Videos with reluctant husband


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So give an example of how the situation became horrible....
We met a couple with a bi-curious wife. The hubby warned me that once she has an orgasmed once she is done, which was ok. Well she and I really clicked and she loved my pussy. I had given her a couple orgasms and she was obviously really turned-on needing more. He got really pissed, yelled at her because she never was like that with him, called her a whore, made her get dressed, she left crying.
It pretty much describes the long term bull\cuck situation I had.. My bf was always the one wanting swinging etc and when we first did it with white bull it was OK. When we had an interracial bull he didn't like it, and kept trying to back out , to be honest it became exciting for me. That was the point I really became dominant in our relationship instead of just doing it for his fantasy.


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these are my favorite but they are hard to find.

I love when a husband changes his mind or only wants limited action but the wife says no or shuts him up to fuck a BBC
Nice work, very good topic for a thread. You are absolutely correct, videos of the reluctant husband are difficult to search continues.
Here's another; it's staged, but none the less it's fantastic. It's Aurora Snow, who's a personal favorite of mine. Her hubby gets her a black stripogram for her birthday, and she winds up fucking him bareback while hubby whines like a little bitch.
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