her legs and felt her damp panties. I ran my hand up and down the length of vagina with only her panties between my finger and her cunt. I thought about removing them, but then I remembered the rules and I was afraid if I removed them now she would fuck Tom, and with only one condom I wanted to fuck her, although I thought about how great it would be to watch. Cathy then started to kiss down Tom’s chest and I pulled back to watch as she kissed down his abs to his cock. She kissed all around the sensitive tip and I saw Tom close his eyes and moan. Cathy turned and got on all-fours while she was sucking Tom.

    My wifes panty covered pussy was directly in front of me, and I was so horny I was about to come. I knew it was risky, but I wanted to make sure I got to use the condom to fuck her with. I thought about how nice her wet pussy would feel and I could think of nothing else. I decided to pull off her panties and to fuck her. First I opened the condom and slowly unrolled it down my penis. I was so turned on I thought I would come. Next I started to pull down Cathrines panties and she turned around and said,”Are sure honey, once those come off my pussy goes where ever I want it to go.”

    After the warning she turned back around and lowered her lips back on to Tom’s cock. My penis was throbbing inside the condom, and I could smell my wifes pussy. I touched it and I could feel the warmth and I was filled with the need to have it. I wondered why she had warned me, and I considered the idea that she would fuck Tom, Even though I had fantasies about her fucking someone else I wasn’t sure that I wanted it to go that far, especially since I had already put on the last condom.

    Then I looked down at my cock and I could think of nothing but sinking into my wife. I pulled her panties down and off, and then I mounted her from behind. She moaned and I started to fuck. Almost immediately I felt my balls start to tense up and I knew I couldn’t last long. At first I tried to slow down, but it was too late so I thrust two times quickly and I felt myself give way to an orgasm. I closed my eyes and pushed deep inside my wife filling the condom with a large load of my semen. Then I slowly pulled out and Cathy pointed to the time out chair. I went to sit in it and I pulled the condom off of my dick.

    It hit me then that I was sitting in a chair looking at my wife naked with a black man. I realized I had been tricked by my wife, but I took solace in the fact that she said that he would have to put on a condom to put our dick in her, and we were out of condoms. I thought I might enjoy seeing her suck him or jack him off, and at least I could handle it.

    My wife then sat up and started to kiss Tom again. His hand roved gently over her breast and nipples and then down to her vagina. He started to move his hand around and she started to moan. He picked up the pace and she started breathing harder. She stopped kissing him and spread her legs and laid back on the couch. Tom moved around and dropped between her legs. I watched as he started to give her oral sex. She moaned and touched her head and then her breast. “Oh god, I’m going to come oh god.” She started to moan. After about another minute Cathy yelled,”Oh fuck yes!” and I could see her toes tighten and I could feel the waves of pleasure going through her body. I was amazed at how quickly she had come and how strong it had been. I wasn’t sure I had ever managed to get her that turned on. I felt a little inferior, but my own erection had already returned. I wanted to join in again, but the rule was that I had to sit in the time out chair until Tom came.

    Cathy then pulled Tom into the chair and slowly started to suck his cock. The she pulled her head off revealing his rock hard member. Now it looked a good bit bigger than mine, and I was afraid that if she felt it inside of her she would realize how much smaller I was. Cathrine turned around and sat down in Tom’s lap. She was facing me and she was stroking his cock which was between her legs. Her pussy lips were kissing the top of his cock as she looked me in the eyes and said,”This is your fantasy baby, Do you want me to fuck it?”

    “You don’t have a condom.” I replied weakly. I didn’t want her to fuck it because his dick was so much bigger than mine, and because I didn’t want her to get pregnant with a black baby.

    “That’s not what I asked sweetheart. This is like the stories you read. I want to fulfill your fantasies.” Her voice started to grow impatient and forceful,”Do you want me to sit on his cock and ride it? Do you want to see it going in out of me? Do you want me to fuck it?”

    She continued,”If you’re a man you can end this right now. I’ll just jack Tom off and tell him to go home. But if you want me to fuck it, just touch your dick. If you don’t have enough control over yourself to keep from touching your dick I’ll know you want his dick inside of me.”

    I watched as she rubbed the outside of her pussy up and down his cock. She moaned and held his dick close to her pussy. I could hear him breathing heavily and I saw the look of ecstacy in her eyes. I could also feel my own penis getting harder. I could feel the horniness rising to the top of my penis and I wanted nothing more than to touch it. Only the thought of my wife getting pregnant by another man was holding me back.

    “It looks like you like what you see sweetheart. It looks like you want me to sit on his cock. Why don’t you touch your dick?”

    “ I don’t want you to get pregnant. I’m not sure I want this.” Those words were hard for me to say, but I forced my self to say them. Even though I wanted to see them fuck, I wasn’t ready to be humiliated with a black baby.

    “Okay sweetheart, but I have to make him come. His dick feels really good between my legs. What if I sit on it for just a second? What if he promises not to come inside of me?”

    Then Tom said,”Man, touch yourself. I won’t come inside her unless I see you come. If I see you come though I know you must really be turned on by seeing my dick in her, and I’ll do you the favor of knocking her up.”

    “See sweet heart, just touch yourself. It will feel so good and it would be so naughty to see him inside of me. Just touch yourself.”

    I looked at my wife sitting on his lap with her legs spread and her pussy rubbing the top of his cock. I felt my hand reaching for me penis. “Good boy, good naughty boy.” My wife said., I watched her and listened and then I felt my hand wrap around my penis.

    Then my wife rose up and ran the tip of his dick along her pussy and then she slowly lowed herself down on to it. “Oh god, that feels so good. It’s so much bigger than yours baby. This is so naughty.”

    She moved slowly sliding up and down on his cock. She was breathing deeply and disjointly at first, but she grew more ecstatic. She didn’t seem to know what she was saying, but she started to speak,”Oh yes, naughty husband,,you want to see me fuck this big black cock. Oh god it feels so good. I’m not sure I can stop. I bet you want him to come inside me too. I bet you come all over yourself.”

    I had never heard her talk like that before, but I had read it in stories. I realized she must of read some more of my stories. I watched as she picked up the pace, and with out thinking I was picking up the pace too. Then she said,” I feel his dick growing inside of me, It’s so big. I think you want him to come inside me.”

    Then it hit me, this would be a black baby and I would be humiliated. I let go of my penis even though I was on the verge of coming and I breathed deep to fight it off. I really wanted to finish myself as I looked at my penis throbbing in front of me, and I knew if I grabbed it right now cum would shoot into the air and down my fingers, but instead I said,”We should stop now, this is going to far.”

    “Come here.” She motioned for me to come stand beside her. She continued to rock slowly on Toms cock and she motioned for me to stand on the couch beside them. My penis was sticking straight out just below her mouth and I could feel her breath on it and I was afraid I would come, but I was to excited to step away. In an out of breath voice she whispered“Come on my tits baby.” And as she spoke her lips gently rubbed against my cock.

    “No, I don’t want you to get pregnant.” I said, but I didn’t move away. I left my penis in front of her, at her mercy. I was beginning to want her to pull it. I wanted to come and part of me wanted Tom to fill up me wife.

    She then grabbed my cock and started to pull it. She stroked it gently and then she put it deep in her mouth and got it wet with her spit, and then she pulled it close to her chest and rubbed the head of cock against her nipple. “Come on my chest. This is your fantasy, to be cuckolded. Make it come true baby. I see your balls getting tighter. I know you want this. Come on my tits.”

    She was bouncing up and down on his cock and she was stroking me quickly. I felt waves of pleasure building inside of me stronger than anything I had felt before. I knew I shouldn’t do this and I started to pull away and Cathy’s hand slipped off of my cock, but then I felt the orgasm. I closed my eyes and I felt the thick stringy liquid shoot from the end of my dick on to Cathy’s chest. It started to run down over her nipples. When Tom saw it he said,”Oh fuck, yes. Finally” And I could see him thrust hard upward. Cathy let out a yelp as my cum fell on her chest and I knew Tom was coming deep in her pussy.

    “Oh god, it feels so good. I feel him coming in me,”She screamed as she closed her eyes and had an orgasm of her own.

    She continued to slowly rock on Tom’s cock, and then gently she lifted herself up. His cock fell flatly to the side, and it was wet with the mixture of there orgasms. Cathrine laid down on the couch exausted.

    I got down off of the couch and Cathy told me to sit down. “You can go home Tom.” She said and he started to get dressed. When he was dressed he leaned over and kissed her, then he turned to me and said,”I’m glad I could help you.” Then Tom left.

    When Tom got dressed and left Cathy laid in the middle of the floor and spread her legs. “I want you to eat me out.”

    “Tom just came in you, I don’t want to do that.”

    Cathy reached between her legs and started to masturbate with one hand while she rubbed my cum over her nipples with the other. I was thinking about what had just happened and I expected to worry. I felt myself start to get hard again. “It looks like you want to taste baby, why don’t you taste.”

    I felt as if I was acting compulsively, as if I had no control. I dropped to the floor and started to gently kiss Cathys cunt. Then I put my tounge out and tasted. It was slightly bitter but not bad. Cathy put her hand on the back of my head and gently pulled me toward her. She held me close and I felt myself getting aroused so I kissed her and started to explore her with my tounge. I now tasted her and Tom mixed together and it aroused me more. She started to come again and I felt more of Toms come and I swallowed. After two orgasms I was rock hard again.

    Cathrine pulled me up and kissed me and I tried to enter her, but she pushed me off. “Your not wearing a condom.” She said. Then she grabbed my cock and started to stroke me off. She took her finders and dipped them inside of her cunt and used the juices to massage my cock. I was again really turned on and my cock was wet with come and spit. She started to lick my nipple and then massage my balls as she stroked me. In just a few seconds I had come again. She then pulled her come covered body close to me and she whispered in my ear, “I love you. I’ll fill any fantasy for you. As soon as I find out I’m pregnant with Tom’s baby you can fuck me all you want with out a condom. I wanted to protest, or ask her not to have the baby, but with the thought of her growing stomach and with her naked body next to me I was starting to get hard again.
  15. donall108

    donall108 Active Member

    A Classic Inter Impreg Fantasy Story

    The Resort Part1
    by The Stork
    We assembled in the lobby, all seven of us naked, and it was the first time I really got a good look at the other women. More than anything, I was shocked at how young Melissa was. She couldn't have been more than twenty. She was gorgeous — almost six feet tall, skinny, flawless alabaster skin, with blonde curls almost to her bellybutton. I'm sure she had had loads of sexual experience — she probably had to fight the boys off. But I couldn't imagine what would lead a girl so young to a place like this.

    Peggy was clearly an old pro. She had jet-black hair in a pixie cut, rings in both nipples, and a tattoo that read, "slut for black cocks" across the top of her ample right breast. I had heard most women got their tattoos in places that were easy to hide — the ass, the inner thigh, right above the pussy. But if she wore anything at all low-cut, her proclivities would be announced to the world. I asked if she had gotten it at the Resort, and she told me this was her seventh time here, but she'd only been successfully bred twice. She was hoping for number three this week. She asked me if I had been bred yet.

    I was still nervous about talking about this stuff, but I figured if I was ever going to start, now was the time. "Not... I mean... I have two kids... but they're my husband's. This will be my first... my first black baby."

    She smiled and squeezed my arm. "I bet it won't be your last. There's no feeling more powerful than being bred by black men. Especially the way we do it here."

    A few of the other women made some noises in agreement. I looked around at them. A 30-ish white woman with a shaved head wearing a slave collar they hadn't made her remove when they took our clothes. An Indian girl, light-brown-skinned, with a ring in her clit and a tattoo of the Ace of Spades on her belly and another just above her slit that said "black owned." Another white woman, pale as a ghost, with red hair stopping just shy of her light pink nipples. I didn't see any tattoos or piercings, just a gold wedding band on her left hand. An Asian woman with a sleeve of tattoos on her right arm — they weren't even R-rated, so I assume she didn't get them here — and blonde streaks in her long hair.

    I felt very unhip compared to these women. I didn't have any tattoos (yet), nothing was pierced but my ears, and my blonde hair was short, straight, and in a conservative cut that made me look like a soccer mom. Hell, I was a soccer mom! I dropped my two blond-haired boys off at practice every Sunday morning!

    So, what the hell was I doing at the Resort?

    * * * * *

    It started ten years ago, before I was even married. Cuckolding had gone pretty mainstream since people first started talking openly about it back in the 2010s. I'm not saying it was something you'd bring up on a first date or put on a resume. But it was about where S&M was a generation before — definitely a kink, but something that at least some people weren't ashamed of being open about being into.

    My husband Dave was one of those people. I knew when I married him that he wanted me fucking black men while he watched, and before long most of our friends knew too. You'd think a even a lily-white couple like us wouldn't be so hung up on race in this day and age, but those taboos die hard. There was still something thrilling about watching a black cock rubbing up against my blonde bush.

    I couldn't help myself; I got into it as much as Dave did. Shit, how could I not? The sex was great! I began to wonder how "normal" married women could stand it, having sex with only one man. I had been with five men before I met Dave, and more than twenty since. I eventually settled on a stable of four or five regulars who'd I'd get together with every so often. Every one of them had a cock significantly bigger than Dave's six inches, and while that may have made him feel inadequate, he couldn't hide how erotic he found it. We talked all the time about how those cocks went to a place inside me that he just couldn't reach. In fact, I nicknamed my favorite lover Captain Kirk, because his eleven inches had boldly gone where no man had gone before!

    So we were a regular couple, going to work, barbecuing with the neighbors, but once or twice a week, I'd get to fuck a well-hung stud a few times while my husband watched. It was a pretty great deal. We took a break for a few months so Dave could get me pregnant — fortunately, I conceived easily — but I fucked my black friends all through my pregnancy, and picked right up again two months after giving birth. At one point, Kirk had his cock buried deep inside me, both of his hands were on my belly, and he said something about how he wished he had been the one to plant a baby in me.

    Pretty sure I had an orgasm right then and there, but I didn't take it seriously except as a fantasy. But something changed in Dave that day. He started to obsess over the idea. He kept telling me my next baby was going to be black, and asked me if I wanted Kirk to do it, or whether I wanted to fuck five or six guys and not know who the father was. I'll admit that I enjoyed the fantasy, but I told him firmly it was just that.

    But we did indulge the fantasy a bit more. We started getting together with other couples into the cuckold lifestyle, and a few were talking seriously about the wives being black bred. Dave talked about it like it had already been decided. I wasn't so sure. I mean, at this point it wasn't unheard of. Back in high school, one of my friends had a little sister who was half-black, and her parents (both white) were still together. And of course, there's that blonde actress — you know who I mean — who married that English guy and then let that basketball player get her pregnant. They all talked about it so openly. It made a lot of people uncomfortable, but it made some of us feel like we weren't so strange for wanting this so badly.

    So it wasn't unthinkable. But it was still a pretty big deal. I think that's why people had started to be fascinated with cuckolding — not too many things were taboo nowadays. There were gay couples celebrating their golden anniversaries; the receptionist at work wore a leather slave collar and would wear backless tops to show off the whip marks she had gotten the night before. Pretty much anything sexual was out in the open. But a married woman getting pregnant by a man who wasn't her husband? On purpose? With her husband's encouragement? That was still a big leap for most people to take.

    Dave couldn't hide his disappointment when I wasn't ready to take the leap. I told him if he gave me one more baby, I'd think about it for the next one. Even some of my friends were disappointed — I hadn't realized how many of my monogamous friends had been living vicariously through me until that moment. I swear a few of them were in league with Dave, who spent the next two years wearing me down. All through my second pregnancy, he'd rub my swelling belly and talk about how the next one was going to be black, or he'd wonder out loud at who the father would be. My friend Yuki kept at me too — "So he wanted another man, one with a huge black cock, to knock you up? Shit, if my husband said that to me, I'd be pregnant by tomorrow morning!"

    But is was Annie who finally convinced me. She was one of our friends from an online cuckold group. We hadn't seen her for a few months, and when we went over to their place, she surprised me with a round, swollen belly and an unmistakable glow. I was pretty far along myself at that point, but I didn't even know she was pregnant. My maternal instincts kicked in and I squealed with excitement. "Oh my God! How far along are you! Why didn't you tell me!"

    "I wanted to surprise you! It's going to be a girl! Black, of course."

    Of course. "Damn. So you went through with it? Was it that guy you'd been seeing?" Unlike some of the cuckolding wives I knew, she had one steady black stud she had been seeing for years. I took in the sight of her — Annie had a sweet, innocent face, with red hair and freckles, and looked five years younger than she was — and she was only 24. That made the idea of her fucking a muscular black man in front of her husband seem all the sluttier. She was wearing a tiny top that exposed her baby bump completely, and showed off her plump, pregnancy boobs nicely. She was showing off as much of her pale white skin as possible — I couldn't get the image out of my head of her black boyfriend fucking a baby into her.

    "Oh, you have no idea." She paused dramatically. "I went to The Resort."

    I could hear the capital letters in her voice, but I didn't know what resort she meant. Over the next hour, she enthusiastically filled Dave and I in on every detail.

    * * * * *

    We had some time to kill before the proceedings started — or, maybe this was part of the proceedings, sitting on the couches in the hotel lobby, getting to know your fellow black cock enthusiasts. Apart from Peggy, we were relative newcomers, and I was surprised to learn not all of us were in the cuckold lifestyle. The Asian woman — Sung — was there for the first time. She wasn't married, she just wanted a baby and didn't care too much about the black thing. I was still impressed that she wanted to get her baby this way, but she said it seemed a hell of a lot more fun than doing it in a doctor's office.

    The Indian girl, Nima, was cuckolding her white husband. It was her third time here, and she was really hoping she'd catch this time. She said she got the Ace of Spades tattoo her first time. I asked if she got the "black owned" one her second time and she laughed. "I got this at midnight on my eighteenth birthday, the first minute it was legal. And I've lived by it. Only black men have been allowed to touch me, from my first kiss to my dying day. I knew from a pretty young age that I wanted lots of big, black cocks inside me."

    She seemed about my age, early 30s, so I assumed she had had her fair share of cocks over the years. "But your husband...?"

    "He's white. I keep his little dick locked in a cage. He fucking loves it."

    "But if you don't want to fuck him, why didn't you just marry a black guy."

    "Oh, believe me, I was tempted. But think about it. If I married a black man, I'd only be fucking him. With my cuckold wimp of a husband, I can fuck loads of guys."

    I could see the excitement in her eyes, thinking about the week she had ahead of her.

    The girl with the shaved head didn't say much. She gave her name as "slave," and only said that her Master had sent her here, "to be punished... and rewarded." I assumed there'd be some S&M shit as the punishment, and the baby was the reward, but who knows. Maybe it was the other way around.

    The redhead was named Molly, she was 24, and a newlywed. She had practically come straight from the altar, in fact. "I got married yesterday! This is my honeymoon. My husband will be at home, watching the streaming video. He really wanted me black bred, so I figured, why wait? We were going to have a bunch of guys do the honors on our wedding night, but then I found out about this place. Today will be the first time I've ever had unprotected sex. I never have with my husband, and I probably never will. We always used condoms before, and we both agreed he's only going to fuck my ass now that we're married. We both love the symbolism — I'll be shitting out his weak sperm while superior black men's seed will soak into my womb as nature intended. I'm so happy we got the timing so close — I wanted to be bred on my wedding night, but it's at least within 24 hours."

    The Resort scheduled visits very carefully. They were timed to your cycle so that you were ovulating while you were here, ideally early in the week. If your period came off-schedule, you'd get bumped a week forwards or backwards, and if they didn't have room, you could be rescheduled months down the line. From what I heard, Molly seemed like the typical customer — a white, married woman like myself, who shared a deep cuckolding fantasy with her husband.

    But it was Melissa's story I was dying to hear, and it didn't disappoint. "It's my graduation present. From my parents."

    My jaw dropped. "Your parents... send you here? For... this?" My hands automatically went to my soon-to-be-swelling belly.

    "It's family tradition! My older sisters were both bred here when they finished college. I even graduated a semester early so I didn't have to wait!"

    I was still trying to get my head around this. "So, your parents... are okay with you... having...?"

    "A gangbang? A baby? An overpowering lust for black cocks?" She rubbed her pussy with a flourish. "Yes, yes, and yes." She gave me a devilish grin. "Even if they didn't, Mom couldn't really say shit — my three younger siblings were all conceived here. When I was six, she started coming here every three months — apart from when she was pregnant, of course. By the time I hit puberty, she had been bred for the third time, so every time I got the "birds and the bees" speech, there was a lot of stuff about how superior black men are, and how there's no better feeling than having a black cock stretching you out, and how fulfilling it was to have loads of black sperm in your womb. I guess you could say I was raised for this."

    It took me a few minutes to pick my jaw up off the floor. To think I was so nervous about going through this — she was practically shaking with excitement at the thought of what was going to happen.

    Eventually, a black man came out from behind the reception desk. He was wearing yoga pants and nothing to cover his dark, muscular chest. Every employee of the Resort was a well-hung black man, and no one wore very much. He spoke in a warm baritone:

    "Now, as you all know, before we can begin, each of you has to make a commitment. Are you ready?"

    * * * * *

    Of course, there were sex clubs all over America catering to every perversity under the sun, and the Resort was set up for every kink you could imagine. But what made it unique was that, it catered to females only, and whatever else they were into, every woman who walked in the door had every intention of walking out with a black baby in her belly.

    Annie told me this rapturously, and it was clear that she had wanted that baby more than anything. "It was the most intense sexual experience of my life. You fuck so many men when you're there. So many times. I had a gallon of black seed inside me by the end of every night. But knowing what it was there for — knowing I was unprotected, and fertile, and every one of those man was there to breed me..."

    Her voice trailed off. She was getting flushed just describing it to me.

    "You have to do it. Becky, you have to. I know you two have been talking about it. Seriously, it was the best experience of my life." She rubbed her belly. "I'm going to have such a beautiful baby." She paused for a minute, and a beatific smile crept across her face. "The first of many. I already have my next stay booked. They have a long waiting list, so if I want to have babies two years apart, I have to sign up now."

    "Of course... there are some rules." She paused for a minute, as if to tell me to brace myself. "You have to be naked at all times, but that's fine because you're fucking so often that clothes would just get in the way. Most of the sex is in front of other people, but that's cool too, because the other girls are all there for the same reason you are, and the guys are all going to fuck all of you at some point. And all of it is videotaped. That's for the husbands," (I noticed Dave's face light up), "although some of us just like to preserve the memory."

    She leaned over to the coffee table and pushed a button on the remote. The TV came to life on a still of Annie's lithe, sweaty body, on all fours, with a tall, athletic black man shoving a gigantic cock into her pussy. All four of us watched, mesmerized, as she moaned and cried out while her pussy got pounded. Eventually, the man stiffened up, and started grunting, and we all knew she was getting a load of African sperm shot deep inside of her. I wondered whether it was the one that did the job.

    The camera angle changed, and we saw a close-up of her pussy, with globs of white seed leaking out. He must have filled her to overflowing. She rolled over, and her fingers came into the frame, scooping up as much of the sperm as she could and trying to push it inside herself. As she rolled over, I noticed something written on her ass, but in the glimpse I got, I couldn't make out what it was. And before I could ask about it, there was another cock, as big and black as the first, sliding smoothly into her cunt.

    If Annie was uncomfortable with two relative strangers watching her pussy get stretched out on a big screen TV, she didn't show it. We watched in silence for about ten minutes, and I couldn't help wishing that was me on the screen. Even moreso when the Annie on the video started moaning, "come on! Give me that cum! I want a black baby! Knock me up!" He picked up the pace, and after a few minutes of energetic fucking, he was blasting another load directly at her womb.

    Annie paused the video. "There are six more guys, if you want to keep watching. And I had already fucked four or five throughout the day. They take it easy on you in the morning, and then build up to a gangbang after dinner. Again, you have to do this. Not optional."

    "I think you're starting to convince me."

    She let out a squeal of delight, and hugged me as well as our pregnant bellies would allow. "Oh my God, if you sign up right now, we can be pregnant together next time! How awesome would it be if, two years from now, both of us had black babies grown in our bellies?" I looked at Dave, and he raised his eyebrows. Clearly, he also thought that would be awesome.

    "I'm curious... was there something written on your ass? What was that about?"

    "Oh yeah. Like I said, there are rules. You have to make a commitment." She stood up and lifted her skirt. She wasn't wearing any panties, and on her ass, in big capital letters, was a tattoo reading, "FILL ME WITH BLACK CUM!"

    * * * * *

    They interviewed us separately, so I didn't know right away what the other women chose. But they wasted no time. We were in a massage room — the hotel was small, as it was only set up for six to eight guests, but it was not shy on facilities. The interviewer had me lay on the table, on my back, my ass right up against the end of the table, my legs apart. He was naked when he came to get me, and as I spread my legs for him, his cock started to grow. And grow. By the time it was fully erect, it was at least as big as Kirk's.

    He stood between my legs, and laid his massive tool against my slit. He made no move to penetrate me, but very slowly rubbed against my opening. Needless to say, I was already soaking wet.

    "Why are you here?"

    I had mentally prepared for this, and as nervous as I was, I knew the best thing was to be direct and not waste his time.

    "I want a black baby."

    "Can you elaborate?"

    "I love fucking black men. And at this resort, I want to fuck lots of black men, without any birth control. I want to take as much black sperm as possible into my white womb, and conceive a baby. I want to bring a black baby home to my white husband. I want the whole world to know that I'm a slut, who loves big black cocks, and fucks lots of other men. I want the world to see my baby and know that another man besides my husband got me pregnant. That I married a white man, but I need black cocks, and I needed them to put a black baby in me, and I don't care who knows it. Everyone I know will find out that I don't know who the father is and don't care. I only care that he isn't my husband, and that he has a big black cock. I want a black baby. No. I need a black baby. And the next time I see my husband, I'm going to have a black baby growing inside me."